Muni Lot Bloggers Taking Names

Some fan blogs on the are worth their weight in beer...

Where do you go when you just want to kick back in a no-rules atmosphere and revel in all it means to be a Browns fan?

On game days, the answer is the "Muni Lot", and on the web, the answer is "".

This ad, subscription, rules, etiquette, and restriction-free adjunct to the OBR has been growing over the past couple of months, and there are some new fan voices out there worth listening to. We hope you dial it up and check it out.

First off, of course, there are a couple of bloggers who have been at this longer than anyone: Ace Davis and the Dawghouse Blog. You can tell from the hits off their blog entries that hundreds of fans have been following their blogventures over the years, and continue to find them on the Muni Lot.

MikeB weighed in recently with his thoughts on free agent signings. Ace offered up his always helpful analysis by anagram. I don't know how Ace does it - those puzzles always addled my brain.

Joining our old-school bloggers are some new voices, and you can look for more fans to join them in the days ahead.

Listeners to the OBR radio program will remember draft-fiend MikeFromRochester, who is one of the most savvy evaluators of college talent you're going to find. He loves this time of year, and his blog is well worth reading. This week, he offered his take that Thomas is the Pick. If you like draft insight, don't miss it.

In addition, we've had some bloggers join us recently who folks who have hung out here for a while might see as being more Greedwatch/Ravens Suckzone/BTNG old-school in how they look at things.

Welcome to the Munilot the editorial stylings of Mike Bukach's Off the Wagon, Baron Von Awesome, and, well, someone who just calls himself Doosh Dawg. Some things are probably best left unexplained.

We're continuing to work on the Muni Lot and develop it, but a lot of cool things are in the works there. Maybe not all the bloggers will be your particular taste, but you can probably find a couple you'll enjoy following.

If you can pull yourself from the free agency watch and the forums, it's worth checking out.  The key is cooled down, the grill is fired up, and the lines at the porta-johns are long. The Muni is always the Muni.

- Barry

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