Browns Uncensored / Dave Puzzuoli Transcript

Here's the transcript from last night's Browns Uncensored with Lane Adkins. Special guest NT Dave Puzzuoli (1983-87) joins us later in the chat and talks about the Browns D, Marty, Big Daddy and more. Another fun chat... hope to see you there next week when RB Mike Pruitt (1976-84) is our guest.

Greg RJ Bowers.... better runner than blocker, IMO.. what's the deal?
Lane I'd agree, but I also believe that he is a better blocker than what we have on the roster at the position
Ramllov Lane, do you see any long term potential in OT Dean?
Lane Some within the organization believe that he can be a player that can contribute on a consistent basis within a couple years.
Ramllov Thanks, have you seen enough of him to have a view?
Lane I'm not on the level of those guys making those determinations, but I believe that he needs to improve his strength, footwork, and of course some experience.
Lane Well, they made a move which I think is significant in picking up Bowers.
Guest9 any positions you think we will try to bolster with cuts from yesterday or next week?
Lane Other positions I'm not to sure about. They like the makeup and depth that they are amassing
Guest9 thanks Lane
Greg Lane... how was Michael Josiah doing before his injury?
Lane Josiah got off to a pretty quick start, but faded early........he is where he should be at this point.
redright Lane, If Bowers can run and block, really run block, does this put pressure not only on McLeod but also Shea or the tight ends?
Lane The acquisition of Bowers could be key. He will get serious time in the backfield and should help in getting Shea healthy and into the passing game more.
Pegasus It was nice to stash Qasim for the year though
Lane No surprise on Qasim
Guest6 At the very least, with Holmes and Bowers on board we have good insight into the Steelers systems.
KJ Shea's proving to be fragile...we NEED TWO FB's
Greg Many thought his leaving early was a mistake... that he should have used his senior year and really could have come on for the next draft... I'll be curious to see his development next year
Lane I agree Greg and the Browns like what he could possibly provide in a couple roles.
redright What kind of playing speed does Bowers have?
KJ 4.6
Greg possibly moving to OLB?
KJ Ht: 6-0 Wt: 245 40: 4.66
Ramllov They can pick Bowers mind and hopefully the Browns will benefit with insider Pittsburgh knowledge
Lane That is something that has been posed to the guys who run the show, but of course there wasn't a verbal response :-)
Lane I don't think the Steelers system is that difficult to figure out. The Browns have played well against them, the improved talent, depth, playmakers, and strength will help the Browns battle the Steelers in the trenches
Pegasus Lane, How many more OL cuts do you see?
Lane I think they keep 10 or 11 offensive linemen
KJ How has Gonzalez looked??
Lane Gonzalez has had a very good camp and has easily made this team.
Greg I agree with Lane... Gonzalez has been very good... great technician... I've been impressed... even watching on videotape... :-)
KJ Greg...can he handle a speed rush?
Greg KJ, in time I think he can... they'll work on it..
Ramllov Would you say that Little is on the bubble?
Lane It appears to be coming down to Spears and Little. I just did an article for the magazine in which a scout in the AFC believes the Browns will cut Spears and his team will claim Spears
mddawg Lane, Butch obviously has more depth to pick from...With Shea having the ability to play FB, TE, and special teams, is Mark Campbell in trouble? Leaving the TE as Dudley, Sanders, Shea.
Lane Campbell is on the spot, but the QB's really like him and I'm sure there is some pulling going on for him
redright Lane, who needs to help themselves in the last preseason game?
Lane Frisman Jackson needs to have a good game..........Northcutt must not take a step back now...........Little needs to impress.........
redright Thanks Lane, It's really a sign of the improvement in the Browns when a player like Frisman can't make this team on potential alone. Gotta love it!
Ramllov Is Campbell rated a good blocker?
Lane Campbell is said to be one of the better blocking TE's on this roster, if not the best
redright Any rumors about trades?
Lane There have been some rumors swirling about the Vikings and Saints........D-players and a WR
Guest21 how many wide outs do they deep?
