Transcript: Adam Caplan on the Draft

Scout's NFL Insider hit the OBR subscriber chat room on Tuesday night... here's the transcript.

<clebrowns80> Adam if Quinn if there at 3 do they take him?
Adam Caplan: CLE: Bad value so I don't think so at #3.

<tutorofthestudents> Hey Adam, is Detroit just sending out smoke screens? Are they set with Thomas?
Adam Caplan: TUT: They want to trade down and have wanted to for several weeks.

<amore> What is the % chance Detroit takes Quinn?
Adam Caplan: AM: Next to none.

<buzz30> Any news on Bentley?
Adam Caplan: BUZZ: The team isn't expecting him back this season.

<zunit4> Who is their starting RG?
Adam Caplan: ZU: For now, probably McKinney.

<buzz30> What's your thoughts on Justin Harrell?
Adam Caplan: BUZZ: Solid developmental DT.

<amore> Where does CJ end up?
Adam Caplan: AM: OAK or DET.

<neno62> who has interest in RB Michael Turner?
Adam Caplan: NEN: BUF and TEN are evaluating what it will take still.
Adam Caplan: My sense is a second rounder or swap of firsts and something else.

<redright> Russell, Quinn, Thomas, Peterson, there a bad pick in the group for the Browns?
Adam Caplan: RED: At #3, Quinn would be a bad value as I've maintained for a while now.

<amore> If Russell and CJ are the first 2 picks - the Browns pick is.......?
Adam Caplan: AM: Probably Joe Thomas as we stand now.

<tutorofthestudents> If CJ is still on the board at three, what could Cleveland demand in a trade down?
Adam Caplan: TUT: We'll see as we get closer to the draft what transpires on value. Too hard to guess.

<clebrowns80> Adam if the browns stick at #3 do you see them taking Peterson?
Adam Caplan: CLE: I doubt it but stranger things have happened.
Adam Caplan: CLE can't get a player who won't be a starter this season.
Adam Caplan: If they were coming off of a solid season I could see it where they could afford to let the player sit.

<clebrowns80> Adam so you think Thomas would be the best pick?
Adam Caplan: CLE: Depending who goes ahead, yes.

<neno62> how do you see our first four rounds going position wise?
Adam Caplan: NEN: No one has any idea after the first two rounds because it depends on what they do there.

<jdailey23> Could Quinn fall to the 20's??
Adam Caplan: JD: Bottom of the top ten.

<sargent3> Any chance we get Johnson
Adam Caplan: SAR: Always that chance.

<amore> Who do you see the Browns taking with their 2nd pick?
Adam Caplan: AM: CB probably or Guard.

<zunit4> Is Adams good enough to beat out Pool?
Adam Caplan: ZU: No, but he can start if needed.

<amore> How high will Adam Carriker go?
Adam Caplan: AM: 10-13
Adam Caplan: he's a unique player

<buzz30> Adam- does CLE go corner or guard because of depth at those positions?
Adam Caplan: BUZZ: Combination of depth and possible starter.

<clebrowns80> Adam I agree they need to get a starter but dont you believe the combination of Peterson and Lewis would be a great
combination that would make Frye better?
Adam Caplan: CLE: Running better would help but so would a better QB and OL.
Adam Caplan: I really have nothing more to say on Frye that I haven't said for almost a year now.
Adam Caplan: What you see is what you get.

<amore> How good is RB Jamal Lewis at this stage in his career?
Adam Caplan: AM: A very old 27, he has maybe two years left of good play.

<walzydawgg192002> So should they get Trent Green?
Adam Caplan: WAL: He's the best QB available.

<cmayer2222> Is Joe Thomas a good value at #3?
Adam Caplan: CM: Yes.... he could play LT for the next 10-12 years, move Shaffer to RT.

<tutorofthestudents> Adam, quick impression of Dwayne Bowe
Adam Caplan: TUT: Very impressive Senior Bowl practices, I watched him quite a bit there and he did ok at the combine.
Adam Caplan: He'll go 15-25 area.
Adam Caplan: Good size and ability but he doesn't always bring his "A" game.

<redright> Is the best thing that could happen to the Browns in this draft is finding CJ at #3? What do they do then? What trade down
value would he have and with whom?
Adam Caplan: RED: Russell would be best.

<zunit4> Any mid round NT the Browns might target??
Adam Caplan: ZU: I'm not sold on Jenkins, he's not the same player he once was and he shouldn't have made the pro bowl last year.

<buzz30> Does Atlanta want CJ bad enough to give up those (2) 2nd rounders ?
Adam Caplan: BUZZ: I doubt it, TB wants him.

<Cvillebrown> The guard out of Akron, 2nd, 3rd or 4th round projection?
Adam Caplan: CV: Andy Alleman - mid second, early third round area.
Adam Caplan: Very athletic G who has a big upside.

<BewareOfTheDawgs> In your opinion, how much input will Crennel and/or Lerner have in their first round pick? Or is it strictly Phil's show?
Adam Caplan: BE: Savage will make the calls
Adam Caplan: same as always.
Adam Caplan: He'll take some input but it comes down to him.

<amore> How high will RB Henry go?
Adam Caplan: AM: Mid second early third on Henry, he visited CLE already.

