John Taylor's Draft Truth & Rumors: 4/11

He's back! John Taylor slices the Gordian Knot of rumors, nonsense, and flat-out BS surrounding the draft with his OBR Sword of Truth™...

Each day leading up to the April 28th-29th NFL draft, The OBR will take a look at some of the rumors floating around the world of football, rumors that come from both our vast network of sources and those emanating from the "mainstream"—or "real"—media. This running diary will keep track of not only rumors and whispers directly involving the Cleveland Browns, but also those that could have an effect on the Browns as well as draft talk that has nothing to do with the team.

We'll give you the rumor, than our take on the rumor based on talks with people around the league.

RUMOR: The Redskins have spoken to teams about the possibility of both moving back and moving up in the draft.

TRUTH: What had been rumored can now be confirmed as Redskins head coach Joe Gibbs told the Washington Post that he has spoken with two teams drafting ahead of his club regarding their first-round pick. One of those clubs, league sources have stated, are the Lions, with Jamarcus Russell being the target.

RUMOR: The Lions are willing to pass on both Jamarcus Russell and Brady Quinn, if either or both are available, due to their fascination with Drew Stanton.

TRUTH: This is a rumor that has been around for weeks, and has not only not died down but actually gained some momentum in the last week to ten days. One source told The OBR that he's heard the optimum draft for the Lions would be trading down, and getting both Gaines Adams and Drew Stanton in the first two rounds plus a cornerback with an extra second-rounder expected to be gained from a trade down.

RUMOR: Trent Edwards/Drew Stanton have moved ahead of Jamarcus Russell/Brady Quinn in the minds of some scouts and personnel men around the league.

TRUTH: Based on what we have heard, this is true. But, that line of thinking is far more the exception rather than the rule. One NFL personnel guy told The OBR that a few people on his club's staff have the QBs rated as Quinn, Edwards, Russell, while he's heard another group has them ranked as Russell, Stanton, Edwards and Quinn. So, what does it mean? "Not a damn thing," said the source. "Russell and Quinn will go 1-2."

RUMOR: Marshawn Lynch's stock is dropping and the Cal running back could fall out of the first round.

TRUTH: Don't believe it for even one second. Said one personnel guy: "He won't make it past the Bills (at #12) or the Packers (at #16)." Or the Titans at #19 for that matter.

RUMOR: The Dolphins are becoming increasingly enamored with Brady Quinn and could look to trade up in the draft to secure his services.

TRUTH: We've heard this from too many people to dismiss it out of hand, although wanting to trade up and actually pulling it off are two completely different animals. Said one scout, "(The Dolphins and Lions) would be perfect trade partners, but you just never know how these things will play out." However, should the price for a trade-up become too high, Miami is rumored to be high on Drew Stanton and could make a play for him in the second round. Provided, of course, that the Lions—who are also very high on Stanton—don't grab the Michigan State product first.

RUMOR: The Broncos will attempt to make a move up in the draft to draft Jamaal Anderson.

TRUTH: A source close to the Broncos tells The OBR that the club "will explore every avenue to improve the team." Wow, some insight there, eh? That being said, it's fairly common knowledge among a fair number of scouts that Denver's staff really likes both Anderson and Gaines Adams. The cost of getting to Adams would likely be prohibitive, but Anderson is inexplicably "slipping" somewhat according to some in the know.


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