Transcript: Adam Caplan on the Draft

NFL insider Adam Caplan discussed the draft with OBR subscribers on Tuesday night. Adam went over his impressions about how the first and second rounds will break down, as well as Phil Savage's press conference earlier in the day where players such as Amobi Okoye (pictured) were discussed...

Adam Caplan: I can't remember the last time there was so much unknown how the top of the draft will go

<JANKO> AC, what would be the compensation to Detroit, more than just a second?
Adam Caplan: JANK: Swap of firsts, second and more
Adam Caplan: Depending on how far they want to move down

<ramllov> adam, I see the Browns trading down. If they find a partner, Savage indicated the chart does not exactly count with the first five picks.
Adam Caplan: RAM: They'd like to because the players that they like can still be had a little farther down.

<amore> Will the Raiders try to have the first pick signed before the draft?
Adam Caplan: AM: Most teams do.
Adam Caplan: It makes it easier

<ramllov> Adam, Phil Savage still takes about the need of 10 and that not all the needs could be addressed in the draft. That is why I see one or more trade downs to get additional picks. To fill as many of those ten areas as possible.
Adam Caplan: But I have to tell you Savage did a nice job in free agency so their needs aren't as vast as some thought.

<JANKO> AC, if Oak or Det. trade down and C. Johnson is traded, who would want to move up at that point and for possibly which player?
Adam Caplan: JANK: TB trades up for CJ, WAS may try to move up
<JANKO> but for who?
Adam Caplan: JANK: Washington wants Gaines Adams if they keep the pick but he could go before them.

<bohns75> Rick Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News has the Browns picking Calvin Johnson. Interestingly, Savage is pretty quiet when it comes to CJ. Do you think we might choose him if he were available at #3?
Adam Caplan: BO: IF J. Russell is gone, yes

<dwatkins> Adam, How do you feel about Russell?
Adam Caplan: DW: Really like him, major arm strength, can make any throw and is accurate. Scouts worry about him putting on weight and his discipline.

<mikehey> how far down can they go to still have chance at Peterson or Quinn?
Adam Caplan: MHEY: Probably to #7 to get Quinn.
Adam Caplan: There aren't a lot of teams that need QBs.
Adam Caplan: Peterson, they could trade down a little probably.

<BeerSlinger> In your opinion, who do you think the browns have ranked higher, Quinn or Peterson?
Adam Caplan: BEER: Ask me next week, that's when I usually have an idea on teams boards.

<dwatkins> Barry or Adam, Any Chance of Staley making it to the 2nd? If not is Phil interested enough to trade up?
Adam Caplan: DW: None
Adam Caplan: Staley may get drafted before L. Brown

<dwatkins> Wow. He is climbing fast, huh?
Adam Caplan: DW: Staley has more upside probably than Brown. He also worked out very well lately, good senior bowl.

<JANKO> AC, in your opinion, what do you see the browns doing, if they pick Quinn, would they go RB in second or third?
Adam Caplan: JANK: Second depending on which one is there when they pick
Adam Caplan: They want a guy who could start in 2008

<ramllov> How many defensive players could crack the top five draft positions. Savage was pretty set that the majority of the GMs look at the same top five offensive players in the draft.
Adam Caplan: RAM: Adams is the only projected possible defensive player in the top five

<amore> PFW says Thomas is the guy who is dropping now - may slip below Arizona - agree?
Adam Caplan: AM: No way.
Adam Caplan: Teams don't let LTs that are good go

<dwatkins> Adam who do you like in the 2nd?
Adam Caplan: DW: As far as?
<dwatkins> Sorry the Browns?
Adam Caplan: DW: positions at #36-CB, G
Adam Caplan: are the best values there

<ramllov> Adam, How far do you rate Blue Chip Players in this draft? If there are Blue Chip Players in the draft and Red Chip players. Blue being the best of the best. How many are there?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Most in top-10 are very solid.
Adam Caplan: It's past around top-15-16 that there's a drop-off

<dwatkins> any idea who the browns might be leaning towards (in the second)?
Adam Caplan: DW: Depends who is there but look for them to get a CB on the first day, guard too
Adam Caplan: That's why we see them trading down possibly for more first day picks

<Cvillebrown> Hi Adam. Do the Browns view Alama-Francis as a DE or OLB?
Adam Caplan: CV: Most teams see him as a DE-4-3 or 3-4 OLB
Adam Caplan: There's a divergence of opinion around the league

<ramllov> Adam, I've read that the break in the draft, say hard breaks are 10th in the first round, mid second round and mid third round. Then ? Have you established talent breaks in this draft yet?
Adam Caplan: RAM: There's not a real need to look at that past the first round.
Adam Caplan: The first round sets the rest of the draft.
Adam Caplan: Greg Olsen is probably the player where they (are saying) will be the next tier in the first
Adam Caplan: Some don't think he's even worth taking in the top-20

