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Adam Caplan: Fraley should be done of the next few days.

Lumpy: Fraley not done yet...but expected?
Adam Caplan: Yes, and with Clements, I think he will have a deal done by Friday morning

buzz30: news on either guards
Adam Caplan: Dielman-CLE, DAL, and about 4-5 other teams
Adam Caplan: DAL got into the fray tonight... DAL will try to sign him or Leonard Davis

VTBrowns: Adam what will it take to get Robaire Smith?
Adam Caplan: Talks broke down with TEN so he could be had but he wants a little too much

amore: What % chance Browns get Dielman?
Adam Caplan: My sense is they won't get both Dielman and Clements, price tag is going up as we speak

ramllov: Do the Browns have any interest with Leonard Davis?
Adam Caplan: Not much... Dockery makes more sense as a backup plan

amore: Pashos to Browns?
Adam Caplan: Arizona likes Pashos

nudawg: I hear the resigning of Fraley is on the ESPN crawl.
Adam Caplan: It should be official in 48 hours or less...

VTBrowns: Adam if we get Clements, what Free Agent will sign next?
Adam Caplan: FA guard

iconoclast88: What about A Thomas? Any chance we land him to play opposite K-Dub?
Adam Caplan: They're in the ball game for AT but I don't think they will get him

ramllov: Adam who is the OLB that the Browns will sign in free agency to offset Wimbley as a pass rusher?
Adam Caplan: Antwan Peek, someone like that... mid level UFA... OLB who is a scheme fit

buzz30: adam best guess where the guards are going
Adam Caplan: DAL has gotten in the fray for Dielman as of the last few hours
Adam Caplan: They may cut M. Rivera

BoobieGibson: with detroit trading for bell will they pass on peterson?
Adam Caplan: They may trade down

VTBrowns: I think they should go after Johnson from Dallas
VTBrowns: I'm sorry but Fraley got blown off the Oline just like the OGs
Adam Caplan: Vt: Fraley is a backup on a good team

buzz30: what about steinbach
Adam Caplan: BUZZ: There are a lot of teams in the mix for Steinbach

Lumpy: adam-any idea who we will pursue for RT?
Adam Caplan: LUM: Draft or mid-level UFA

CTownPride: are there better options than Fraley available?
Adam Caplan: CT: free agent Cs aren't very good

JANKO: Adam, any interest is Robaire Smith
Adam Caplan: JANK: His price has to come down

tjm427: How about O'Hara rather than fraley
Adam Caplan: TJ: Way too much cash for him

Lumpy: thanks adam....mid level ufa names....Pashos or Mcintosh?
Adam Caplan: LUMP: Pashos will cost more, McIntosh is a short-term solutuion

buzz30: adam do you think the bidding war on these guards will be worth it in the long haul
CTownPride: i didn't think so... so are the browns right to resign Fraley?
amore: Moss for Rogers - any truth to this?
branc: adam why sint dielman are yop target???
branc: isnt
Adam Caplan: BRAN: Dielman is wanted by CLE but they have competition for him
Adam Caplan: As I reported, he wants 12-15 million up front

ramllov: Is McIntosh a two year solution. Talk in Miami was that he has improved the last year
Adam Caplan: RAM: More like one... he's very inconsistent

timrick: Adam - if Cleveland had their choice, would they rather have Steinbach or Dielman?
Adam Caplan: TIM: My sense is Dielman

Adam Caplan: MR: I'm hearing there are other teams now in the mix for Clements and it's not a done deal with CLE
Adam Caplan: that's all I can say at the moment
Adam Caplan: I hope to have the scoop before free agency starts

ramllov: Adam, how much of a gap is their between Dielman and Dockery?
Adam Caplan: Ram: Dielman is much better but Dockery is still solid and a huge upgrade over Cosey Coleman

timrick: Adam - it looks as though the Browns aren't going to resign Russel, would Doss make sense? I think they can get him
cheap and I like the fact that he WANTS to play here
Adam Caplan: RIM: Doss is not a good player... IND tried to deal him last fall

