Browns Uncensored / Mike Pruitt Transcript

Here's the transcript from this week's Browns Uncensored chat with special guest Mike Pruitt. David Carducci answers Browns fans questions in the chat room, and Mike joins us late in the hour to talk for a bit with Browns fans. Check it out.

Ramllov Dave are you ready?
DavidCarducci Ready for the start of the season? Very ready!
DavidCarducci Although, I have to cover the Ohio State game Saturday night, and that makes for a long couple of days
Ramllov Dave how bad is the KC defense?
DavidCarducci I don't think it is bad, Ram. They will throw a lot at the Browns. I think they'll blitz like crazy
Ramllov How did Tim Couch throw today?
DavidCarducci I'm not permitted to say much about it, other than he threw threw the ball and the coaches thought he showed improvement
Ramllov Ok, thanks for the little bit
Ramllov I heard that both QBs were practicing
Guest49 Did they make you cross your heart and hope to die?
redright If you told us, would BD put you on double secret probation?
DavidCarducci We just have an agreement not to talk about what we see specifically in closed practices.
BrownsFEVA good agreement
DavidCarducci They only let us see part of it
Ramllov Dave what do you think about Johnny Morton WR, is he a number one receiver for KC?
DavidCarducci I think Morton is the best they have. I've always thought Kennison had some potential that he never quite tapped after his first few years with the Rams
redright Dave, does it seem that the chiefs are coming apart at the seams? does their coach have control?
DavidCarducci I never really know how much control a guy like Vermeil has. He's always, well, all over the place, with his emotions, his thoughts and his opinions
DavidCarducci We talked to Vermeil today, and he seemed to be a guy in control
redright Didn't he crash at Philly?
DavidCarducci He did
vbf Dave, can you tell how how he DIDN'T throw? "")
DavidCarducci When he didn't throw he looked like the same old Tim, how's that vbf?
Ramllov Dave, how good has Jamir Millers replacement looked in your opinion?
teco If Hambrick and Holmes are as advertised, we should see a major improvement at run stopping
DavidCarducci I think Hambrick has looked great. I liked Jamir, but never thought he was a great fit for the Browns style of defense. While I thought Davis has been a bit cruel in the way he has said this publicly lately, he is right. They did scheme a lot to make Jamir successful. Hambrick is a guy who will allow the Browns to play a more typical 4-3
redright I don't know if we can call BD cruel after Jamir held out for money and tried to parlay last season into a megabucks campaign.
DavidCarducci Redright. He's said it quite a few times, and I didn't think it was necessary. I think a lot of people were a bit put off by the comments.
DavidCarducci It's just my opinion
Ramllov Dave, do they have the players and scheme to shut down the run?
DavidCarducci Who is that, Ram? The Chiefs?
Ramllov The Browns defense?
chitwnbrown first timer; hey guys will we be able to shut down P Holmes? is our Holmes ready to go?
DavidCarducci The Browns defense should be better against the run with Holmes and Hambrick, and I think Rudd will be the best player on the defense this year. Lang will make the run defense better, as will Griffith. Then there's the fact that Warren is a year older and better. I think the run defense will be much better. You know the scheme will be solid with Butch
olroy David, so you think Holcomb will get the start and give Couch another week to get healthy huh?
DavidCarducci My personal opinion, and this is based on nothing more than a gut feeling. I think Holcomb will start.
Guest49 Which ""people"" were put off by BD's comments? Some players?
DavidCarducci Guest49, I know some players were put off, as they were with the ""robot"" comments regarding Courtney. Not to speak for others, but I know some people found it as a bit of a backhanded remark
DavidCarducci People include media members, players, former players.
DavidCarducci It's not my place to say exactly who.
DavidCarducci Believe me, people make mistakes. Sometimes people take things out of context. Davis may not have meant it as a slight towards Jamir every time he's said it. It just comes off that way
teco why wasn't the couch elbow taken care of before now?
