04/19 OBR Radio Podcast and More...

Two podcasts and multiple blogs highlight today's activity in the Muni Lot...

Thursday night's OBR Radio podcast, as well as the latest podcast from Bouyah Radio, highlight Thursday's activity in the OBR's Muni Lot

Jason Jones returned to host Thursday's program, allowing the Lake County News-Herald's Jeff Schudel and OBR Publisher Barry McBride to wax eloquent (or wax, at any rate) on the team's upcoming choices to make in the NFL draft. Scout.com NFL insider Adam Caplan also joined the gang in the second hour for his weekly visit.

In addition to the two-hour OBR radio program, the guys from Bouyah Radio returned to the Muni Lot again tonight, and mock the NFL Draft. Of 18.35 million draft mocks on the planet, this one dares to be different.

Also, three more Muni Lot bloggers played Phil Savage for a day and opine on the proper selections which need to be made a week from Saturday. Oddly, they all have the answers, but the answers are all different. Go figure.

OBR founder Art Bietz (he of the beer-swilling Bietzes) talks about putting the past aside and making a courageous selection in this year's draft. GoErie.com's Jeff Biletnikoff kicks off his new blog by opining on the same subject, but offering an even more outlandish view: "Rich Passan is Right". What the heck...?

Not to be outdone, the popular Dawghouse Blog and veteran blog stalwart MikeB lay it on the line offering his plan for "What the Browns Should Do".

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