OBR Draft Bash: Looking For Golfers

I've heard about this game, golf. It involves hitting as small white sphere with a long metal stick. And drinking beer, dressing oddly, and running dangerously amok in little electric carts. Apparently, some folks heading to the OBR Draft Bash on 4/28 are going to do this. Want to join 'em? Click here!

I've tried that game a couple of times.

My memory is hazy, but involves the somewhat inventive use of expletives when the little white ball didn't go where it was supposed to. It also involved a bit of yardwork and the replacement of large swaths of turf. Mostly what I remember are the long, involved searches of grassy meadows adjacent to, but not actually close to, neatly trimmed green grassy places where all the other golfers were. 

Suffice it to say, I play golf about as well as I dance, which is just good enough to result in what is known as "unintentional hilarity".

Folks who are a bit better at this type of thing (golf, maybe not dancing) are convinced they want to engage in it during Draft Weekend, when the heart of hard-core Browns fandom descends on Brunswick, Ohio.

Fortunately, as you can see by clicking on this map, the Draft Bash is deposited right in a veritable nexus of golf courses in beautiful northern Ohio. If you're interested in joining up with some of your fellow Browns fans in a foursome, let us know via the Contact Us link or by replying to this thread in the Watercooler.

Here are some of the local area golf courses, for you duffers out there:

300 State Rd
Hinckley, OH 44233
(330) 278-4861

Skyland Golf Course
2085 Center Rd
Hinckley, OH 44233
(330) 225-5698

4900 Center Rd
Brunswick, OH 44212
(330) 225-7370

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