DavidCarducci Teco, I think it was because they didn't know about the tear of the scar tissue
teco tks
BrownsFEVA shame on them then for not knowing
DavidCarducci They've known about the tendonitis for a long time. The hope is that this will allow the tendonitis to heal so it doesn't bother him so often
olroy Dave, Browns feel they can beat the Chiefs without Couch; is that the feeling your getting??
DavidCarducci I think the Browns are very confident they can win with Holcomb. I really like Holcomb's confidence and the confidence the players and coaching staff seam to have in him. While I am a believer in Tim Couch, I think they won't have a hard time adjusting should Holcomb be forced into service
BryanK Will Lang play Sunday?
DavidCarducci Somebody asked about Lang earlier. I don't think he will play. Lang and Shea both were not ready for contact today
Ramllov Dave what is your opinion on the teams starting offensive line and their backups?
DavidCarducci I think the offensive line has a lot to prove. I like what Tucker brings in terms of toughness and attitude. He's better than I thought he was. I think Stokes is a cool guy to talk to, but I'm still waiting to see what he brings to the field. I don't see him as the answer as a starter. I'd still like to see him as a backup at both tackle and guard. O'Hara is small to me to be a right guard. he's a guy who will be a nice backup, but I'm hoping Zukauskas and/or Fowler develop quickly
redright If lang soesn't play, does Word handle the running downs? They won't move Roye, will they?
DavidCarducci I don't think they'll move Roye. He's added the weight they wanted. he's finally getting a chance to focus on one position. I think you'll see Word in the rotation
chitwnbrown From my understanding (from many postings on this site) is that the scar tissue buildup was actually hindering TC arm and strength. The scar tissue has now actually broken free of the joint witch should facilitate a better arm eh? a blessing in disguise?
DavidCarducci chitown, that's what I heard (on your earlier comment regarding Tim and the scar tissue).
Guest49 Was losing Dean a minor or major disappointment?
DavidCarducci probably a minor disappointment on Dean.
Guest49 Thanks Dave - I understand you can't tell all.
Ramllov How good is word? Is he a better pass rusher or run defender?
DavidCarducci I think Word is one of the many good young defensive linemen the Browns had in camp this year. I also really liked Arnold Miller, and hoped he would find a spot on the team
JoeBrownlee How do you see the match-up with the Chiefs? It seems to me the Browns could have success against their defense.
DavidCarducci The Browns should have success against the Chiefs. They could have a bit of a hard time running the ball considering the interior of the Browns' offensive line isn't very big, and the Chiefs have a couple of very big defensive tackles.
bkdog Dave, talk to us about the special teams. Are they going to be better this year, why and who is being added to the ST that will make an impact?
DavidCarducci bkdog, special teams was an obvious focus. The fact that Boyer is not in the regular defensive packages as much as last year when he was on the field more than Rainer, that alone improves the special teams. Boyer is one of the best special teams players on the Browns.
DavidCarducci Akins has been very good on special teams.
DavidCarducci King is a more comfortable. Northcutt is more comfortable.
dskribes What's the story with King? Does Butch like him better than JJD as a WR, or was this a versatility thing?
chitwnbrown every one here should go buy the sporting news pro football scouting guide scouts every player in the NFL good for evaluating opponents strengths and weaknesses
DavidCarducci Chitownbrown, that's a nice edition. The War Room put together a pretty nice guide
BryanK Will Northcutt or Davis return kicks?
DavidCarducci King will be a KR with Morgan. Northcutt is the PR. He is more comfortable, and I think that is starting to show. Maybe we will finally see him do what we thought he would when he was first drafted
teco if Holcomb starts will we see 'cutt in there
teco 'cutt in there more as Kelly's more comfortable with him?
DavidCarducci teco, I don't think you'll see Cutt other than as the 4th receiver. Davis won the No. 3 job
chitwnbrown Is Lang an upgrade over Mckenzie at end it seems he barely made the bears from what I hear and read in the papers out here
redright Dave, do you expect a short passing game toset up the run?
DavidCarducci I think they'll stick with that
Guest275 how many carries each should our backups expect?