Lane 5 or 6 WR's..........this will be a tough cut next week
KJ Is there any thinking of letting Tre' go due his ""Weak Knee"" syndrome????
Lane From what I have gathered they are keeping Tre'
Gary Lane. No one else but Cutt has had any serious attempts at returning punts in these games. How can he not have a spot locked down?
Lane Davis has had work in practice returning punts and KO as have other players. I wouldn't say Northcutt has nailed a spot, but he is damn close, barring the unexpected
Ramllov Lane do you have any updates on Andra Davis MLB?
Lane Nothing beside that the head coach believes that the rookie LB's are growing and is quite happy with their progress
Gary By the way, I saw your scoop on the Insiders Forum. Is that like four straight weeks of scooping the local paparaze?
Lane LOL.........I don't do any self-pimping, but thanks Gary, I certainly try to get some good info and get it out to you guys
Gary Apologies to any local reporters in the room. Lane has led the way.
WebDawg Lane.... was Bedell on the bad side of Butch or just his play wasn't good enough?
Lane Bedell never progressed as expected from the Palmer days......better players are on the roster
WebDawg thanks
wideright Lane will Pearson make the team?
Lane I think Pearson has to make this team. He has been active, aggressive, and makes minimal mistakes.........tough kid that was a longshot, but has shown he belongs
wideright thanks Lane
redright Does that mean 9 dbs?
Lane 9 DB's is a real possibility
Guest6 Love the Browns short passing game. It takes pressure off the o-line, the qb's don't get killed, and it sets up the run and occaisonal longer throw.
Lane The short passing game is nice and has developed nicely. I would like to see them show less of that scheme in the preseason. Certainly don't want to show the Chiefs too much, like the effective screen pass
KJ Best play in the arsenal
vbf Lane, how is Holmes' knee holong up?
Lane Holmes is fine as we stated all along. They walked him though camp slowly, wanting to be sure that he was ready for KC
wideright Lane, I was at the GB game and I have to tell you the GB fans were stunned they planned to kick some ass in the 1st qtr. and it didn't happen
Lane The Browns came out with some fire in GB, they wanted to make a statement and did
wideright they sure did
BryanK I really like Jamel White out of the backfield; he fits in well with the short passing game
Lane Jamel White is a very important part of this team, he can do many things well
Ramllov Tim Couch appears to be ready to have that Breakout year.
Lane If Tim's arm holds up, he can
Gary Lane. What's the view of Mark Smith. I don't like him. I see runs through him a lot.
Lane Smith isn't having that good of a camp. I appears to be a little heavier that he was last season and has looked somewhat sluggish. He does look to have a roster spot locked up though. The depth and competition at DT is interesting and there may be a surprise or two there
redright Smith may have a spot but he could be traded as easily as any of the young DTs.
BryanK What about C. Brown? Can he turn it up once the real season starts?
Ramllov Butch had some good comments on C. Brown today
Gary JoePa had some better ones
BryanK CB did seem to be in on a lot of plays on Mon
Lane CB hasn't looked too impressive getting to the QB has he?
Gary Did you hear what Joe Pa said?
ArtBtz Paterno's comments:
Gary Said Arrington came from the same system Brown came from. He said Brown needs to have everything in place and then will become a great player for the Browns
Lane Cb plays the run extremely well, one of the best in the game, I believe. I really want to see him turn it up and I think that he will.
Lane I didn't hear, Gary
Ramllov I do not think they will have the pass rush they had last year. Unless the Blitz is used regularly
Lane They will be creative in the pass rush, expect more safety and corner blitzes
Gary I think I called it right. Not a habit. Personality
Lane I would have to agree with that Gary
Guest6 It seems the Browns have played a strictly vanilla defense all preseason. Expect Katy bar the door once the season starts.
Lane I agree, McKenzie and Miller will be missed, this defense should be much more conventional and more athletic. They should defend the run better, I really like Hambrick
Ramllov Thanks Lane
Lane I'm going to have to give that a read, thanks Gary...........
