The Greatest 40 Seconds in TV History

The OBR Draft Bash is coming up this Saturday! Click the "Contact Us" link near the top of the page if you want to get on the headcount list for Tony Roma's in Brunswick. In the meantime, we're getting a huge kick out of being a very minor part of a local TV icon that's in its final weeks...

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We have a limited set of hopes and dreams here at OBR headquarters. Among the hopes and dreams are such things as that the United States will continue to refrain from re-enacting Prohibition, that the Cleveland Browns will someday be in the Super Bowl, and that all staff members will wake up with a brand new sporty-yet-dependable sedan magically appearing in their driveways.

Obviously, some of our ambitions are more realistic than others.

But if we had one long-term hope for the OBR, it would be that we somehow become a local icon, you know, like the Terminal Tower or dawg bones. We hope the OBR is around for decades and becomes part of the local environment. We love Cleveland, and wouldn't want to be based out of any other city.

Two guys who are undoubtedly local icons are "Big Chuck" Schodowski and "Little John" Rinaldi, who have been hosting their late night movies show for decades. Following the footsteps of the infamous Ghoulardi, Big Chuck and Little John (not to mention previous co-host Hoolihan), have been part of Cleveland life for decades. With their show in its final weeks, they are a part of this town that most of us won't appreciate until they're gone.

So, it's with a mixture of pride and regret that we got to experience Big Chuck and Little John pimping the OBR Draft Bash late in the evening on Saturday night. After lighting matches to cover up the "stink" of their movie that evening (Gigli) and between commercials for a tattoo parlor and a local Chevy dealer, our web site intersected with a show that has been a part of our lives here.

That's why, to us, this is the greatest forty seconds of television in history... not to be replaced until we have a snippet of forty seconds from the Browns post-Super Bowl victory party.

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