what we've been told and passed on to you Saturday evening?"> what we've been told and passed on to you Saturday evening?">

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David Carducci gives us the absolute latest on the Tim Couch injury situation. Are the team's moves consistent with <A HREF="http://browns.theinsiders.com/2/61621.html">what we've been told</A> and passed on to you Saturday evening?

BEREA - Tim Couch's bruised right fore arm will be tested Monday in practice as the Cleveland Browns prepare for Sunday's season opener with the Kansas City Chiefs

At least, that's the plan right now.

Team doctors had planned to clear Couch for today, but that decision was overruled by head coach Butch Davis.

"He did a few things in practice today, and he was much, much better," said Davis. "He was chomping at the bit. He wanted to go out and test it and throw, and I told him that even though you feel like you can, one more 24-hour period of waiting until tomorrow to go out and test it is not going to significantly make any difference from a mental and practice standpoint. But it might make another 10-percent difference in total recovery."

Couch is still officially listed as day-to-day with what the team is calling a bruised forearm. According to a story on Bernies Insiders, Couch has some partial tearing in the elbow region, but there are indications that the tearing is scar tissue. If that is the case, rest will heal the injury. That would explain why Davis wanted Couch to take another day off.

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