Hopes Hang On An Elbow?

There are the rumors, skepticism, and general thoughts on Tim Couch and the Browns regarding the playing status of the quarterback. From what we've been told, the issues could surpass what we've been led to believe.

Is it really tendonitis? This has been the question whispered around Berea for the better part of four weeks. Some observers believe there is more to the elbow woes that have hampered quarterback Tim Couch than the team has led more than the casual observer to believe. Knowing how coy the organization is regarding injuries, this ongoing matter with Couch has to make one wonder. Lets all hope that the latest occurrence with Couch's elbow/arm is really just a bruised forearm.


Some notable observations over the past few weeks lead to the suspicion. Couch has had his throwing cut back in camp. He has not shown the ability to throw the ball downfield in practice or in preseason games with any consistency. Furthermore, in a controlled environment like the Metrodome in Minneapolis, Couch's passes appeared to float and again he did not throw the ball downfield.


Some NFL teams are known to diminish the significance of an injury. Others tell the story the way it is and leave it as that. In Cleveland, the media and fans have grown accustomed being skeptical about injury reports from the organization There would be no other reason to ponder the thought that Couch's elbow woes go beyond tendonitis, if it were not for the track record of the organization.


Lastly, the Browns have been running a significant amount of short, underneath routes in the preseason games. Is there a cause for concern? Maybe not, but there are indications that Tim Couch's elbow may not be physically sound.


Rumors have circulated regarding the state of Couch's elbow. We have heard anywhere from possible ligament and tendon damage to the reported tendonitis issue that the team has reported. A league source has informed The Insiders that there is more than meets the eye regarding the nature of Couch's injury.


"The word going around the league is that Couch has some other damage to his elbow. More than the tendonitis that he has suffered with the past couple years," the source said. "There is certainly some concern in Cleveland right now. Anytime your quarterback has torn something in his throwing arm, there is a reason to worry."


"All that is being said is that there is some partial tearing in the elbow region. That could be anything from a tendon, a ligament, or possibly scar tissue. Some strong indications are that scar tissue and tendonitis are the real immediate issues. While sounding like a serious injury, it really does not have to be, as long as rest and the proper rehabilitation are prescribed. But the only way to cure the problem is to rest him (Couch) and work with him to improve his flexibility."


Indications coming from those close to the team paint a hopeful picture as the Browns prepare for the regular season opener against the Kansas City Chiefs. The elbow and forearm area is said to be improving, as Couch is expected to attempt to throw for the first time since the preseason game in Green Bay, early next week.


For the sake of the 2002 season and Tim Couch himself, lets all hope that his elbow woes are not serious. Getting the rest and rehabilitation required to get him back on the field at 100-percent is imperative, especially when the player is considered your 'franchise quarterback'.


Listening to Butch Davis' press conference, he made mention that while in Dallas the team was successful while Troy Aikman was injured and on the sideline

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