DavidCarducci Guest275, I have no idea. I think this is a good opponent to try to establish Green as a 20-plus carry guy
bkdog Are the new linebackers making an impact on the special teams? Bentley looks like he could be nasty.
DavidCarducci bkdog, I think that's a good question. I would rather him be in that role than Quincy. Let Quincy focus on one role, catching the football.
redright How will King and Northcutt be used?
DavidCarducci I think you'll see Davis on KR at some point, maybe even the first game. The depth chart, however, lists King and Morgan
redright What then does Frisman do this year? develop?
DavidCarducci Frisman develops. Maybe he gets called on to throw an 80-yard hail mary
Lee I just wanna know if Timmy's arm is ok?
DavidCarducci Lee, we won't know until gameday. He threw. The Browns thought he showed improvement, but Davis said he is willing to go right up to pregame warmups to make his decision.
redright Fris seems to be every ones favorite!
teco Fris may see more time than we know
teco BD sure loves him
DavidCarducci Fris is 6-3, which is a nice thing to have in a receiver. By the end of the year, he could be very much in the mix. He's a heck of an athlete
DavidCarducci It is a good opening game in that the Browns match up well with the Chiefs. Kansas City does have some players who could pose a problem. Holmes is coming off a great year. Gonzalez is a guy they move around and use in a lot of different ways in the passing game. Trent Green is not a bad quarterback, although he is prone to being picked off
JoeBrownlee Dave, do you think the Browns linebackers will have problems handling both the run and TE Gonzalez simultaneously?
DavidCarducci I don't think so Joe Brownlee. I think with Hambrick, a guy who is good at being a two-read linebacker, and who can be effective both on and off the line of scrimmage, they may be more equipped than ever for a guy like Gonzalez
JoeBrownlee I think I agree. I'd like to see Hambrick knock Tony into next week one time
chitwnbrown Asking this one again, Lang improvement over Mckenzi? Keith had a hard time making the Bearssss roster
DavidCarducci Lang is an improvement in that he is much better against the run. Brown and Lang could become the premier defensive end tandem against the run in the entire NFL
ArtBtz NOTE: We're going to try to get Mike Pruitt in here shortly.
bkdog Dave should we look forward to a aggressive run to the ball, take their head off defense? Does Butch finally have enough guys to attack on D?
DavidCarducci bkdog, I'm hoping so. Hambrick is a sideline to sideline guy, as is Rudd. They have made some nice additions. The players better fit what Butch wants them to do.
dawginatl dave, are we going to see more pressure on the qb from the defense than preseason
DavidCarducci Dawginati, I hope so. I think a lot of the problem for DL's in the preseason is that they don't have a chance to really adjust to what they are seeing from an offensive linemen. They don't get the chance to try various moves, see what works. Also, in the preseaosn teams don't show any of their blitz packages
redright Dave, does the O-line and running game bother you?
DavidCarducci I just would have liked to see another offensive linemen. They are banking a lot on Stokes, and signing Johnson when they didn't really expect him to be ready, that seams to be a bit shortsighted now that they are forced to go to O'Hara at RG
vbf dave, who do you project as teh stating DL?
DavidCarducci starting DL ... Rogers, Warren, Roye and Brown left to right
dskribes What's James Jackson's role going to be this week? Will he spell Green with White coming in on third down, or is White going to take every third or fourth series in addition to his 3rd down role?\
redright Dave, does the team seem to be working together? timing? flow? scheme?
DavidCarducci I still don't think they did enough offensively, though.
vbf who will spell ROgers?
DavidCarducci Probably Word
DavidCarducci Of course vbf, Lang could be ready, but again the fact that he was not ready for contact today made me doubt that he would play
Guest49 Bottom line - what will the Browns record be and will they make the playoffs?
DavidCarducci I think it will be hard to make the playoffs with the new format. Battling for two wild card spots ... that's going to be a fierce competition
Lee Playoff's here we come
BrownsFEVA 10-6 may not even make the playoffs
DavidCarducci Anything is possible, but I think the Steelers have to be the favorite unless they sustain some key injuries
Wardy We won't need a wild card spot.
