Transcript: Adam Caplan on Free Agency

Adam Caplan took questions from OBR subscribers on Monday night on the team's free agency efforts...

buzz30: adam any news on the dl in free agency for the browns
Adam Caplan: BUZZ: Nothing more on free agents than what we've already reported all over the site

nybrownfan: Adam, John Taylor reported the Browns have shopped Charlie Frye...are we looking at any free agent quarterbacks:
Adam Caplan: NYB: As noted weeks ago, they will sign a mid-level QB at some point

amore: Anything to the Atlanta rumor - flip flop #1's this year for Schab and Atlanta #1 next year?
Adam Caplan: AM: I really don't address rumors. But I know ATL will look to deal Schaub before the draft

kmaurer24: Any chance of leon williams moving to OLB?
Adam Caplan: KM: I asked Savage that and he said Williams is playing inside.

Burge22: Does Margues T. have any upside as a QB for the browns??
Adam Caplan: BUR: No, athletic but not accurate

CaptJess: What do you know about Sean Mahan, both in his ability and the likelyhood the Browns may sign him?
Adam Caplan: On Mahan, slight upgrade over Coleman if they signed him

ramllov: Adam, do you look for Leon Williams to replace Davis in 2008?
Adam Caplan: RAM: No reason to think he would

kmaurer24: What about brian russell are we going after him or just going to go with Pool at FS?
Adam Caplan: Pool will start

browns28: dam how would you grade the browns so far in fa
Adam Caplan: BR: Good not great... they still have a lot of needs

ckindians: Adam, is Frye really on the trading block?
Adam Caplan: CK: What I Can tell you is I don't expect Frye to start for them opening day

amore: After getting Bell, Foster, White - what will Lions do at #2?
Adam Caplan: AM: We'll address draft later on

jb42776: Whats your opinion of Hood, is he starting material, any upside?
Adam Caplan: JB: Better as nickel, could get exposed as starter... scrappy player....  good special teams

Burge22: Who starts opening day, Frye or Anderson?
Adam Caplan: BUR: Anderson as of now... he's better... stronger arm

ckindians: why is Savage interested in Tui? That would be the same as bringing back Spergon Wynn
Adam Caplan: CK: Mid-level free agent I've been talking about

cbsmitty:  Adam, with a lot of cap space left, are the Browns targeting a "big name" player?
Adam Caplan: JAN: There aren't really any big name players left

nybrownfan: Adam, your thoughts on trading our #2 for Schaub:
Adam Caplan: NY: ATL wants a #1

nudawg: Adam, who would be a better acquisition, McKinney or Mahan?
Adam Caplan: NU: probably Mahan

dadaman: Adam what about Mike Doss?
Adam Caplan: DA: He stinks... Doss has been a big underachiever

amore: $7 million a year for guards - insane or just what it
amore: what it takes in the brave new NFL world?
Adam Caplan: AM: I know, DAL is majorly stupid for signing Leonard Davis
Adam Caplan: for that cash

Burge22: Adam what does Anderson need to improve most to be our starter?
Adam Caplan: BUR: footwork, consistency

ramllov: Adam is it true Doss cannot cover a pass receiver?
Adam Caplan: RAM: What I can tell you is he's a backup at this point

ckindians: they were in a bidding war with the mad midget in DC
ckindians: redskins pushed up the price cowboys had to pay Davis
Adam Caplan: CK: Jerry Jones is why they signed him to that... he has no idea on personnel

jb42776: Will cowboys now cut rivera?
Adam Caplan: JB: They may... still up in the air...

nybrownfan: Adam, Do you believe Ryan Tucker will be our starter this year?
Adam Caplan: NY: What I'm hearing is that decision for him to come back isn't set yet

