OBR Techno-Fun Report 23B

Some tips on our most recent board upgrade, and other OBR technofreakishness

The OBR Message Boards were upgraded last night, and things are going pretty well. We've been able to make the place look a little bit more like home, and change things around in little ways that most fans seem to like better. 

A few message board users have told us that they're having problems with some of the board's links. Fortunately, there's a real easy solution to this if you find this happening to you. All you need to do is empty out your browser's "cache" or temporary files. It sounds complicated, but it's actually real simple to do. Here's a link explaining how to do this if you're one of the folks who experiences this issue.

TWITTERING AWAY: We've been hard at work adding new (free) features to the site over the last month. The OBR's fan-driven and completely free Muni Lot area has been taking off.

Another new feature we've added is the OBR's Twitter feed.

"Twitter" is all the rage among the nerd set these days. Being a nerd, of course, and Twitter being free, I had to check it out. Having checked it out, it seemed like something that would be pretty cool to have on the site.

Twitter is a way to share short updates (140 characters or less) with folks. Sort of like a mini-blog. Lots of people use it to share info with their friends about what they're up to. It seemed like something we could use here on the OBR to provide short little updates about breakign news and stuff on the site (e.g., "Updated the depth chart", "Give the webmaster a beer", etc). What it could be real cool for are quick updates from the sidelines in training camp like we used to do via customized system a couple of years ago.

Anyhow, our Twitter feed is http://www.twitter.com/theOBR, and we've got it integrated with the OBR front page now. You can see it on the lower left hand side of the front page, as well as being below the "My Menu" area on forum and thread listings on the Message Boards .

The OBR has been expanding outside the realm of our place here on Scout. In addition to the Muni Lot, we've also been keeping a MySpace page, use a del.icio.us feed for our newswire links you'll find on the site, and have other off-site goodies in development, like a Google Calendar which will be available for anyone wanting to track Browns and OBR events.

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