Death Chat 2007: Robaire Edition

The gang got together for another Death Chat Wednesday night, only to be interrupted by some news right before the lightning round...

Barry: Let's roll
Barry: TOPIC #1: Terrelle Smith... GONE!! Reuben Droughns (who some of us were dreaming of sharing a backfield with Lewis)... GONE!! Reflect on what this means to the Cleveland Browns offense and the team's ability to throw fullback option passes.
John: Vickers was the man for the fullback option. Smith's release will not affect that part of the offensive arsenal.
Rich: It must mean that Lawrence Vickers has learned how to block.
Fred: It's clear they were going to go with Vickers ever since the third-and-one plays last year. I'm still wondering about Lewis and Peterson.
Rich: Unless, of course, the Browns plan on using an attack that doesn't feature a blocking back.
Barry: Oh no, not the return of the H-back!
John: They've had that the last three years, Rich.
John: Even when Smith was on the field, they were still in a one-back, no FB system.
Fred: I'm all for the two back system.
Rich: The question is: Is Chudzinski in favor of the two-back system?
Fred: It doesn't matter to me. I am.
Barry: Are you disappointed they got rid of Droughns?
John: "feh" on Droughns.
Rich: In retrospect, sure. He'd make a nice blocking back.
Fred: Only if he would have been the FB in place of Smith, I would have liked to see him in that role with Lewis.
Barry: And Chud had Lorenzo Neal on his team last year, for reference. Fullbacks played in San Diego.
Barry: So was Smith just done, or not worth the money? Does this mean a change in philosophy or is it just dumping a player?
Rich: Maybe Savage is planning on drafting a big fullback type.
Fred: I believe they feel they can get a younger cheaper FB in VIckers.
Barry: Well, the team has been looking at a lot of tight ends. Short tight ends are sometimes turned into fullbacks.
Rich: Could Vickers become this year's Terrelle Smith in that all he does is block?
Fred: I doubt it.
Rich: I'm not certain the club is certain where they're going to go with this.
John: He wasn't making a lot of money to begin with, but, IMHO, he was stealing that. Highly, highly overrated.
Barry: John, you don't give Smith much credit for Droughns 1200 yard season he had, eh?
John: Nope, not at all. He's lived on his Saints' rep the last three years.
Fred: The big indictment was they couldn't get a third and one first down the past three years on the ground.
John: Amen Fred.
Barry: That's the answer right there, Fred.
John: Cavs up by 28 (that's just to piss Passan off.)
Rich: Trade LeBron.
John: :-)
Barry: TOPIC #2: Tim Carter, WR, Cleveland Browns. Canny trade by Phil Savage, or just Andre Davis trying to sneak back into town?
Rich: Tim Carter: Bust in New York. Tim Carter: Bust in Cleveland
Rich: Why in the world did they trade for this guy? He wasn't good coming out of college.
Fred: They were going to release Droughns so by accepting a trade (even for nothing) he could keep his contract.
John: They were gonna release Droughns regardless. They got a WR with speed who may or may not pan out. It was worth a shot.
Barry: Well, I keep seeing the word underachiever... lots of times coaches think they can turn those guys around.
Rich: When Ernie Accorsi drafted him, most people in New York said, "Who?" Then they said, "Why?"
Fred: Carter is a throw in and nothing more than a third or fourth receiver and possibly a return guy.
Barry: Possible kickoff returner?
Rich: Replacing Cribbs?
Fred: Was thinking more about Punt Return
Barry: Punt returner? (oops)
Barry: Edit that from the transcript John, to make me seem smarter.
John: Will do.
Barry: No you won't. I sense you plotting now.
Rich: Nope.
Rich: Didn't return one punt for the Giants.
Rich: Is Antonio Perkins still on the team?
Barry: Who?
Rich: LOL
Barry: Practice Squad Perkins?
Fred: Practice squad
Rich: Another one of Phil's beauties.
Barry: I've never seen him return punts even in training camp.
Barry: Fred have you ever seen Perkins return a punt?
Fred: No...maybe in a preseason game his rookie year.
Rich: Didn't he lead the nation in his senior year in punt returns?
John: He was a helluva PR guy at Oklahoma
Barry: Yeah, he did. But I haven't seen him used at all for that here. Which is kind of weird.
Rich: Then why is he still around?
John: He's a Sooner, Rich.
Fred: Save face and use in stats that say how many of their choices are still around.
John: lol Fred
Barry: He practices even with a broken hand.
Barry: Gotta love that.
Rich: Then see ya later, Sooner.
John: Wow, that was bad.
Barry: Ow! With that....

