An AFC Scout Looks at the Browns

The first one got away and is still being talked about...... but the Battle of Ohio hits the gridiron Sunday and a scout tells us what to expect. Will the Browns defensive collapse continue? How should we expect the team to adapt?

The Browns regular season opener is a game that continues to be a focal point among the media and fans alike. From members of the league office to fans across the country, the buzz about bizarre happenings in the Browns 40-39 loss to Kansas City just will not go away.

Recently we had the opportunity to speak with a regional scout in the AFC East division who has scouted the Kansas City Chiefs, and Cleveland's upcoming opponent, the Cincinnati Bengals. He offers his thoughts on the Browns game against the Chiefs and what the game plan should be for the Bengals.

...on the Chiefs game.

"Kansas City is an accomplished offensive team. They have the ability to make a good defense look terribly bad, as was the case with the Browns on Cleveland," the scout said. "They (Kansas City) utilize a lot of motion. They basically lineup in one formation, switch out, and come back to a similar play. What they do is confuse a defense out of its sets and scheme."

"Also, they (Kansas City) are big and physical at the line of scrimmage on the offensive side of the ball. Watching the Browns game against them, they got the Browns into the wrong defense consistently, and then they were able to impose their physical will on Cleveland. The Browns were manhandled, because of being out of position."

When asked about facing the Cincinnati Bengals, a team that has the ability to run the football well, what can the Browns defense expect? He offered these takes...

"Cincinnati takes pride in their ability to run the football. With a running back like Corey Dillon in the backfield, you give him the ball until he does not want it any longer," the scout said. "The Bengals will come into Cleveland believing they will be able to run the football and attempt to feed the passing game off the run."

"Cleveland will have to bring the safeties up and occasionally blitz from the safeties and corners to stuff the line of scrimmage. This will challenge the Bengals passing game and the Browns should win that battle. Cincinnati still has problems in the passing game and if the Browns can get to the quarterback, the defensive backs will hold their own."

When asked about the Browns offense and whether they can continue to grow and feed off the success of the Kansas City game, he offered these remarks...

"You have to remember the Chiefs defense isn't anything to write home about. They do not pressure the quarterback well and overall the defense is not very good. That isn't taking anything away from what the Browns accomplished," the scout said. "Cleveland made plays. They picked up the numerous blitzes well and Kelly Holcomb threw the ball exceptionally well".

"Cincinnati poses a completely different look for the Browns. The strength of the Cincinnati defense is their front-seven. The Bengals will take away the little slant and dumpoff routes over the middle that the Browns feasted on against the Chiefs."

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