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Confirming OBR hot news items and posts in Ask the Insiders made over the last several weeks, the Browns announced Europe allocations and several signings today.

The Browns today announced several roster moves which won't come as a surprise to OBR subscribers.

The team announced the signing of TE Buck Ortega, P Kyle Basler, and WR Steve Sanders to "reserve/future" contracts. In addition, the team announced that DT Alvin Smith, LB Clifton Smith, RB Chris Barcley, and both Basler and Sanders will be allocated to NFL Europe this spring. Most of this information has been available to OBR subscribers for days or weeks.

Some of the names announced today will be familiar to Browns fans who paid close attention during the 2006 pre-season. Basler participated in the team's training camp last year, and performed well. He will most likely serve as an additional leg during camp this season and will serve as insurance in case Dave Zastudil tears a patellar tendon blocking Ted Washington on the first play of training camp*.

Sanders was also with the team last year after playing his college career in Bowling Green. Ortega is a TE from Miami whose on-and-off-the-roster machinations have been followed breathlessly here on the OBR.

Barclay may be the most interesting of the players allocated to NFL Europe. The Wake Forest product showed some potential during 2006 training camp, and earned positive notices from Romeo Crennel during the first weeks of camp.

* (Writer begins furiously knocking on wooden desk.)

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