Droughns Being Shopped: More Details

UPDATED 9PM: The OBR expands on stories breaking about the ultimate fate of Browns RB Reuben Droughns. Here's the very latest from the OBR's John Taylor on this developing story.

3/8/07  9:00PM

Two of the teams interested in trading for Droughns are the Colts and Bills, with the Titans also a team with a possible interest.

A source close to the situation reports to the OBR that Droughns was "extremely hurt and deeply saddened by the Lewis signing", adding that Droughns loves playing in Cleveland and thought he was going to bounce back in 2007.

3/8/07  8:15PM

Already on thin ice with the club following a less-than-stellar 2006 season, running back Reuben Droughns' situation with the Browns became more clouded with the addition of free-agent RB Jamal Lewis.

Now, The OBR has learned, the Droughns situation has taken a turn that will likely result in the veteran seeing his two-year in Cleveland come to a not-so-glorious end.

Barring a dramatic shift in the club's thinking over the course of the next nine days, Droughns will not be a member of the Cleveland Browns in 2007, a source close to the situation has relayed to The OBR. It's a virtual certainty, the source said, that Droughns will be either traded or released at some point in the next week and a half.

The Browns are currently actively involved in negotiations with at least three teams, although it's unclear at this point who those three teams are. The Browns are seeking a second-day pick in exchange for the veteran running back.

If a trade cannot be worked out, Droughns' roster bonus will not be declined and the club's leading rusher the past two seasons will be released.

The Browns have until March 17 to pick up Droughns' $1.75 million roster bonus. If he's not traded, and the bonus is not picked up, Droughns would automatically become an unrestricted free agent.

There's also the chance that, if the Browns cannot find a trade partner willing to part with a draft pick or player in the next couple of days, the Browns could give Droughns his outright release before the bonus is officially due.

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