The Munilot is Rocking!

The OBR's, a free zone for fan expression, has some great new posts, including fan-made videos, podcasts, slide shows, and, of course, blogs. It's must-see stuff... for the fans, by the fans...


If you haven't been keeping an eye on the OBR's Muni Lot, then you've been missing some fantastic new stuff created by the best Browns bloggers to be found anywhere. 

In the last 24 hours, new blogs, videos, audio, and an inventive slideshow have been posted, and includes some of the most interesting Browns-related stuff to show up anywhere on the 'net in this past week.

Some of our old-school bloggers have been in action, as Ace Davis offered his thoughts on nose tackle Ted Washington turning thirty-nine and MikeB of the Dawghouse Blog opined on a variety of Cleveland sports subjects. Meanwhile, the DooshDawg Blog offered up some thoughts on the impending exit of Pac-Man and (courtesy of his pal DustinHoffmanDawg) a send-up of great movie scenes starring the offensive line-obsessed Beacon-Journalist columnist Terry Pluto.

Fan contributions go beyond blogging, though, as multimedia is all over the 'lot. 

We start off with a brand new podcast (from our friends at Bouyah radio), a video homage to beer from tdc productions. Browns, beer, bouyah, Munilot. It all fits together.

Capping off this stream of new goodies is an amazing bit of analysis by Pure Football denizen "L", who unleashes video slides comparing the mechanics and decision-making speed of Peyton Manning, Tony Romo, and Charlie Frye.

His slides are truly eye-opening for fans who have been asking questions about why the Browns offense continues to struggles. "L" also looks at Brady Quinn's performance against USC, which is also eye-opening for fans who may have dismissed Quinn as being someone who "can't win the big games".

This will only be available for a short time, so check them out while you can. It's a must-see.

All of this action is happening in THE MUNI LOT.

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