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In the United States, today is a day to remember Americans who died a year ago in cowardly attacks on innocent civilians. In a brief note before we return to providing Browns news and commentary, AB relays a message from a Browns fan has extended the Dawg Pound to an unexpected place.

One of the priviledges of my role as webmaster at Bernie's Insiders is a constant steam of email from Browns fans all over the world. Most often, emailers want help with technical problems they're having, or talk about things they would like to see (or not see) on the web site. Sometimes they just want to talk football via email or vent their frustration or happiness at the way things are going for the team.

Over the last four or five months in particular, I've gotten a number of emails from servicemen in the Middle East who are trying to get onto the site or are looking for more information on the Browns.

For what I'm sure are good reasons, the military blocks access to discussion boards to men serving overseas in the Middle East. So, I occasionally try to get them some information they need or occasionally relay information to their friends on the boards that they're alright, but just can't meet up on the forums.

One of the servicemen who frequents the Bernie's Insiders forums, namely the Watercooler, goes by the handle of DeployedDawg. DeployedDawg can't visit the boards these days because he's in Saudi Arabia, although he's scheduled to come back home soon.

Deployed told me about something he did that I thought Bernie's Insiders visitors and his friends in the Watercooler might want to hear about. Here's part of his email:

Hey AB, good to hear from you. I taped the Monday night game and it has been holding me over until I get back to the real world. I thought they looked pretty good. The offense seems to be light years ahead of where they were at this time last season. I'm really impressed with Tim and Kelly. Green Bay didn't know what hit them, and a lot of people are picking the Pack to go all the way this season! Anyway, I hand carried my Browns flag (3ft by 5ft) and my American flag (same size) from Mountain Home AFB Idaho across the Atlantic to Shannan Ireland. From there we flew over Europe and stopped in Italy, after that it was straight to Saudi Arabia, home to Camel Spiders and a wicked dry heat. 120 degrees in the shade and that's cool over here during the summer. I had both flags flown on an F-15 C Eagle, America's premier Air Superiority Fighter (best of the best, man).  Here's what my flag certificate says:
363d Air Expeditionary Wing
Be it hereby known that this Cleveland Browns Flag was flown in the hostile skies over
from Prince Sultan Air Base, Al Kharj, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
 SSgt Deployed Dawg
on 22 AUG 2002, in an F-15C Eagle
Enforcing the Southern No-Fly/No-Drive Zone

Today's Defenders of America's Freedom have not forgotten
the tremendous contributions of those who preceded us

If I were Saddam, the thought of the Dawg Pound bearing down on me would give me pause.

Browns fans are everywhere: from the flats of Cleveland, to the desert of Saudi Arabia, to the skies over Iraq. On this day of remembering, let's take a moment to offer our word of thanks to the Browns fans who are missing out a lot of this exciting season because they're helping to make sure that what happened last year doesn't happen again.

- AB


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