Lee Yeah but we can take most of the teams on our schedule
bkdog Dave, how many points do you have to score to win on most Sundays. I've siad at least 21 in the past but I'm not sure that's even enough. What do you think?
DavidCarducci Lang said the other day that if the Browns offense can give them 17 points, they'll win
dawginatl or kordell reverts to his usual form
Guest49 This 4 division set makes it easier for a weakling to get into the playoffs. An 8-8 division winner would make it.
DavidCarducci An 8-8 division winner might make it, but a 10-6 second-place team might not.
vbf The stoolers are peaking while the Browns are building
redright No injuries need if Kordell plays like the Kordell of old! :-)
DavidCarducci That team just has a lot of talent, though
bkdog Hell if Spurrier can throw up 38-40 pts a game we at least should be able to get 17, shouldn't we?
vbf great OL
Guest49 How will the Redskins do?
DavidCarducci Guys I have to run. I have two stories to finish on deadline, and Mike Pruitt is due any minute
dawginatl thanks dave
seibu1 thanks dave!
Lee Yeah and don't forget our ""D"" getting a touchdown too
vbf thanks, Dave, great chat as always
teco dig deep dave!!!!
BrownsFEVA ty david
bkdog Thanks Dave,
Guest49 Thanks again Dave for the great insights.
chitwnbrown bye bye
ArtBtz I'm trying to get Mike in here right now
Lee Bye DAVE
DavidCarducci Thanks guys. Once we get past this week, I'll be able to stay a little longer. This is one hectic week
DavidCarducci Take care
redright Dave, what can we expect the practicesquad guys to do this year? any one of them thought of as reserve help?
chitwnbrown if you get writers cramp ben gay is great
DavidCarducci redright, I think that depends on injury
ArtBtz Welcome Mike Pruitt!
Mike Pruitt hi!
BrownsFEVA heya Mr Pruitt!
Lee Hello Mike
redright Mike are you ready to suit up? we could use some help!
Mike Pruitt Can't suit up - too old
teco hey big 43!!!!!
Lee Yeah Mike, go get your brother Greg and let's get you guys in uniform
ArtBtz All right!
Lee But you gotta wear Orange pants Mike
ArtBtz Hey, Mike just got here. You can't try getting him on the field already!
BrownsFEVA yuk on the orange pants
dawginatl hey mike
Wardy Green will have 100+ yards and a score
Lee We love you Mike... u are not too old
JoeBrownlee Mike, tell us a little bit about what you remember from the 1980 season
Wardy Mike, why do we have so many doubters this year? Am I too high on this team?
redright How do you see this years running game developing?
Mike Pruitt Lot of questions. I,ll try to answer some of them
ArtBtz OK, that's enough for now, LOL
teco mike do you stay in touch with Greg Pruitt? How's he doin'?
Mike Pruitt Greg is doing well. I see him some times
BrownsFEVA mike: what's your greatest browns memory
teco tell him to come in here--we'd love to see him
Mike Pruitt The Kardiak years
Lee Yeah Baby... Those were the GREATEST years of all
Mike Pruitt I enjoyed those years
Lee You guys taught me that you can win the game in the last six seconds... remember that one?
Mike Pruitt Yes, we lived for the last 6 seconds
Lee Yeah, we were all having heart attacks you know
BrownsFEVA MIke: any particular series or play you pulled off that stands out in your mind?
Mike Pruitt The draw play
ArtBtz Mike, any player who stands out as someone who mentored you or helped you out?
Mike Pruitt Yes, Paul Warfield
ArtBtz Warfield was something else.
teco mike how was sam to play for?
Mike Pruitt He was a great player and friend
beanpot Mike...remember me?? I was the kid who asked for your autograph! That kid! You don't remember it, but I sure do. Thanks for being filled with class.
wideright Hi mike, do you have any favorite running backs today? Does any current player remind you of yourself and your running style?
