Savage Meets and Greets Backers

The Browns GM met with Browns Backers Wednesday night. Smoke was on the menu...

CLEVELAND - Phil Savage and his entourage of scouts and salary cap administrators met with about 250 Browns Backers at the Legends Club in Cleveland Browns Stadium  Wednesday night.

"We're pleased with what we've done in free agency," Savage said. "The bottom of our roster has improved.

"Heading into the draft, we feel we can get a player with that first pick that will impact our team."

Last year's first round pick, Kamerion Wimbley was also in the spotlight and answered questions from fans.

"If we don't do anything (as far as a trade) we'll end up with one of the top five guys that have been talked about most."

Savage was referring to Calvin Johnson, JaMarcus Russell, Adrian Peterson, Brady Quinn or Joe Thomas. Savage mentioned Peterson, Russell, Thomas and Quinn - Thomas received the biggest ovation from the fans when he was mentioned, followed closely by Peterson.

"To draft Thomas, might not be the sexiest or most exciting pick, but he might be the best pick for the Browns," Savage said as he threw some possible smoke out there for the other 31 teams.

However, Savage did leave the door open to possibly making a deal.

"We have a list of 10-15 players we'd feel good about in making our first-round pick," he said. "We'll explore all of those options in the coming days and wherever we pick, we'll be pretty much settled in on who we take."

Quick Notes

BAXTER RUNNING: LB Kamerion Wimbley was asked about CB Gary Baxter being an inspiration to the team and Wimbley said Baxter "has been out running and doing some extra work". That was the first news that Baxter is making progress  in his rehab from two torn patellar tendons.

SEEING GREEN: Savage was asked about QB Trent Green and he explained that he asked if Green had been traded to Miami and when the Chiefs said it hadn't happened, he indicated the Browns might want to explore the option. He said a week ago there might be a pulse, but said it is not likely to happen in the near future.

"If he's traded, I foresee that more likely to happen on draft day."

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