Browns Buzz: Monday Night

Here is what we've learned today about the Browns continuing pursuit of free agents

The OBR team usually provides information on free agent signigns first in our Ask the Insiders forum first as we learn about them, simply because it's the quickest method to let our subscribers know when there is breaking news.

Here is a summary of what we have learned over the day on Monday:

Despite the somewhat curious nature of their most recent signing, the Cleveland Browns are still working on bringing in more players to fill the gaps on their depth chart. With GM Phil Savage back in town this morning, the Browns continue to talk to several free agents.

The Wright signing doesn't resolve the team's issues at starting cornerback, so the Browns continue to talk to free agent Roderick Hood and, according to Scout's Adam Caplan, are still very much in the game for his services.

The Browns spoke with Hood's representatives this morning, and will scheduled to talk again this afternoon. While it doesn't appear that anything immediate is in the offing, we all know that can change on a moments notice. Hood is schedule to visit New Orleans on Wednesday.

When we last got information a little after 4PM this evening, Sean Mahan was still in Cleveland, but was scheduled to fly out this evening for a visit with the Seattle Seahawks. Mahan has no other visits scheduled, although a coulpe of unnamed teams have expressedinterest and additional visits could be in the offing.

The Browns have talked contract numbers with Mahan, but as of the late afternoon, nothing was imminent. It wouldn't be a complete surprise if the two sides arrived at a contract agreement before Mahan was scheduled to leave, but it wasn't expected. We have not heard word of an agreement as of 10PM this evening.

The Browns have also continued to talk to DL Kenyon Coleman, who is no longer in Cleveland. The two sides have spoken at least once today, and there was no deal on the immediate horizon with Coleman that the OBR is aware of at this moment.

At present, we have no update on the status of free agent QB Marques Tuiasosopo. The athletic Raiders quarterback, who was the object of trade interest on the part of the Browns during the 2006 draft, visited Berea earlier today.


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