Mike Pruitt No, nobody reminds me of me today
ArtBtz Was there any defensive player who you really hated playing against? Or any particular team?
wideright who were the toughest linebackers you faced?
Mike Pruitt I hated playing the Steelers
Mike Pruitt Jack Ham, Lawerence Taylor
ArtBtz I sort of figured...
ArtBtz I know a lot of players support him... any thoughts on Art Modell? Should he make the Hall of Fame?
Mike Pruitt I personally like Art.  The hall of fame is up to the decision makers
ArtBtz That's a good answer.
Mike Pruitt I'm good at politics
ArtBtz LOL
ArtBtz Anyone else have a question for Mike?
Lee I heard art was great with the players, lot's of guys liked him... but to the fans....
Mike Pruitt Art was good to the players
WorthingtonDawg Do you keep in touch with Sipe these days?
Mike Pruitt I don't see Brian much
pegasus Mike welcome, I still have a tape of the Monday Night Bears game that you had the long TD run. Do you think Forrest Gregg would have given you the same opportunity that Sam did?
Mike Pruitt No
JoeBrownlee Mike, what stands out to you from the 1980 season?
Mike Pruitt 1980 season..  Brian Sipe
ArtBtz What are you up to these days, Mike?
Mike Pruitt I own two auto dealerships - Honda, Ford
KJ My nephew wants to know if you could stop Rosie if she blitzed? *LOL*
Mike Pruitt Rosie no problem
ArtBtz LOL
Lee Where are the dealerships at Mike?
Mike Pruitt Ford is in Lima Ohio and the Honda is in Akron
KJ All 420 of her????
ArtBtz Stop it, KJ. Don't make me use my powers.
ArtBtz :-)
KJ Sorry Chiefy
ArtBtz (mutter, mutter)
beanpot I'd like to know if he is aware that he is in the top 26 (all-time: at least as far as record keeping goes) in carries. Right behind some guy named Csonka
Mike Pruitt Didn't know
Lee Mike you remember Johnny Davis?
Mike Pruitt I remember Johnny
Lee I trained him at the dealership I work in... He was going to be a Dealer
Mike Pruitt He was my room mate with the browns
Mike Pruitt He iust moved to New Jersey
redright Mike. Did anything happen on the last play in the AFC championship against the raiders that we in the stands did not see? any inside take?
ArtBtz Question is out there on RedRight88 against the Raiders, Mike. Anything happen on that play that we fans don't know about?
teco do you miss the fame Mike?
Mike Pruitt Red Right 88 shouldn't ever been called
teco elaborate on that Mike
ArtBtz I think you won't get much disagreement on that.
KJ What SHOULD'VE been called?
Mike Pruitt It was supposed to be a draw play to me, kick a field goal, and go home
vbf Field Goal
teco Cocroft's number!!!!
KJ Cockroft from 24
Lee Cockroft says he still has nightmares about that game
JoeBrownlee Mike, do you still think about what might have happened if you'd have won?
Mike Pruitt Yes, the Super Bowl
ArtBtz LOL, that sounds right!
redright Mike Davis claimed he suckered Sipe into that throw. Let Sipe think it was clear.
vbf Mike, I remember a brown van that said ""diot Pruitt"" on the back and was parked at Bobers in Middleburg Hts. a lot..was that you of Greg?
Mike Pruitt Greg
wideright Mike, are you close to any of the players or coaches on the current team?
Mike Pruitt No
ArtBtz Thanks for coming by Mike... Very much appreciated!
ArtBtz We're going to have to wrap up, folks.
ArtBtz Thanks for coming by Mike.
vbf Thanks, Mike
beanpot It was a pleasure to have you here, Mike. Thanks so much
WorthingtonDawg Thanks Mike
redright Thanks Mike
ArtBtz I'll have a transcript up tomorrow!
Mike Pruitt Thanks for having me
Lee Take Care Mike... stop in again OK?
ArtBtz GO BROWNS!!!!
KJ Later Mike

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