Transcript: Adam Caplan Chat

Here's the transcript from this week's chat on the Browns plans in the draft and free agency...

<ramllov> Adam, the Bengal CB, name escapes me, he is kind of old, would he help the Browns
<Yipicya> Tory James
Adam Caplan: RAM: James? He's decent... probably best CB left.
Adam Caplan: James is very inconsistent - that's why teams don't want to pay him

<Hogan> Any thoughts on Tank from NC State?
Adam Caplan: HOG: first day guy... upside...

<jdawg26> Adam, I heard Jamal Lewis is in the best shape in the last 3 yrs..I would be shocked if we took AP, your thoughts ?
Adam Caplan: JD: He's not the same player he once was, that's the problem.
Adam Caplan: Shape is one thing, too many carries is another

<Yipicya> Do you think Aaron Ross in the 2 is a realistic?
Adam Caplan: YIP: Ross was who I was thinking could be there
Adam Caplan: in round #2, early... we'll see.

<JANKO> AC, what do you think the Lions are really thinking? (WR ha)
Adam Caplan: JAN: they know they will be bad so they want to get as much value for the pick as possible
Adam Caplan: I can't say I blame them.

<ramllov> Adam, if they had a choice in the second round CB or OL, go CB?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Depends who is on the board and what they do in round 1.

<tall66man> With all the input from PS to Romeo ... do you think he has received an edict to play rookies this year? coz romeo is old school coach who thinks you have to pay your dues to play.
Adam Caplan: TALL: Depends on the position but they had to play Wimbley last year... no choice.

<amore> Adam-as of today how do you see the first 3 picks of the draft?
Adam Caplan: AM: Can't really say...yet. There's too much that has to happen.  But my board of value is: C.Johnson, Russell, J. Thomas

<dogsqb13>  Was our secondary that bad ...improved pass rush has to make them better , no?
Adam Caplan: DOG: Losing Baxter hurt badly

<jdawg26> We would take cj and then force TB's ?
Adam Caplan: JD: I favor taking the best player there. If Johnson is there, I'd take him

<Yipicya> Adam really, you think Russell is that good?
Adam Caplan: YIP: Not yet, developmental player who has a huge upside.

<ramllov> Adam, NTs - Washington 15 to 20 plays Shawn Smith 20 - 25 plays. Is that about right?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Depends on what shape Smith comes in but that wouldn't be bad.

<dogsqb13> 7,0does russell have the passion to be a football junkie ala manning an strive to be the best?
Adam Caplan: DOG: His weight is the problem. Some are worried that he will let himself go with all that money

<dogsqb13> 7,0everything i read says quinn does....russell feels football is a job
Adam Caplan: DOG: They'll sign another veteran at some point... could be after June 1, but they'll also look at a CB on the first day.

<JCar793> Adam, do you really see Thomas meeting expectations of an OT picked that high like Ogden or Pace?
Adam Caplan: JAC: He needs to get stronger but he could be another D. Ferguson

<tjm427> If healthy, is Seth McKinney better than Hank Fraley at C
Adam Caplan: TJ: Probably so, McKinney can play G or C
Adam Caplan: He's not bad

<Hogan> Is Chaun on this roster in Sept??
Adam Caplan: HOG: Ask me as we get closer to training camp

<buzz30> adam- if we dont go corner in the second who can we expect dropping to the third
Adam Caplan: Buzz: Hard to guess, we'll see as we get closer draft. But I have to think second round is a good chance.

