Transcript: Adam Caplan on Free Agency's Senior NFL reporter talked about the Browns and free agency on Tuesday night. Another terrific chat with Adam, who will return to the OBR chat room next week after the combine...

<acaplan>     hi all

<Guest278>     Any decent FA centers out there?
<acaplan>     Al Johnson/Dallas
<acaplan>     he backs up Gurode
<acaplan>     I'd sign him before Fraley

<ramllov>     Adam, how good is Al Johnson, good run blocker?
<acaplan>     Ram: Upside potential, was highly thought of coming out of college
<acaplan>     had some injuries early on and they benched him

<Guest148>     adam, is johnson a UFA?
<acaplan>     148: yes

<nybrownie> Is Al Johnson a power guy?
<acaplan>     NYB: athletic

<mtbbpres>     Can Johnson also play G?
<acaplan>     MT: More of a C

<acaplan>     21: They have the cash to get him if they want

<Guest294>     Adam are Dielman and Clements our #1 and #2 targets?
<acaplan>     294: CLE will sign one of the free agent Guards most likely
<acaplan>     but they may have competition

<sutter>     Adam, do you think the Browns would consider trading down, maybe with Minnesota, should they win the toss? Perhaps Peterson still there.
<acaplan>     SU: Depends on who they're targeting.
<acaplan>     Way too early to say

<ramllov>     How many good interior offensive linemen are in the free agent pool?
<acaplan>     Ram: 7-8

<jamcd>     I really like levi brown and adam carracker in this years draft
<acaplan>     JAM: Brown was so-so in senior bowl
<acaplan>     Carracker isn't a great fit for 3-4.... kind of would be wasted... more of a 4-3 scheme fit

<ramllov>     Will you be at the Indy combine, Adam?
<acaplan>     Ram: 7th year coming up for me there

<howldawg>     A speed 4-3 DE Adam?
<acaplan>     HOWL: Yes, Aaron Kampman type, hustle guy with big upside

<acaplan>     Alan Branch is a good fit for Browns 3-4
<acaplan>     major upside

<ntrprz>     No worries on Branch taking plays off and being lazy?
<acaplan>     NT: He's getting more mature
<acaplan>     major upside
<ntrprz>     warren left a bad taste
<acaplan>     NT: Agreed but branch has way more talent

<ramllov>     Has Savage thooughts on Tucker returning at RT, changed. It sounded like there was a chance from the notes I read about the press luncheon
<artbtz>     Ram he didn't really say much... he hasn't even spoken to Tucker. Didn't rule it out, but Tucker has talked to a couple of coaches.
<acaplan>     RAM: I doubt he's back, lets put it that way

<ramllov>     Adam, Trent Green, QB, could he become a free agent?
<acaplan>     RAM: No
<acaplan>     Huard will be and he could be a good fit for the Browns
<acaplan>     I think they will sign a veteran QB though... but they won't want to pay much

<Guest482>     I herd bentley is done. any word on that ?
<artbtz>     482: We were told that Bentley will ""probably"" have more surgery in May/June and if so will be done for the year. They ""may"" know this time next year if he'll come back.
<acaplan>     As for Bentley, hopeful for 2008... he won't be playing this year based on his surgeries

<Guest212>     Adam, any chance the Browns are interested in Luke Pettigout from Giants who was just released?
<acaplan>     212: I'd rather have Shaffer
<acaplan>     Petitgout is better at RT

<Guest482>     any word on brian (russell) coming back ?
<artbtz>     482: The Browns and Russell aren't close

<ramllov>     Adamn, so the chance that the Browns sign Huard at QB and Peterson with their first draft choice could change this offense.
<acaplan>     Ram: They'll look for a mid-level veteran QB

<sutter>     Drafting an OT scares me...Mandarich, Gallery. Would the Browns really consider Joe Thomas?
<acaplan>     Sut: Thomas has big upside as a pass blocker but needs to get in the weight room
<acaplan>     not sure if he starts first year but he's like D. Ferguson

<yetidevil> Llke Ferg? Is he a better prospect, or on the same level? Who has the better upside?
<acaplan>     Yet: very similar players
<acaplan>     tall, angular, long reach... but very thin

<Guest162>     Adam, as a reporter, how tight lipped are teams about free agency and draft strategy?
<acaplan>     162: Depends on who you talk to and who your sources are

<ntrprz>     With $30M, can the Browns go big on a guard Dielman and a corner like Clements with a top 4 pick and not be in cap hell soon?
<acaplan>     NT: Dielman won't cost that much, but Clements will... that's the problem

