Browns Buzz: Friday Noon Update

The latest from Adam Caplan and John Taylor on Browns free agency pursuits, and Nate Clements in particular...

As always at this time of year, and on this day in particular, readers have to beware of reports creeping out there just a little too early. It even bites us, as we had two good sources telling us that Steinbach had a deal arranged with the Browns late last night. Fortunately, we got through to Steinbach's agent who told us that was not the case. So, we pulled the story within minutes and explained to folks on our forums what happened. 

If a premature story gets out on the web and stays out there, though, it can start getting legs as it gets picked up and repeated on other web sites and radio programs.

That appears - stress appears - to be the case with Nate Clements and the San Francisco 49ers this morning. reported before 11AM that the 49ers had emerged as the "front runners" for Clements, as reported in Adam Caplan's blog.

A 49er fan site and Pro Football Talk, however, took it a step further and reported that Clements had signed to a deal with the 49ers that included $23 million in guaranteed money.

This doesn't tie to what we've been told on the OBR, however.

 John Taylor wrote in Ask the Insiders at 11:22 this morning:

"Clements reps say that there is no deal in place with the 49ers, or any team for that matter, and that no deal is imminent.  His office called the reports "false and very untrue". Just got off the phone with them five minutes ago. And the soap opera continues..."

Keep your eyes peeled on the following locations: Ask the Insiders, the OBR home page, and Adam Caplan's blog (below the main story on the OBR home page). If you haven't registered on the forums, now is the perfect time to head there and keep an eye on our insider forums, which is where we go first with breaking news.

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