ramllov: So dockery is a RG?
Adam Caplan: RAM: He can play either side

branc: i would rather have Dielman and Steinbach then dielman and Clements
Adam Caplan: BRAN: One will be impact UFA

iconoclast88: Sounds like Dockery is perfect
Adam Caplan: IC: Solid player, good guy... character etc

mrconsistency: ADAM: Is it true that the Steelers cut Joey Porter? And if so, would the browns be interested in him?
Adam Caplan: MR: Yes and possibly on JP. OLBs in free agency aren't great. Rush OLBs: Jeff Posey, Porter, Peek... that's about it.

CorDawg: hey Adam, since Detroit made that trade are they in the serious running for Clements too?
Adam Caplan: COR: They called his agent, that I can tell you

ramllov: Posey a short term deal?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Situational pass rusher... he's not bad, but he's a backup
Adam Caplan: Peek really has upside and he's young... good 3-4 fit.

ramllov: What type of money would Porter want - 5 million a year for four years?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Porter 3-4 mill a season

VTBrowns: Schaub is not a downfield thrower
VTBrowns: Don't need him
Adam Caplan: VT: Incorrect, he has a really good arm

EpsteinsMother: Carr rumors, any substance?
Adam Caplan: EP: None

BoobieGibson: Schaub?? Any news?
Adam Caplan: BOB: Schaub will be traded closer to the draft

timrick: Adam - if Calvin Johnson is there - is it possible to Browns can make Gruden pull a Butch Davis and swap 1st rd picks and the Browns get their 2nd?
Adam Caplan: TIM They would have to give up a lot to get up to get CJohnson

jdailey23: Got here a little late, but is it true we signed Fraley to a 4-year deal??? ESPN says so
Adam Caplan: JD: Could be official tomorrow

redright: Adam, other than Clements and guards, who should the Brown go after?
Adam Caplan: RED: TE if Winslow won't be ready
Adam Caplan: DE... OLB... They have to get a pass rush

amore: How much would it take to get Schaub?
Adam Caplan: AM: Must be a first round pick and I wouldn't' give up #3 to get him
Adam Caplan: A future maybe

CorDawg: Adam, it seems like San Fran is in need of about the same type of players we are, and they have more money.
Adam Caplan: CO: Yes, SF has a ton of cash and is competition for some of the players CLE wants

redright: TE... does that mean Graham?
Adam Caplan: RED: No, Graham isn't going to CLE... they need a veteran who can share time with Heiden if needed

ramllov: Adam, do you still think they will sign 6 free agents, three very good and three good?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Two impact and we will see on the rest

timrick: Adam - if the Browns don't go at least 8-8 in 2007, is Romeo back in 2008?
Adam Caplan: TIM: No, I can't see him back in 2008

Adam Caplan: guys: I'm told Dominic Rhodes will visit the Giants tomorrow if you care

TribecaDawg: Rhodes would be a good fit in NY with Jacobs
Adam Caplan: TR: Exactly, they want speed there
Adam Caplan: good point

amore: Who are the steelers looking at in FA?
Adam Caplan: AM: They resigned Davenport tonight

timrick: Adam - would Cowher, Fisher or Marty be legitimate possibilities in 2008?
Adam Caplan: TIM: probably not

Adam Caplan: MR: No, he can't play
Adam Caplan: I'd rather have Derrick Anderson

amore: Will Jamal Lewis resign with Baltimore?
Adam Caplan: AM: They're still working on it
Adam Caplan: if BAL doesn't get it done tomorrow, you could see Dillon or other vets get a call

redright: ADAM, is it likely the decision not to have Romeo back in 08 was made several months ago???
Adam Caplan:
RED: When you pick his coaches you're saying you don't trust him

Lumpy: Adam-you mentioned 2 impact UFA's...would the targets be Clements, Dielman, Thomas?
Adam Caplan: Dielman or Dockery

branc: Adam when do the Browns expect Baxter back?
Adam Caplan: BR: They don't know but they are optimistic they will get him back at some point

amore: Where does Garcia end up?
Adam Caplan: AM: OAK or TB
Adam Caplan: for Garcia

