There's a Fly in My Lot

Old-timers, in the internet sense, may remember our old friend Vinny the Fly. Vinny tends to buzz around Berea and sometimes he, you know, "hears things". Then he writes about them. Well, it looks like Vinny is caught in the web again, via the Muni Lot at

Vinny the Fly is buzzing around again.

He's an old-school guy, so he's kicking it on the Muni Lot, the OBR's 100% free and fan-driven dark underbelly.

Starting off the buzz with three new blog posts, Vinny sets the tone and offers his take on Charlie Frye (with the assistance of some Browns alums), plus "Ten Things He Knows", and why he's returned to the Land of Browns Fans. It all makes sense, really.

Joining Vinny today is another old-schooler, MikeB from the Dawghouse Blog, going off the Browns topic, but talking a bit about what's happening with Big Brother in Cleveland intersections. Browns fans will remember MikeB and AceDavis as guys who blogging Browns before blogging was cool. We try to keep the 'lot poser-free.

One of our friends made through the OBR Radio Program, MikeFromRochester, is blogging again as well, and offers up his take on why Trent Green isn't the right answer for the Browns at this time - and neither is David Carr.

From the day before, the Dawghouse Blog offers the opposite take on Green, and ArtBietz brought some Ranttoons out of the vault. We're not sure why.

If you want to talk back to the bloggers, log in to the Muni Lot and let us know your take. Remember that the Muni Lot is no longer connected to the OBR's login system, so your passwords will probably be different. If you don't remember your Muni Lot password, click the "forget my password" link to get a mailback. If you haven't joined before, you can register an account for free, and rest assured that you'll never get spammed. Any questions? Just e-slap the webmaster at


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