<Guest212>     Adam, any chance on signing another vet wr or do you think Travis Wilson could be ok?
<acaplan>     212: Wilson should be in the mix
<acaplan>     WR isn't a priortiy
<acaplan>     I had B. Edwards on with me last night on Sirius, he was really good

<ramllov>     Adam, you mention the Browns would look at a mid level QB, like who. Is Carr a future Browns QB?
<acaplan>     RAM: I don't see it... cap cost
<acaplan>     Browns want to see the two young QBs battle and get a vet in there at some point

<R>         Adam, if free agency, are there any offensive linemen that you like as a fit for the browns that we can get?
<acaplan>     Other than the 2 top Gs, possibly an OT

<ramllov>     Adam, do you like Anderson at QB?
<acaplan>     Ram: I like him more than Frye, that's for sure

<jhyla54>     what are the chances we sign Eric Steinbach, and where would he play LT, or G
<acaplan>     JH: Unlikely he plays T... he did a little this year because of injury but he's a better G

<Guest92>     what is the possibility of the browns being able to trade down
<acaplan>     92: Depends on a lot of factors

<sutter>     Guard sure is a weak spot to be addressed.
<acaplan>     BTW, I'd take Zach Piller
<ramllov>     They could sign Piller today, right?
<acaplan>     Ram: Yep...    he was released

<Guest162>     Adam, how much do you think having a lame duck coach will affect our free agent targets?
<Guest162>     or does money do all the talking?
<acaplan>     162: Not much, money is always key and browns have plenty

<sutter>     Adam, should the Browns consider pursuing Shottenheimer?
<acaplan>     SUT: No, he wants to handle personnel to some point and Savage wants final say

<DT>     Why was Piller released?
<acaplan>     DT: Injury prone but talented

<CorDawg>     Will Bentley and Baxter be restructuring their contracts to free up cap space since they are hurt?
<artbtz>     CorDawg: It wouldn't surprise me to see Baxter just cut. Savage isn't providing guarantees about him sticking around like Bentley.
<CorDawg>     I thought i just read that baxter is ahead of his recovery schedule. is there any chance at all he could play this year?
<artbtz>     Cor: He said he as ""ahead of where expectations were"". That doesn't mean he will play. The Browns will chck up in a few months

<Guest148>     adam, what are the chances of the browns signing Robaire Smith?
<acaplan>     148: I'd take a look at Smith, he's good

<DT>     Adam, will the Browns consider Quinn at all?
<adamcaplan>     DT: Yes,    but there's a lot that has to happen before then
<adamcaplan>     Free agency is first up

<ramllov>     Adam, Orien Harris, DL, free agent picked up from Pittsburgh, does he have a shot?
<adamcaplan>     RAM: No
<adamcaplan>     backup

<CorDawg>     With j. wright resigned which rb's are in the most trouble?
<adamcaplan>     COR: none at this point, but for the future, Droughns

<Guest29>     Adam do we target A Thomas!?!?!?!?
<adamcaplan>     29: Possibly, they should get 2-3 key free agents
<adamcaplan>     at least one will be ol
<adamcaplan>     at least one defensive

<romeothedawg>     Adam what do you think about Ian Scott from Chicago as a FA nose tackle
<adamcaplan>     Scott is a rotational player
<adamcaplan>     probably too small though for 3-4

<Guest29>     Any names? Adam? On FA's you think we get?
<adamcaplan>     29: We'll have what we know of their plans when we're at the combine this week but I have an idea of the positions

<tenwatt>     who is better, diehlman or steinbach?
<adamcaplan>     TEN: Steinbach,easily

<daddywags>     Adam - Will we target a free agent QB this year?
<adamcaplan>     DAD: Yes, a mid level veteran at some point

<Chidawg>     Adam, how do you see NT being addressed, 2nd vet (Traylor?), draft, elves?
<adamcaplan>     CHI: Yes, they will get a young DT at some point ,draft or free agency

<Guest29>     Adam is steinbach better just because of the versatility? Diehlman looked good last year.
<adamcaplan>     29: Can plan in most systems

<ramllov>     What kind of money will Steinbach demand, years?
<adamcaplan>     RAM: I'll get an idea on money next week as we get closer to free agency, that's when I get a better idea of the market

<R>     Who fits in the mid level qB that is available?
<ramllov>     Holcomb
<adamcaplan>     Ram: Someone like that
<adamcaplan>     but probably not him

<drdawg12>     Any chance of us getting David Carr....fourth round pick or after cut?
<adamcaplan>     12: Highly doubt it

<ramllov>     What about Harrington?
<adamcaplan>     ram: depends on what MIA does with him