Cvillebrown: Was the Thomas Jones deal a shock to you?
Adam Caplan: CV: Nothing is ever a shock
Adam Caplan: why would it be a shock? He's a UFA next year

ramllov: Is it accurate that the majority of the good free agents will be signed this week?
Adam Caplan: RAM: There are very few "good" FAs left

jb42776: Who is the best free agent o-lineman still avail?
Adam Caplan: JB: You can check my list on the front page

zabam: Adam - will balt be able to make a late FA recovery like last year?
Adam Caplan: ZA: They have a lot to prove at RT and SLB
Adam Caplan: Robaire Smith is a good one

tutorofthestudents: Adam, what kind of impact do you expect from a. peek next year?
Adam Caplan: Good to see Savage reads the OBR and signed Peek
Adam Caplan: Peek is a major sleeper, great scheme fit

ramllov: Adam, SF signed NT Franklin from Baltimore, did the Browns have an contact with him?
Adam Caplan: RAM: He's just a 10-15 play guy, nothing special

nybrownfan: Adam, who will start at our two outside backers this year?
Adam Caplan: NY: Wimbley and Peek probably
Adam Caplan: McGinest swing

ckindians: are we in the market for MaGahee?
Adam Caplan: CK: Probably not

jdailey23: Adam, did Clement use the Browns to get more money and did he even visit Cleveland?
Adam Caplan: JD: No visit, good job by CLE not to sign him
Adam Caplan: way overrated and overpaid

kmaurer24: 1,0do you think we will give Droughns his extension?
Adam Caplan: KM: can't see it... no reason to... he's regressing

brownbomer: Adam, will the Browns address the D Line through FA, the draft or both
Adam Caplan: BR: Either or

ckindians: how is Couch's shoulder? any updates?
Adam Caplan: CK: No updates needed, no one wants him

nybrownfan: Adam, what kind of money is Hood looking for?
Adam Caplan: NY: He wants to get a chance to start according to what his agent said to me today
Adam Caplan: I think CLE would give him that chance

CaptJess: Does Joey Harrington have the ability to start in the NFL?
Adam Caplan: CAPT: No... solid backup now... who is a UFA

kmaurer24: 1,0is run blocking the only downside to Jerome Harrison?
Adam Caplan: KM: That's one of them

tjm427: Can Minter be a decent #2 cb?
Adam Caplan: TJ: He's not ready yet

ckindians: ...and Tampa Bay could cut Luke McCown
Adam Caplan: CK: For sure

tutorofthestudents: adam, are the jags shopping b. leftwich?
Adam Caplan: TU: I expect them to try to deal him at draft time
Adam Caplan: I wouldn't want any part of him
Adam Caplan: takes too long to throw

Burge22: Could Marc Coloumbo help at RT ??
Adam Caplan: BU: NYJ may sign him

browns28: adam what do you think will happen to chris simms and what do you think of him?
Adam Caplan: BR: Still has a ways to go... but has upside... good arm... but not consistent

jb42776: what do u think it will take to get Schaub?
Adam Caplan: JB: CLE would have to get another late first
Adam Caplan: or future first

ramllov: Adam Do you think the Browns would be interested in Jeno James G?
Adam Caplan: RAM: He's on my list that's posted of decent Gs
Adam Caplan: he got hurt last year

ramllov: Why did Miami not resign him?
Adam Caplan: RAM: The wanted to move on
Adam Caplan: I'd take a flier if I was CLE if they don't get Mahan
Adam Caplan: was good for CAR at one point

bamadawg19: Adam, Is Russell worth bringing back at S
Adam Caplan: BA: To backup, yeah, veteran minimum

amore: Is Turner staying in San Diego?
Adam Caplan: AM: For this season, probably
Adam Caplan: unless someone gives up a first

