Browns Win Coin Flip; Pick Third

The Cleveland Browns won their coin flip with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers today, meaning that they will pick third in this year's NFL Draft.

The Browns future was changed a bit by random chance this morning, as the team won their coin flip with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Browns will now pick third in this year's draft.

The spot where the Browns select is far from a trivial item, as the difference between the two spots in the draft significantly changes the value of their pick, both in terms of their flexibility to choose the player that they prefer, and potential trade-down value. In addition, the Bucs and Browns are both teams that might be interested in a quarterback, and could potentially select a player the other team covets.

The Browns and Bucs found themselves in this coin flip situation since the teams finished with identical records and strength of schedule in 2006. While the teams did play, with the Browns losing, head-to-head competition isn't considered as a deciding factor in this situation.

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