<zoso197> Any truth to the Browns trading up rumors?
Adam Caplan: ZO: Depends what OAK does.

<buzz30> There wa a rumor that the Browns would take Alleman in the 2nd if he's there- any truth- he seems to fit the smaller, agile guard style?
Adam Caplan: BUZZ: Depends who else is on the board at that time, they need CB help even more.

<MrFrump> Adam, you have had some pretty disparaging things to say about Quinn, if he was in last years draft how high would he have
Adam Caplan: MR: Lets stick to this year, thanks.

<amore> Are you saying the Browns have Thomas ranked ahead of Quinn on their draft board?
Adam Caplan: AM: I can only tell you it's unlikely they would take Quinn at #3.

<tutorofthestudents> Adam, Tank Tyler impressions?
Adam Caplan: TUT: Big upside, very athletic for a big DT.

<brownbomer> Do you think Kolb, Henson, or Troy Smith in rounds 2 - 4 would be worth a look - provided we draft a solid OLineman?
Adam Caplan: BR: Kolb probably third round, Smith third as well. Kolb is probably the better prospect at this point.
Adam Caplan: He did great at Senior Bowl and decent combine.
Adam Caplan: Smith wasn't impressive at the Senior Bowl at all.

<amore> So you think Kiper and CNNSI's Banks are full of baloney when they have Quinn going to the Browns at #3?
Adam Caplan: AM: I can't say because I haven't looked at their stuff, Kiper really doesn't do anything for me.

<tutorofthestudents> where to you expect Demarcus Tyler to go?
Adam Caplan: TUT: Third round area.

<cmayer2222> Is cb in the second a good value for us or need pick.
Adam Caplan: CM: Chris Houston may make it there, some people say he can only play in certain systems.
Adam Caplan: McCauley might be worth a shot if they trade down a bit in teh second.

<tutorofthestudents> Adam, Mel Tucker has done an excellent job with very little talent IMO, why wouldnt they wait until a later round to grab a cb?
Adam Caplan: TUT: They have to get somewhat of an impact CB, that's the problem.

<clebrowns80> Adam what do you think of Chris Henry the running back from Arizona?
Adam Caplan: CLE: Good size, speed and athleticism, smart kid who has a good upside. I think he goes mid second area.
Adam Caplan: His combine workout really helped him.

<zunit4> If the Browns don't take a QB with #3 then who starts in Game 1??
Adam Caplan: ZU: Ask me after the draft.

<amore> Will Trent Green end up in Miami?
Adam Caplan: AM: Better chance there than Cleveland at this point.

<BewareOfTheDawgs> Do you like McCauley more than Daymeion Hughes and Aaron Ross?
Adam Caplan: BE: Ross will be long gone.
Adam Caplan: and he's the better player.

<clebrowns80> Adam do you think that the Browns would be able to draft Chris Houston in the second round?
Adam Caplan: CLE: As noted before, they probably would have to trade up a little.

<sargent3> What about Michael Bush?
Adam Caplan: SAR: We're trying to get an idea of how long he will be down.
Adam Caplan: Some say 4 months.

<zunit4> Are the Browns high on Travis Wilson or is there the possibility of a late rd WR?
Adam Caplan: ZU: They want to give him a chance, I talked to RAC and Savage about that at the combine and owners meetings.
Adam Caplan: They seemed to indicate that the new staff will give him a clean slate, him and harrison.

<browns81> What are the two strongest / deepest positions in the draft?
Adam Caplan: BW: WR on offense
Adam Caplan: CB probably on defense.

<redright> Thoughts on Alan Branch?
Adam Caplan: RED: High upside but there is a downside to him.
Adam Caplan: Branch is another player who scouts say doesn't always bring his best game every week but when he does he's a terror.

<gusdawg444> Thoughts on Adam Carriker if we somehow can trade down
Adam Caplan: GUS: Solid fit for a 3-4 team assuming he keeps his weight up, better player than Aaron Smith of the Steelers, same type of player.

<tutorofthestudents> Does Marshawn Lynch make it past Green Bay?
Adam Caplan: TUT: He might, teams have differing opinions of him.

<tutorofthestudents> could Lynch fall all the way to the second?
Adam Caplan: TUT: I doubt it but 15-25 area isn't out of the question.

<browns81> Can Kalhi play guard?
Adam Caplan: BW: He's seen as a center only.

<underdawg55> Adam who do you say the Browns pick in the first round?
Adam Caplan: UND: Depends who is taken with the first two selections but if it falls as I think it will, Joe Thomas or they trade down a little.
Adam Caplan: I usually get a good idea about a week before the draft, that's when I knew last year on Wimbley for sure.

<sargent3> Ginn has moved up to the top ten true?
Adam Caplan: SAR: I can't respond to rumors.

<Hogan> do you think Adrian Peterson is worthy of three overall? or only if they trade down?
Adam Caplan: HOG: I would trade down a little for Peterson.
Adam Caplan: ARI is the only other team that would take him.

<zunit4> What grade do you give Phil on FA this yr going into the draft?
Adam Caplan: ZU: Solid B so far.
Adam Caplan: Free agency is about filling needs and he's done a nice job there.

Adam Caplan: All: That's all the time I have, we'll do it again next week.

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