BewareOfTheDawgs: Are there any whispers about Winslow's surgery or the knee in general? That procedure worries me...
Adam Caplan: BE: I don't deal in whispers but it's a serious surgery
Adam Caplan: far from a lock to be ready for training camp

couch2: Adam, is there any reason the Browns wouldn't be interested in TJ Duckett?
Adam Caplan: COUCH: Not really: unless they plan to cut someone
Adam Caplan: he's a straight line runner, not a good player
Adam Caplan: good person but that's it... good inside the 5 yardline

dadaman: Adam are in the Browns in the Joey Porter sweepstakes?
Adam Caplan: DA: No... they signed Peek

ramllov: Adam, what guards available do you like for the Browns scheme?
Adam Caplan: RAM: 3-4 of them and they're all listed in the article
Adam Caplan: they need more athletic guys
Adam Caplan: instead of plodders

Burge22: Will Travis Wilson be given a chance to step up this year?
Adam Caplan: BUR: He must start to do well in OTAs

dwrose: what is the word on joey porter?
Adam Caplan: DW: None. He's not likely to go to CLE with Peek signed

zabam: Adam - what AFC North team has had the worst result in free agency
Adam Caplan: ZA: BAL by far

couch2: Adam, is this Andruzzi's last year? Are the Browns still looking at Levi or Joe T to fortify the line?
Adam Caplan: COUCH: Almost has to be

nudawg: adam, with the blockers Cleveland now has, what kind of scheme do you expect for the oline next year?
Adam Caplan: NU: As I reported at the Senior Bowl, power rushing attack
Adam Caplan: Which means ball control much like CAR and SD

ckindians: Rhodes did ok for the colts- could he be a full time back?
Adam Caplan: CK: No chance... Rotational back...

Burge22: Any word on McCutcheon playing this year?
Adam Caplan: BUR: I doubt he's back with CLE

buzz30: adam it seems like the browns are targeting smaller more athletic lineman/ switching to a zone block or just coincidence
Adam Caplan: BUZ: they really need guys who can move better
Adam Caplan: I may see Andruzzi this weekend so I'll see how he's doing physically

bamadawg19: Can you see Leon Williams pushing or replacing Davis at ILB this preseason?
Adam Caplan: BAM: No reason to think he could
Adam Caplan: he hardly played... did well in limited time though

Burge22: Do you think Isaac Sowells has a chance to start at G this year?
Adam Caplan: BUR: No, developmental player... a few years away...

tutorofthestudents: Adam, should we expect anything from Nick Eason next year?
Adam Caplan: TU: 10-12 plays

ckindians: will the Jags regret overpaying Dropcutt?
Adam Caplan: CK: Yes, what a joke, unreal
Adam Caplan: they do need smaller WRs that can run though

Burge22: Anyone looking at Antonio Bryant?
Adam Caplan: BU: He has two more games to sit out
Adam Caplan: and no visits for him now

couch2: Adam, why don't Browns make an offer on Verron Haynes just to stick it to the Steelers and make them pay?
Adam Caplan: COU: You run faster than him

ckindians: is Kennan McCardell worth consideration as a possession receiver? He was ours once
Adam Caplan: CK: Not a bad name as a #3
Adam Caplan: if wilson doesn't work out

amore: How about that RFA for Seattle - any word? The DT
Adam Caplan: AM: No offers...yet
Adam Caplan: Hackett is a good player but a second is steep for him

kmaurer24: 1,0any news on Jason Wrights injury?
Adam Caplan: KM: As noted in a previous chat, will be fine

jb42776: Whats your opinion of Ian Scott?
Adam Caplan: JB: Nice DT and he can play in a 3-4
Adam Caplan:
him or R. Smith they may talk too soon

ckindians: and can we expect anything out of Jerome Harrison?
Adam Caplan: CK: Change of pace back, he needs to get off to a good start

Burge22: Will Lee Suggs or Will Green surface anywhere??
Adam Caplan: BURG: Green is toast for the time being
Adam Caplan: Suggs will get some tryouts

Cvillebrown: Any of our UFA getting looks?..othe than Northcutt to JAX
Adam Caplan: CV: Not really... not even coleman. surprised there

Adam Caplan: Guys: That's all the time I have, good chat, we'll do it again next week

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