TOPIC #3: Browns are interested in bringing in PK Olindo Mare. Trade talks with the Dolphins have reported gone well beyond the "idle chat" stage. Explain this, now.
Rich: Why not wait until the Dolphins release Mare? They just signed Jay Feely.
John: Because they want to get him before he hits the open market and they get into some kind of bidding war?
Barry: Because other teams are circling. We may not get him if we wait.
Fred: I don't understand that. There's many more areas than kicker.
Rich: Why waste a draft pick on a kicker? Makes no sense.
Rich: Also . . . how effective would Mare be in Cleveland in the fall and winter?
John: His stats vs. NE and Buffalo would tell something.
Barry: Explain to me why Phil Dawson needs to be upgraded... anyone know?
Fred: Is he better than Dawson?
John: I think so, Fred.
Barry: Here are two things I've been told by folks from Miami
Barry: 1. He nails kickoffs into the end zone nearly every time. No return game against him.
Barry: 2. His field goal percentage was incredible, but thinks he has trouble specifically in Miami's stadium which means folks think he'll be unreal outside of it.
Rich: But can he do that in windy Cleveland Browns Stadium?
John: McBride: why not? Why should they not look to upgrade every position?
Rich: Because there are too many other important positions to fix.
Fred: Why did Miami go another direction?
Barry: Miami has a dirt infield, I guess, or something like that. It's been said he has trouble with that.
Rich: PK should rank low on the priority list.
John: Why can they not look at Mare? It's not like they are dropping everything else to acquire a PK.
Fred: We have painted green dirt. Does that count?
Rich: That's the old field, Fred.
John: I just don't get why it's a big deal that they are looking at Mare.
Barry: They can look, but if they start trading away draft picks when Dawson is here, it seems like a large investment for questionable gain.
Rich: For what it's worth, I wouldn't give up a draft pick for a kicker. In any round.
John: Even a 7th?
Fred: It's not. I just don't want them too preoccupied with that not to get a cornerback or dlineman.
Rich: In any round.
John: Hell, even a 6th.
Rich: Ditto
Barry: We got Justin Hamilton for a seventh round pick. Seems like a decent use of a pick.
John: Yeah, because the Browns have nailed all of those late-rounders.
John: 'As would an upgrade at the PK position.
Barry: Stop with your fact-using Taylor. Draft picks are GOLD. GOLD!!
Rich: Careful, John, your sarcasm is showing.
John: Oops, I thought I tucked that thing in. My bad.
Barry: Good. We have that settled.
Rich: Or do we?
Barry: No, but I got Taylor to stop poking holes in my logic, Rich. That's all that matters.
John: Cavs up by 35.
Rich: When was the last time you saw any team trade for a kicker?

TOPIC #4: Bob Kain follows Randy Lerner into Cleveland from IMG and Aston Villa. Easy part-time gig or future Browns president? TYPE NOW.
John: Mentor for future Browns president.
Fred: Lerner went out of his way in the statement to say his role wouldn't be changed. What does that mean?
Barry: It means "I hope McBride doesn't ask a stupid question in next week's Death Chat"
John: Look at his responsibilities in the press release. the very description of a non-football president.
Fred: I think he's the non football answer to Ron Wolf.
Barry: Why have him here at all?
John: MENTOR! You not listening?
Fred: Keep him off the street.
Barry: Right, Fred. Last thing we need are rich guys with too much free time, lurking around.
Rich: I know Bob Kain. He's a good man with a great sense for business. The most important thing is that he's a Clevelander. He's smart, savvy and makes good, sound decisions. Will he stick his nose in football business? I hope not. I believe he's smart enough to distance himself from that part of the business.
John: You knew the original Cain, didn't ya Rich?
Fred: At first, I thought it was Bob Gain.
Rich: I interviewed both Bob Cain and Bob Gain. Bob Cain was the Detroit pitcher who threw to Eddie Gaedel, the midget.
Fred: Cool!
I was talking the biblical Cain, Rich.
Barry: I think he was ignoring you, John.
John: And you bitch about me giving Cavs updates?
John: I'll get him to talk, Barry.
Barry: Did Gaedel take the walk?
Barry: If Bill Veeck was around today, he'd have Gaedel charge the mound. I'd pay money to see that.
Rich: Four straight balls. Bill Veeck threatened Gaedel. Told him that he placed a sharpshooter on the roof of the stadium with instructions to shoot if Gaedel swung the bat.
Rich: Oh. Sorry, Fred, never made his acquaintance.

Alright, back to football
Barry: TOPIC #5: Robaire Smith and the Browns keep talking contract, but Smith is also talking to Tennessee. Is he a "must-sign" or a "like-to-sign"?
John: He's a "would-be-an-upgrade" signing.
Fred: I think they need to sign him because unless there's something I don't know, they don't have a dline right now at all.
Rich: He is a must sign. This team needs help desperately along the defensive line.
John: Given the state of the DL, he could almost be viewed as a must signing.
Barry: We may have to exit... quickly... I just got word right now that R. Smith just signed. On to the lightning round.

Barry: 1. Phil Dawson: Should he go to a month-to-month lease? YES OR NO
John: No
Rich: No.
Fred: No
John: Copycats
Barry: Correct answer is "yes". You're all wrong.

Barry: 2. Raiders take JaMarcus Russell. Lions take Brady Quinn. You take....?
John: Peterson
Rich: Adrian Peterson
Fred: Adrian Peterson
Rich: Peterson
Rich: You cudda picked Joe Thomas.

3. JaMarcus Russell works out in Louisiana. ESPN guy I've never heard of calls it "best workout in 10 years". Give your odds that Russell is a complete bust.
John: 20%
Fred: 50/50
John: And Brady is at 5%
Rich: 50-50

4. Now, give your odds that Russell is a Pro Bowl QB.
Rich: 20%
John: 20%
Fred: 50/50...I'm going on the line
John: lol
Barry: Excellent. Correct answer is 30%. You all lose again.

Final question
Barry: 5. Give your odds that I run out of lightning round questions by June 20th?
Rich: 100%
John: 98%
Rich: That's better
Fred: 100 percent
Barry: Rich and Fred are correct, win with one correct answer. We're done people!
Fred: No controversy
John: Whatever.
Rich: So who did R Smith sign with?
Rich: Well, that's a start
Fred: That's good news!
Barry: Yes it is. Now to slam it out. See ya!

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