TribecaDawg: any word on interest in Dockery ?
Adam Caplan: TR: He's the backup plan if they don't get Dielman

ramllov: It would be sweet if the Browns signed Steinbach, A. Thomas and Porter. Each guy from our division
Adam Caplan: Ram: I saw long shot on AT, probably not Porter

EpsteinsMother: Is Schaub a possibility for Cleve.?
Adam Caplan: EP: As we get closer to the draft, possibly

redright: Thanks ADAM, That is the way I see the firing of Romeo went.
Adam Caplan: RED: I think it's disrespectful what Savage has done to RAC
Adam Caplan: the pressure will be on for sure

clebrowns80: Adam, how long do you think it will take to make the Clements or Dielman deal happen once free agency starts?
Adam Caplan: CLE: Both should be done tomorrow, Clements for sure either way

slug69: Adam, any chance the Browns go after Bledsoe as that long sought after veteran?
Adam Caplan: SLU: He can't move so I say no

ramllov: Crennel I am not defending, but he has never had the players
Adam Caplan: RAM: Savage is as much to blame if not more for their problems
Adam Caplan: he signed and drafted the players
Adam Caplan: now RAC didn't do a good job last year eother
Adam Caplan: either

brownsfan1: What are we doing at DT?
Adam Caplan: BR: Ian Scott, Robaire Smith, Alfonso Boone are all possibilities

timrick: Adam - do you agree that Peterson will instantly make the line better?
Adam Caplan: TIM: Maybe so, he's very good
Adam Caplan: a good RB can make an OL better

branc: adam are the browns going to pay Droughns signing bonus?????????????
Adam Caplan: BR: Right now, yes, they plan to pay him
Adam Caplan: but it comes down to their plans for the draft
Adam Caplan: if he's not picked up, they will go for Peterson

ramllov: Adam who is A Boone? DL
Adam Caplan: RAM: DT

Adam Caplan: MR Take caps lock off, I don't think he will be back
Adam Caplan: by the time camp starts

clebrowns80: Adam, do you think Savage and Crennel gets a break up until now because they inherited a team that had no first round starters on there team from previous drafts other than jeff faine? how could any team be turned around that quickly?
Adam Caplan: CLE: The QB decision last year was terrible
Adam Caplan: lets face it, Savage blew it by not signing a veteran
Adam Caplan: Now I do think Savage has drafted ok

clebrowns80: Adam you have a great point about the QB situation, they blew it by trading Trent.
Adam Caplan: CLE: Exactly

JANKO: Adam who do you see ending up with Schaub and at what price?
Adam Caplan: JAN: ATL won't deal him without getting a first rounder

mrconsistency: Adam, Will any signings occur at midnight and made public?
Adam Caplan: MR: Yes, I will be breaking some stuff so check the free agency blog
Adam Caplan: that will go up soon

timrick: Savage drafted ALOT better in 2006 than 2005....I think the jury is still out on Edwards
Adam Caplan: TIM: Agree to a point

brownsfan1: Will we be sorry if we don't draft Brady Quinn?
Adam Caplan: BR: No, people I respect in the NFL don't think he will be very good
Adam Caplan: inconsistent is it

timrick: Adam - Doesn't what happen with Trent reflect more on RAC, Trent hated Carthon and RAC refused to address that problem?
Adam Caplan: TIM: The point is Savage should have had a veteran to replace him and didn't, you're better than Ken Dorsey

Burge22: Adam, why was Antonio Bryant cut today?? Poor teammate??
Adam Caplan: BUR: Off the field issues

redright: ADAM, What is the plan for the Browns that has you confident in you choices for FA and draft? where are they going?
Adam Caplan: RED: I think Savage is an above average talent evaluator so he can get it done but he's not very polished overall
Adam Caplan: I have no questions whether long term he can get it done

Adam Caplan: Guys: That's all the time I have, see you soon

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