BryanK By the way, Miss Kentucky is pretty hot
Lane They have been pretty vanilla defensively and offensively they really haven't shown a lot
redright hambrick and Bowers as pick-ups make me feel good about BD and the teams ability to reach out for players.
Gary I'm out. Props to Lane for scooping the world. Props to Greg for defending the obvious about tape review. Props to Art for being Art. Cya
Lane Don't tell Tim....
Lane Thanks again, Gary........
vbf Lane, still no interest in Gash?
Guest6 Danys Baez gets his first of countless saves.
Lane Both Hambrick and Bowers could play very important roles for this team in 2002. This is just an example of the great work that Davis, Garcia, and the scouts have done.
Lane No, nothing on Gash.
vbf hmmmm, wonder why?
Lane Hard to tell really,. I'm just waiting to see if he lands in Baltimore
redright Bd certainly had us scratching and wondering when he'd find a full back and a run stuffer.
BryanK I live in Pgh and have seen a bit of Bowers. I'm really excited about the pickup
vbf I just can't see Shea as a FB
Lane Shea will be the H-back / TE type player, I think as time goes along early in the season, Bowers will take command of the FB spot
Guest6 Kelly Holcomb has looked awfully good.
Lane Holcomb is a talented player and he knows the system very well. He is showing that he can make the throws and his decisions have been solid.
redright Does Green appear as though he would run better with a full back? He didn't at BC.
KJ Bryan...can he BLOCK????
BryanK In college, he did not have that many opportunities; in some of the Steelers preseason games, I have seen him pick up the blitz pretty good
Lane I think that Green will be fine, FB in front of him or not. Having a player lead and open a hole has to be a bonus on a team that doesn't generally open up gaping holes along the line of scrimmage
Guest6 Its very early, but so far William Green looks like James Jackson with an extra 10 pounds and an extra .5 yard per carry.
ArtBtz Dave Puzzuoli is here... I'm going to leave the chat open, so just fire off questions to both Lane and Puzz
Pegasus Welcome Dave, Thanks for knocking ol' Horseface on his ass in 86. IIRC you played at Penn State, was Paterno's system as robotic as Butch makes it out to be? And do you think Courtney will be a great or good player?
Dave Puzzuoli I played at Pitt, Penn State was the enemy!
Guest40 lol
ArtBtz I feel the same way about them, Dave (OSU Alum here)
Lane Penn State is always the enemy :-)
BryanK Dave, who was your favorite teammate with the Browns?
Dave Puzzuoli Clay Matthews - that's the boy!
vbf Dave, who was the baddest mo fo you went up against?
Dave Puzzuoli I would have to say mike webster from the Steelers - he was rough brother
KJ D...what's you been doing with yourself career wise lately?
Dave Puzzuoli I sell MRI's for a medical company
BryanK Dave, do you get a chance to see the Browns much? What do you think of Big Money (G. Warren)?
Dave Puzzuoli Big Money and Courtney can be as good as anybody. They could both be pro-bowlers, things just have fall into place for them
wideright Dave your opinion of Marty as a coach? strengths and weaknesses?
Dave Puzzuoli Marty - tough, big ego guy - knew the game, but not a whole lot of fun to play for
redright Shortenheimer ---biggest name in football :-)
vbf Dave, what's your fondest memory as a player? Do you have a favorite game?
Dave Puzzuoli Probably the Jets game (playoffs 1986). That was my favorite time with the Browns
wideright great game for browns fans
Dave Puzzuoli Amen!
BryanK BK was amazing that game
Dave Puzzuoli He sure was - he lit it up - he was on top of his game
vbf Dave, are you supportive of Modell's bid for a bust in Canton?
Dave Puzzuoli Don't really care, doesn't make a difference in my life. I try not to hold grudges, but I can tell you that I won't be there shaking his hand either.
redright I support A.M.'s bid for a bust in Canton----Arthur McBride, that is.
vbf cool
ArtBtz Dave, do you still follow Panther football? What do you think of Walt Harris?