<JANKO> AC, if the browns were to call Atlanta in the 2nd round, provided they don't get a qb in the first, do you think they would trade Schaub?
Adam Caplan: JANK: No, they won't deal him for less than a #1

<tjm427> could you see shawn springs getting cut and becoming a brown?
Adam Caplan: TJ: I can't see it, he's very injury prone

<shakadawg> What about K2 and rumors of a supposed setback?
Adam Caplan: SHAK: Not a setback but that type of surgery is like around 9 months and it's not always 100% that the player comes back
Adam Caplan: However, it's been much better in recent years. Stoudimire of the Suns had it and is good as ever.
Adam Caplan: It just took them a while to get it right

<ramllov> Adam, do you see the Browns having quality depth this year?
Adam Caplan: RAM: at DL, much better

<MikeFromRochester> adam, I think the Browns want Staley in round 2, what do you think?
Adam Caplan: MI: I think Staley will go late first

<Yipicya> Beck will really good in a WCO.... someone *coughmiamicough* will then try and get him
Adam Caplan: YIP: Boise QB too is a nice mid rounder

<ramllov> Adam, What is your opinion on Braylon Edwards and the new WR coach?
Adam Caplan: RAM: He should be fine, he knows he has to be more mature, Chandler is solid

<tjm427> Does Tim Carter have stone hands, why has he never developed for NY?
Adam Caplan: TJ: He fell on his face last season. Not much good I can say about him other than good guy and has upside.
Adam Caplan: But major bust for the Giants
Adam Caplan: They made a terrible decision to extend his contract last year

<buckfigben> Peterson injury a big deal to the browns or not a factor.
Adam Caplan: BU: Could be, I have to think they would trade down
Adam Caplan: If they wanted Peterson... not many in top-10 need a RB

<ramllov> Adam, what about Antwan Peek, OLB, good signing, will he put pressure on the opposing QB?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Love the move, I called it before it happened.
Adam Caplan: He really can only play in 3-4 and be effective

<amore> Can Shaun Smith be a starting NT?
Adam Caplan: AM: Not yet, rotational player

<DawgHowl> any chance we bring in a Vet QB?
Adam Caplan: DAW: yep, I've said that for a while

<brownbomer> What are the chances of the Browns Drafting Calvin Johnson and O Lineman in the Second Round?
Adam Caplan: BRO: Slim to none on CJ unless they trade up

<nudawg> Adam, do you see the browns picking up a NT in the draft?
Adam Caplan: NU: Probably not after they signed Smith

<amore> How much gas left in Robaire Smith's tank?
Adam Caplan: AM: Should have plenty/ He didn't play that well in 3-4 but he wasn't totally healthy with HOU and he's ok now

<barleydawg> What's the word on Leon Hall and Darrell Revis?
Adam Caplan: BAR: Hall is more thought of by NFL people

<darboman> out of the 2 recent SMITHS witch one has the most impact next year
Adam Caplan: DA: Both will be solid, R. Smith is a good run stopper which they need badly

<adogbtown> Adam, does Detroit really want Joe Thomas, even after the trade for George Foster?? I don't know how to take all these trade rumors coming out of the Motor City.
Adam Caplan: AD: They want to trade down later in top-10

<jb42776> What are you hearing is the Browns top target in draft day?
Adam Caplan: JB: Ask me a few weeks before the draft
Adam Caplan: We're still 6 weeks away

<bohns75> I think Trent Green would be great to have -- as long as we don't have to give up anything for him
Adam Caplan: BO: Green will likely go to MIA... closer to the draft

<gelsingerj> 50 bucks who can name the top 3 picks this year......NO ONE HAS A CLUE.
Adam Caplan: GE: Exactly the point

<buzz30> any chance Miami trades Culpepper?
Adam Caplan: BUZZ: Unlikely

<adogbtown> Adam, Chris Henry of Arizona. Workout warrior or underutilized/misued back in college, who could exploded in the NFL??
Adam Caplan: AD: I believe the Browns have some interest in him. Had a great combine workout but his game tape isn't deep... that's the problem

<adogbtown> Read they are bringing him to Cleveland to talk to him
Adam Caplan: AD: I reported that last week I think

<Yipicya> Doesn't he have legal/behavioral issues
Adam Caplan: YIP: Nope, wrong Chris Henry

