John Taylor's Draft Truth & Rumors: 4/7

APRIL 7TH EDITION: An inside source who weighs in with a surprising thought on which QB the Brown prefer...

Each day leading up to the April 28th-29th NFL draft, The OBR will take a look at some of the rumors floating around the world of football, rumors that come from both our vast network of sources and those emanating from the "mainstream"—or "real"—media. This running diary will keep track of not only rumors and whispers directly involving the Browns, but also those that could have an effect on the Browns as well as draft talk that has nothing to do with the team.

We'll give you the rumor, than our take on the rumor based on talks with people around the league.

RUMOR:If the Browns had a choice between Jamarcus Russell and Brady Quinn, Russell would be the pick.

TRUTH:Based on conversations with numerous people around the league, that indeed seems to be the case. But, according to some, not by as wide a margin as people might think, and not by as unanimous of a decision within the organization as has been labeled. One source took it a couple of steps further, flatly stating that Cleveland Browns general manager Phil Savage "is playing his past relationship with Russell brilliantly." And why is that? "There's a growing feeling (around the league) that the Browns' true target is Quinn, and (Savage) is playing up the ‘prior-relationship' angle to throw people off the scent" of the Notre Dame QB.

RUMOR: Levi Brown will overtake Joe Thomas and become the first offensive tackle taken in the draft.

TRUTH: "Not a chance in hell" one scout tells The OBR, even though this particular scout says that his team has Brown rated higher on their draft board than Thomas. Too many teams, the scout said, had Thomas rated much higher going into the offseason, and the Penn State product simply "doesn't have the time to make up the ground." "You'd be surprised, though, how many personnel guys and scouts have Brown rated as at least the equal of the Wisconsin kid," the scout said. The scout also claimed that at least one team, who he refused to identify even off-the-record, had Thomas rated as the third-best OT in the draft, behind Brown and Central Michigan's Joe Staley.

RUMOR: Speaking of Thomas, "he is longer under consideration for the Browns at #3."

TRUTH: We were told this by one of our sources, but we don't buy it. Sorry "Mr. X", we're calling boolsheet on this one. At least at this time. While the selection of Thomas, barring a trade down, is unlikely, we believe that that he is still one of five players under consideration. Not probable mind you, but possible.

RUMOR: The Browns really like Houston's Kevin Kolb and have him listed as the third-rated quarterback on their draft board.

TRUTH: While we can't verify the latter portion of that statement, we can say with some degree of certainty that Savage and his staff are very impressed with Kolb and have given him a lot of consideration. So much so, in fact, that we are hearing that he will be an option in the second or third round should the Browns fail to land Jamarcus Russell or Brady Quinn.

RUMOR: Due to a foot injury suffered in the National Championship game, Ted Ginn Jr. will be unable to workout before the draft and will therefore slide out of the first round.

TRUTH: First off, The OBR has been told that Ginn will workout for NFL teams either later on this coming week or early the following, with the delayed showing likely to be put on at Ohio State. Secondly, at least one scout we've spoken with is absolutely amazed at the talk that the Buckeye receiver could fall from the first round simply because he hasn't been able to post a 40-time this offseason. "My God, he's got world-class, Olympic-caliber speed. Even if the foot injury dropped his speed by 20%, that'd still make him faster than 99% of the players eligible for the draft," the scout said, adding that "if Ginn does slip, it'll be because of concerns about his skills as a receiver, not over whether he's able to put up a number (in the 40)."

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