<amore> If Smardjia (WR-ND) was in the draft how high would he be drafted?
Adam Caplan: AM: Late first
Adam Caplan: Someone will draft him late

<BeerSlinger> Would Arizona be a potential trade partner up to #3 for J. Thomas?
Adam Caplan: BEER: They want Adams or Thomas

<BewareOfTheDawgs> Adam, you mentioned that Phil has done a nice job filling needs this offseason, yet they have done nothing at QB- which most see as a glaring hole. Doesn't that seem to indicate they are leaning that way at #3?
Adam Caplan: BE: Savage knows he can't reach for a QB if the right one isn't there. There are good developmental ones later-Trent Edwards for one.

<bohns75> Adam, if we don't get Quinn or Russell, do you think Savage picks another QB project? If we don't pick a QB, what will we do this season?
Adam Caplan: BO: You could see a QB in rounds 2-4
<bohns75> Adam, does that mean that Frye would still start????
Adam Caplan: BO: Unlikely

<mikehey> Adam what do you think of Chris Henry from Arizona? and you think the browns be interest in him as a running back
Adam Caplan: Mike: Yes, CLE has interest in him. Henry is projected to go mid-second area.

<BeerSlinger> Any news on Trent Green to Miami?
Adam Caplan: BEER: Both sides want it done by the end of the week.

<dwatkins> Adam have the Browns brought any QBs in for private workouts?
Adam Caplan: DW: Teams don't bring them usually in for private workouts, they bring them in for visits, they usually work them out on campus.

<ramllov> Adam, you mentioned you have Savage transcript, can you make it available to us?
Adam Caplan: RAM: I sent it to Barry tonight.
Adam Caplan: I found it interesting that they wanted to bring Okoye in for a visit.
<bohns75> Why do you think they're bringing him in? In case we move down?
Adam Caplan: As I noted on the insiders board, they would take him only if they traded down.

<amore> There was a rumor that Browns and Vikes taking trade of 1st round picks - heard anything about this?
Adam Caplan: AM: MIN isn't likely to trade that far up
Adam Caplan: they want Gaines Adams but they could just trade to #5 probably

<ramllov> Adam, OKOYE, how much wait can this man put on and still be effective?
Adam Caplan: Ram: 305-310 area is the most
Adam Caplan: That was the issue with him, keeping his weight on

<ramllov> So, he would be a DE and a NT
Adam Caplan: RAM: 5-techique DE in a 3-4

<mikehey> From 4th round on is it always best player still on the board no matter what position?
Adam Caplan: Mike: Teams usually do that unless they are picking very high where it then becomes about need

<amore> Who is the 3rd best QB and the 3rd best RB?
Adam Caplan: AM: Probably Kolb or Trent Edwards at QB
Adam Caplan: Hunt or Pittman at RB
Adam Caplan: Hunt is more of a power runner, Rudi Johnson type
Adam Caplan: little better speed
Adam Caplan: Power rushing attack fit which would be good for the Browns.

<ramllov> Adam, would you be happy with the Browns drafting Henry from Arizona State?
Adam Caplan: RAM: I'd rather trade down from #36 to get him

<amore> Savage usually trades players on draft day - think Frye or Thompson or anybody else will be gone?
Adam Caplan: AM: I can't see them moving Frye, no one wants him
Adam Caplan: other than for a conditional late rounder.

<mikehey> how long can teams have players come in for visits does it stop week of the draft?
Adam Caplan: Visits are done Friday

<bohns75> Adam, any news on how D'Qwell Jackson is recovering? Any concern from the Browns? If there is I would suspect we may pick up another linebacker.
Adam Caplan: BO: He's supposed to be fine from the turf toe

<BeerSlinger> When Miami signs Green, What do you think happens to Culpepper?
Adam Caplan: BEER: Probably cut him because he's damaged good, hard to trade.

<ramllov> Adam, do you see the Browns drafting a DE and a NT in this year's draft?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Both probably by the end of the draft for depth
Adam Caplan: QB, RB, CB, DL, OG
Adam Caplan: all should be selected by the Browns
Adam Caplan: I still think Savage will get some extra picks

<ramllov> Adam, you don't see a defensive lineman drafted on the first day?
Adam Caplan: RAM: CB and guard second and third rounds
Adam Caplan: are pretty much a must

<nudawg> Don't you think an OT could be a target?
Adam Caplan: NU: Depends if they get Joe thomas or not

<BeerSlinger> Do you think Miami's interest in Quinn is real? Would they trade up to 3 to get him?
Adam Caplan: BEER: I doubt anyone would trade up to get Quinn.
Adam Caplan: Because if Cleveland doesn't take him, he will drop

Adam Caplan: Guys: That's all the time I have, we'll do one more in draft week.

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