<barleydawg> What is your opinion of Michael Bush?
Adam Caplan: BAD: Decent second round RB, good size

<darboman> Are you surprised with the amount of activity on Savages part this Fa
Adam Caplan: DAR: It's about what I expected after how bad they were last year

<Hogan> Leon Williams didn't have much tape either
Adam Caplan: HO: One doesn't have to do with the other

<tjm427> If browns draft Quinn, will Frye get traded?
Adam Caplan: TJ: I would think so

<chipperjones> Any way we go into 2007 with the same 3 QB's? I say no way
Adam Caplan: CHIP: Probably not

<JANKO> AC, who is your draft sleeper, any position?
Adam Caplan: AC: Jake Bender, LT

<JANKO> Where is Bender from?
Adam Caplan: Nichols st.

<howldawg> Adam what round for Bender?
Adam Caplan: HOW: 4-5

<adogbtown> Adam, anything on the feelers the Browns have put out for Charlie Frye?? Could Green Bay have some interest if Aaron Rodgers is deal for Randy Moss?? I think they liked Frye before the '05 draft.
Adam Caplan: AD: No on Frye, no one would give up anything other than a conditional late rounder
Adam Caplan: It's not a secret that he's not very good

<buzz30> Do the browns feel they have to take a corner in the 1st three rounds or are they confident with Holly? Heard mel tucker is high on him?
Adam Caplan: BUZZ: They'll take one probably second round based on where they'll be picking

<ramllov> Adam, How do you like this draft. Is it better than 2006?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Depends on the position, deep at some areas, not some others
Adam Caplan: CB is good

<Yipicya> Adam: IF Troy Smith is there in Rd 3 and they don't pick a QB in 1 or 2.... do you think he's the pick?
Adam Caplan: YIP: Makes very little sense
Adam Caplan: they don't need another questionable QB

<tjm427> Is Andruzzi washed up?
Adam Caplan: TJ: Kind of, probably a backup now

<MikeFromRochester> Guys, I know you think I am crazy but Frye is going to surprise this year
Adam Caplan: Again on Frye, Savage has to swallow his pride there, and move him or replace him

<gusdawg444> Adam, any corner's in round 2 for the Browns? If so, who do you like? thanks for all your work
Adam Caplan: GU: A. Ross makes sense there

<buckfigben> So you feel Anderson would start over Frye right now
Adam Caplan: BUC: He's the better QB, that's all I can say

<DawgHowl> doesnt the average qb take 3 years to fully develop, frye has really only had one
Adam Caplan: DAW: If you had a chance to watch him play from the coaches' tape you'd know what I mean
Adam Caplan: He can't play... period. He has no upside... average QB.

<Yipicya> Anderson sucks....
Adam Caplan: Anderson has a better arm and more upside
Adam Caplan: Not that I would want him as my starter either

<ramllov> Adam, who is the third best QB in the draft and when does he get drafted?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Probably Stanton, 3rd

<amore> Quinn or Thomas at #3?
Adam Caplan: AM: No one would take Quinn that high
Adam Caplan: if they had a clue as to his value

<ramllov> Adam, Would Cleveland consider taking Stanton in the third round?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Depends what they do in the first two rounds
Adam Caplan: I doubt it though, he's still too questionable

<JCar793> Adam, with 3 big contracs already invested in the o-line, do u actually see the Browns adding a 4th and taking Joe Thomas?
Adam Caplan: JC: They have to get help at RT and moving Shaffer there wouldn't be a bad idea
Adam Caplan: and taking Thomas at #3

<adogbtown> Adam, Troy Smith. Realistically, what round does he go in now??
Adam Caplan: AD: 3rd

<JANKO> AC, is the NFL still going to give Comp picks, I read some where that they were thinking of riding that?
Adam Caplan: JANL They'll be there
Adam Caplan: I'll get them next week at the owner's meetings

Adam Caplan: Guys: That's all the time I have, we'll do it again in a few weeks.

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