John Taylor's Draft Truth & Rumors: 4/8

Holiday Evening Special: JT lays the smack down on one Trent Green-related rumor, and more....

Each day leading up to the April 28th-29th NFL draft, The OBR will take a look at some of the rumors floating around the world of football, rumors that come from both our vast network of sources and those emanating from the "mainstream"—or "real"—media. This running diary will keep track of not only rumors and whispers directly involving the Cleveland Browns, but also those that could have an effect on the Browns as well as draft talk that has nothing to do with the team.

We'll give you the rumor, than our take on the rumor based on talks with people around the league.

RUMOR: Trading for Trent Green before the draft would preclude the Browns from drafting Brady Quinn or Jamarcus Russell.

TRUTH: Absolute, 100%, unadulterated boolsheet. Or, as one source told The OBR, "that's just an ignorant thought process right there." Much like signing Jamal Lewis doesn't preclude the club from taking Adrian Peterson, a Green signing would have no affect on any plans to take a QB at #3 overall. Be that as it may, Green coming to Cleveland likely wouldn't happen until after the start of the draft.

RUMOR: Central Michigan's Joe Staley will overtake Levi Brown and become the second offensive tackle taken in the 2007 NFL draft.

TRUTH: Much like Brown's attempt to overtake Joe Thomas as the top OT, there was too big of a gap starting this offseason between Staley and Brown and too little time to make up the ground. As it stands now, there's chance that Staley could go as high as the 15th pick, which is owned by the Steelers. Incidentally, the Browns would have given serious consideration to Staley at the top of the second round, but a free-fall that far by the lineman seems highly, highly, highly unlikely at the moment.

RUMOR: If the Titans fail in their quest to land Michael Turner, the club will look to trade up in the draft in order to select Marshawn Lynch.

TRUTH: We've heard this from a couple of sources, actually, so there could be more than a little truth behind it. The Titans select 19th in the draft, and would likely need to move ahead of the Packers at #16 in order to ensure themselves that Lynch would be available. Of course, that's assuming that the Bills—the other team vying for Turner's services—land the San Diego running back. If the Chargers hold on to Turner, the Titans would need to leapfrog the Bills at #12 in order to snag Lynch.

RUMOR: The Browns will give serious consideration to drafting kicker Mason Crosby with either their third- or fourth-round pick.

TRUTH: If there is any kernel of truth to this—which was relayed to us by someone who we have the utmost respect for—then Phil Savage and his entire staff should be blindfolded and summarily shot. This team still has too many holes to consider "blowing" a pick on a PK that early in the draft. Sixth round? Seventh round? OK. But not late in the first day or early the second day. Then again, they were one of the teams who expressed an interest in Olindo Mare before he was traded by the Dolphins to the Saints. Bottom line: we are calling boolsheet on this rumor as well.


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