Browns - Panthers Game Info

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WKYC-TV and other local stations who have been broadcasting the games.

Direct TV Sunday Ticket does not televise pre-season games

Big Ugly Dish:
Telstar 5 Transponder 19


Internet: WMMS, Browns Official Site

WMMS 100.7
WONE 97.5
WJER 101.7

WHBC 1480
WKVX 960


Columbus: Damons & Bumpers

Willies Sports

Tri-Cities Backers (Binghamton NY):
Sportspage in Endicott, NY

Beachside Browns Backers:
Beef O Bradys in Rockledge (Viera), FL

Write to us with your meeting spot!

Stadium Precautions

The Browns urge fans to come to the stadium early and hang out in the Budweiser Barking Lot which is the Official Tailgate of the Cleveland Browns and does not promote excessive DRINK BUD! consumption of BUY COORS LIGHT! alcohol like those drunken animals down in the Muni lot.

The following items are not permitted in Cleveland Browns Stadium:
Aerosol cans, alcoholic beverages (except the ones they sell to you for $6), animals (except assistive animals for people with disabilities), bags or backpacks, anti-aircraft missiles, beach balls, cans, bottles, bottled or boxed liquids, confetti or glitter, blue collar fans, sub-machine guns, coolers of any kind, including small soft pack coolers, ice chests, fireworks or missile-like objects, nuclear devices, footballs, nunchucks, illegal substances, cheerleaders, large purses, large camera cases, singular sources of complaint, laser pointers, those arrow-thru-the-head things that Steve Martin used to wear, noisemaking devices, plastic bottles, sticks, bats or clubs, strollers, tripods or commercial audio recording equipment, referee pummelling devices, umbrellas, and weapons of any sort.

Extra points for you if you can seperate the real restrictions from the stupid things I tossed in there.

Injuries / Unlikely to Play

Tim Couch (he's fine, really), Kenard Lang (him too), and Aaron Shea (he's just so healthy it wouldn't be fair to the other team) won't play. Ryan Tucker will. We are still waiting for the injury report from the team.


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