Dave Puzzuoli I I think walt Harris is a good and a good coach. They're close to being back in the hunt (I hope)
BryanK Dave, what do you think about Rutherford, the QB for Pitt? I think he'd make a better DB.
Dave Puzzuoli Sorry, haven't seen him enough to know (Pitt QB)
ArtBtz Dave, were there any players on the Browns who acted as a mentor or really helped you out when you got started?
Dave Puzzuoli Oh sure, the vets were great to me when I got to Cle. - Clay, Dick Ambrose, Robert Jackson, Diek, etc. No one taught me more about the actually game though than Big Daddy (C. Hairston). That cat was a genius on the field.
BryanK I loved the way Big Daddy played
Dave Puzzuoli He could hang out at a nightclub all night, didn't lift much, didn't eat right - just couldn't be blocked (Big Daddy). He was as fun as any guy I ever played with
ArtBtz Thanks Dave
vbf Dave, did horseteeth ever gloat after they won?
* ArtBtz (Plays Sound: elway.wav) Horseteeth?
vbf lol
vbf Elway
Dave Puzzuoli He never said much - I guess he didn't have too.
vbf I wish you would have hit him though
redright What teamates were the most fun on or off the field?
ArtBtz Dave, did you see the play when Tony Siragusa belly-flopped on Rich Gannon's arm in the playoffs a couple years ago? Are things like that common?
Dave Puzzuoli Siragusa not real common - he's a throwback (another PITT GUY, YO)
ArtBtz LOL
redright Any stories you can tell us?
KJ what's Hairston up to nowadays?
Dave Puzzuoli Stories about Big Daddy? I ' d tell you but then I'd have to kill you
kevdawg Hey Dave, How much training camp and preseason games did it take for you to get into game shape. I think camp is too long and the 4 exhibition games are a bit much.
Dave Puzzuoli You're right. Tradition still runs football (probably a little too much). It seems like forever by the time the season starts, then the season flies by
redright Hey Kev...the owners need the money. lol
kevdawg Yeah but I need my money more...It burns me to pay full price for practice games...I usually end up giving the tickets to friends or charity.
BryanK Dave, what player(s) today do you think play the way you did?
Dave Puzzuoli well, I hope nobody's that sorry, but seriously its just such a ""speed"" game now that the older style players would really struggle. Physically, i feel OK, thank the Lord. I play b-ball three times a week with a few aches and pains but nothing too bad
redright Dave, do you think it took Sonny Jurgeson or Bobby Lane more time to get into game shape than Bid Daddy? :-)
Dave Puzzuoli Sorry, I'm always 2-3 questions behind. Great analogy about Sonny J. and B. Daddy (I think B. Daddy might have sacked Sonny actually)
redright Big Daddy got most of them.
Lane Dave, how did you leave the game physically? Any injuries that you still 'feel' today?
Lane How difficult was it to walk away from the game and what do you miss most from the game?
Dave Puzzuoli It was tough, but Im happy I played 6 years in the NFL.
ArtBtz We've got time for a couple more questions for Dave.
ArtBtz Dave, does that Denver game still stick in your craw or has it faded a bit?
Dave Puzzuoli Faded some, but still have some weird dreams. You don't know the full impact of what you missed until you retire and have time to kind of process things. But life goes on (what can you do)
ArtBtz When you sacked Elway, I'm not sure I've ever cheered louder, LOL.
Dave Puzzuoli Browns fans are the greatest. I hope the current players realize what a great town this is to play football.
ArtBtz Well, thanks for dropping by Dave. This was great.
vbf thanks!!
Dave Puzzuoli Thank you - God bless, Go Brownies!
BryanK Thanks, dude
* ArtBtz (Plays Sound: bark2.wav) Amen to that
ArtBtz I'll have the transcript up tomorrow. Good night everyone.
vbf later AB, thanks
Dave Puzzuoli See you guys at the stadium BK
kevdawg Thanks Dave, good job as always Art

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