Future is Focus on the Muni Lot

Ace Davis and Mike from Rochester weight in with thoughts on the Browns immediate future on the OBR's 100% fan-driven Muni Lot. Find some of the best Browns blogs, opinion, and, of course, the usual general weirdness on the Lot - we'll keep the brats cooking and the beer cold!

The OBR Radio Program, while providing tremendous pain and suffering for those who find the live video feed, has made up for eye injuries with the way it has helped some hard-core Browns fans find the OBR. One of them just offered his latest blog in the OBR's Muni Lot.

The blogger in question is Mike from Rochester, a hard-core draft fiend who weighs in today with his "three menus" for the Browns upcoming draft. Mike keeps you up to date with his thinking and shows you how he would connect the dots on April 28th. Anyone who has listened to Mike's calls to the program or his in-studio appearance last April will know that Mike has a great eye for potential NFL talent.

Veteran Browns blogger Ace Davis was one of the very first - if not the first - Browns blogger on the internet. His articles have shown up on the front page of the OBR and in the magazine, and he continues to provide terrific opinion and perspective on a consistent basis via his Muni Lot blog. This week, he looks to the future and offers a listing of Browns free agents-to-be in 2008. Ace blogs with a purpose - he's run the blogging marathon and he's still going strong.

If that isn't enough, check out the results from Off the Wagon's Mock Amuck contest. Mike is giving away an autographed 8x10 of Jim Brown to the winner of his contest. Very cool.

Of course, we also have the OBR radio program podcast, which was posted a few days ago.

We're continuing to recruit some great Browns fans to write for the Muni Lot, and are looking for fans who want to participate. Two new bloggers are joining us in the next week.

Give the Muni Lot a try and bookmark http://munilot.com or used the "Top Stories" menu on every OBR page to get to the Muni. See you there!

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