More Browns Fans Blogging in the Muni Lot!

Four new bloggers have joined the OBR's fan-driven alternative hangout...

Newcomers may not know know that the Orange and Brown Report had a six-year history as an unabashed heart-on-its-sleeve (and in your face) fan site before linking up with Bernie Kosar in 2001 and beginning its mutation into the world-straddling media giant that the OBR is today.


Anyhow, while we try to keep our "fans first" mentality a part of everything we do, last year we created the Muni Lot as a way to keep that pure "by fans for fans" focus alive. We try to find dedicated fans, like the folks behind the OBR, who love their team and give them a platform. In the last week or so, some new bloggers have joined Muni Lot stalwarts Ace Davis and the Dawghouse Blog to give an additional jolt of life to the OBR's blog alternative.

They await your sampling of their takes, as well as your comments and feedback. Here are some of the new bloggers who have joined in the fun:

Overtoad: I've been a fan of his posts on various message boards for quite a while and was real happy when he accepted my invite to start a blog here on the OBR. He made his first post, a paean to patience, on Thursday.

Mike From Rochester: If you listened to the radio show, then you'll remember draft fanatic Mike from Rochester, the only in-studio guest in the all-too-brief history of the OBR radio program. He made his first post last week, and will help us keep the unique spirit of the OBR radio program alive until we can find a sponsor for the popular (with fans, at least) program.

Baron Von Awesome: I have the fortune (good or bad, the jury's out) to have known Baron Von Awesome for many years before he finally got talked into making blog posts on this here Inter-web. Whether or not his blog is awesome is your call.

Off the Wagon: All you can see of Mike's efforts so far is an effort from yesterday to conquer the technology involved. Against all odds, the NYC stand-up comic and Browns fan has emerged victorious and will be joining us on the OBR.

If you're a dedicated Browns fan with a need to express yourself, feel free to nominate yourself for the Muni Lot by clicking the "Contact Us" link near the top of the page. If you can do that successfully, you have all the technical skill you need to open up an OBR blog. We've built a soapbox for anyone to use, and hope you enjoy reading about the hope, humor, and dedication which is part of being a Browns fan. 



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