JohnTaylor's Draft Truth & Rumors

The man who straightened out all the free agent noise and fog is back with an eye on the draft...

Each day leading up to the April 28th-29th NFL draft, The OBR will take a look at some of the rumors floating around the world of football, rumors that come from both our vast network of sources and those emanating from the "mainstream"—or "real"—media. This running diary will keep track of not only rumors and whispers directly involving the Browns, but also those that could have an effect on the Browns as well as draft talk that has nothing to do with the team.

We'll give you the rumor, than our take on the rumor based on talks with people around the league.

RUMOR: The Browns have decided to trade up in the draft, with their target being LSU quarterback JaMarcus Russell.

TRUTH: Ummm, no. At least not yet. While that may eventually become reality, it is far being set in concrete what exactly the Browns will do come the day of the first round. The Browns have yet to target a single player, let alone have made the decision to trade up.

RUMOR: Michigan defensive tackle Alan Branch is not only drifting out of the top ten, but he could fall past twenty due to his work ethic and penchant for taking plays off.

TRUTH: While the concerns mentioned above are very much real, one scout for an NFC team told The OBR, "the only thing more ridiculous than Branch falling out of the top ten is him falling out of the top twenty. Forget it. He's too talented and will be taken in the top ten."

RUMOR: The Raiders' true target at #1 overall is slowly moving away from JaMarcus Russell and toward Calvin Johnson.

TRUTH: While nobody knows for certain what exactly a clandestine organization such as the Raiders are truly thinking, more than a few people I've spoken with around the league strongly suggest that Johnson is indeed a viable option for Oakland at the top spot. Some people say that the organization is split, with owner Al Davis wanting Johnson and the coaching staff wanting Russell. Still others recognize a split, but with Davis wanting the QB and others wanting the WR. One thing is certain: the Raiders have not settled on Russell as has been the perception and Johnson is more than a long-shot possibility at the top spot.

RUMOR: Akron guard Andy Alleman's stock has risen so much in the last six weeks that he is virtually assured of being a first-round pick.

TRUTH: Even though the original assertion came from Alleman's agent, there is at least a kernel of truth to the statement. His stock has indeed been on the rise—to the point where he is talked about being a potential first-rounder—but it is still no guarantee that he will be taken anywhere but the second. Word from one non-Browns source, by the way, is that the Browns are very much enamored with Alleman and the offensive lineman won't make it past Cleveland's second-round pick.

RUMOR: If the Lions stay at #2, they will pass on a quarterback and Joe Thomas to select Clemson defensive end Gaines Adams.

TRUTH: The Lions interest in Adams is real; their interest in him with the second pick of the draft is not. The defensive lineman would be a target if Detroit were to trade down, which the club desperately wants to do. If the Lions had their druthers, they would rather trade down than make another mistake that high in the draft.

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