<Guest212>     Adam, how much pre-free agency contacts with agents goes on?
<adamcaplan>     212: A ton, it's a wink'wink deal
<adamcaplan>     comical actually
<howldawg>     lol Adam you mean like bentley and the eagles?
<adamcaplan>     HOWL: I can't acknowledge that, lol
<adamcaplan>     it's a don't ask don't tell

<yetidevil>     Adam, do you see it more important to go after a big DE such as Jamaal Anderson or a stout DT like Branch at the top of the draft? Aren't NT one trick ponies?
<adamcaplan>     YET: Branch
<adamcaplan>     they need one more OLB who can rush

<adamcaplan>     BTW, I'm told Wimbley has voided the final year of his contract
<adamcaplan>     because he led team in sacks and reached playing level incentives
<adamcaplan>     so the sixth year is gone

<yetidevil>     Wimbley voiding last year, is that good or bad news for us? Is he just trying to hit FA earlier?
<adamcaplan>     yet: He'll be a UFA earlier
<adamcaplan>     so good for him, his agent did good getting him in on time
<adamcaplan>     but look for them to get him a new deal in year 3

<DT>     do you think the Browns are insane to go into next year with Frye, Anderson and a mediocre veteran at the QB poosition?
<adamcaplan>     DT: I think Anderson has the most upside, better arm and player

<R>     These mystery QBs that we might get...are any of them of the same style as Anderson?
<adamcaplan>     R: They'll want a smart player
<adamcaplan>     who won't turn it over

<Guest212>     Adam, if the Browns perform so bad during the season, could you see a change mid-way or do you think Savage rides it?
<adamcaplan>     212: I think RAC is done around then, savage stays

<ramllov>     Adam, McGinest, which one will show up this year, good, fair or bad?
<adamcaplan>     RAM: Average again

<Guest29>     Adam do we go after Cowher next year?
<adamcaplan>     29: I would for sure

<ramllov>     Adam, if Crennel is fired mid year, who becomes the mid-term head coach?
<adamcaplan>     Ram: WAy too early to tell, ask me closer to the season
<adamcaplan>     they have so many new ones
<adamcaplan>     lol

<howldawg>     Adam Wouldn't Washington out bid Cleveland for Cowher
<adamcaplan>     HOWL: No, Gregg Williams should be their next head coach

<Guest29>     Adam please tell me the 3 you think the Browns get in FA???
<adamcaplan>     29: A Guard for sure, OLB in draft or free agency, CB in draft or free agency
<adamcaplan>     but they have plenty more needs

<Guest148>     adam, would Vonnie Holliday be a good pickup as 3-4 DE?
<adamcaplan>     148: he has played it
<adamcaplan>     and he's coming off of a really good year

<Guest162>     Adam, do you believe Savage's job is safe? Can he make the best pick for the future or does he need immediate results?
<adamcaplan>     162: Yes, totally safe from what I'm told

<yetidevil>     Adam, do you see a potential trading partner for dropping down in the first round? Any thoughts of who would want to jump up to 3/4?
<adamcaplan>     yet: Way too early to speculate on draft, lets stick to free agency

<daddywags>     Adam - How much worse, in your opinion, is our offensive line than our defensive line?
<adamcaplan>     Dad: Both are bad, OL is a little better

<ramllov>     Adam do the Browns need two Cornerbacks in the off season?
<adamcaplan>     Ram: Yes, one at least to start and depth

<DT>     is the consensus around the league that Frye has no shot of developing into a legit starting QB?
<adamcaplan>     DT: Close to what you said

<howldawg>     Adam Is it to soon to say if Dline should be addressed in FA or the draft
<adamcaplan>     HOW: Both I'd say.... they need depth too

<Guest120>     Adam - any insights on Nate Clements coming back to cleveland?
<adamcaplan>     120: They will go after a veteran CB, we'll see what the combine tells us this week

<ramllov>     Adam, Have you heard anything on Daylon McCutcheon, does he play this year?
<adamcaplan>     RAM: 50-50 he's back

<Guest29>     Who is more important....Clements or Thomas?
<adamcaplan>     29: I'd rather have A. Thomas
<adamcaplan>     much more valuable.... and he's not going to be tagged

<ramllov>     Adam, could we see Dominic Rhodes, RB in Cleveland?
<adamcaplan>     Ram: No....too much baggage

<DT>     will Nick Harper be an expensive guy to sign?
<adamcaplan>     DT: No, good nickel CB now
<adamcaplan>     turns 33

<R>     Any interest in Leonard DAvis????????
<adamcaplan>     R: Depends what he wants

<Guest29>     Please tell me that Doss is not going to be a brown!
<adamcaplan>     IND won't re-sign him from what I'm told

<adamcaplan>     Guys: That's all the time I have, we'll do this again next week
<adamcaplan>     when I'm back from the combine

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