Exclusive: Adam Caplan on the Browns Pick

Scout NFL Insider Adam Caplan was in the OBR subscriber chat room last evening, and dropped a couple of surprises on OBR subscribers. What's most surprising, at least to your friendly neighborhood webdork, is who Adam said WOULDN'T be the pick on Saturday. Great stuff...

Adam Caplan: CC: They want Russell, I can't predict who will be there of course but it goes Russell, Johnson, Thomas or Peterson
Adam Caplan: The good news is that Quinn, as I suspected months ago, wouldn't be it. I was worried last week that the owner would get involved.

<Metcalf2K5> Adam...do you see Quinn as an elite player, or almost like an Eli Manning type--solid, shows promise, but not considered "great."
Adam Caplan: Met: No, solid QB but not elite

<royswift> any chance phil would trade down (and teams would trade up) multiple times into the 10-20 range? if so, what player would they target?
Adam Caplan: ROY: Better chance they move down than trade up
Adam Caplan: They really don't want to move up

<MrFrump> Any word on who the Raiders are leaning towards?
Adam Caplan: MR: We think it will be Johnson but no knows for sure because the owner is making the pick.

<calkins14> Who do you like in the second round for the Browns? I'd like either CB or DL
Adam Caplan: CAL: CB or G
Adam Caplan: DL for depth later.

<FunkyDawg> Who's gonna play QB if we can't get Russell?
Adam Caplan: FUNK: They may make a move for a veteran later on

<iupuiguy82> What about going down to get someone like Adam Carriker or Leon Hall
Adam Caplan: IU: Unlikely.

<Kither> Who do the browns like more, Peterson or Thomas?
Adam Caplan: KIT: They like both. My sense is Thomas because of what they need more (LT)
Adam Caplan: Move Shaffer to RT
Adam Caplan: They could trade down a little
Adam Caplan: to #5 and still get Peterson or Thomas
Adam Caplan: that's the thing

<ramllov> Savage says he could draft at 15, could he trade twice back to get
to 15 and take additionalpicks?
Adam Caplan: RAM: I doubt they trade down that far
Adam Caplan: they could trade down to #5 or#6

<royswift> name the one team most likely to trade up
Adam Caplan: ROY: TB

<Hogan> Why would ARZ move up from 5?
Adam Caplan: HOG: They want Thomas

<catson> Adam any chance the browns will take Trent Edwards?
Adam Caplan: CAT: They like Beck

<ramllov> I just read Savage saying he needs 7 to 10 players and only has five, so if he trades down he could get more.
Adam Caplan: RAM: Value is in the first 5-6 picks
Adam Caplan: then it breaks up again, we're talking top-6 players
Adam Caplan: so you're looking for less or a player if you trade down farther

<iupuiguy82> Adam: Do you think they would take someone like Pitcock or Soliai on the second day?
Adam Caplan: IU: Soliai is liked by Denver
Adam Caplan: they could take him before then

<howldawg> Adam -Beck What round?
Adam Caplan: HOW: Second on Beck and Edwards

<Hogan> Do you like Russell as much as everyone else?
Adam Caplan: HO: Yes, been saying that for months

<CCDawg49> Adam, do you think Alama-Francis is a fit for a 3-4 DE?  what round do you think he'll go in?
Adam Caplan: CC: First day, not sure if he goes second or not

Adam Caplan: COY: They can get one second day

<couch2> Is there any interest in Adam Carriker?  How far can the Browns trade back and still get him?
Adam Caplan: COU: I don't see them trading down for him

<dhohenshil> What are some round 2 possibilities?
Adam Caplan: DH: CB, G (Alleman)

<DawgPound13> Is Johnson gone by #3???
Adam Caplan: DAW: Almost a lock

<CCDawg49> if Thomas is the first pick, then where do you go in 2nd and 3rd?
Adam Caplan: CC: CB second, 3rd G
Adam Caplan: If they trade down and get another first day pick, DL first day

<Coyvega> Like Harris out of Mich do you think he will be a brown
Adam Caplan: COY: Why would they take an ILB?
Adam Caplan: makes no sense

<BrownsBacker> Any word on who the Browns are coveting the most at #3?
Adam Caplan: BR: Already hit on it at the beginning

<donodawg> Are the browns interested in Justin Harrell?
Adam Caplan: DON: He won't be there in the second for them probably

<Hogan> wouldn't they have to take Francis in round 2? (DE from Hawaii)
Adam Caplan: HO: CB makes more sense on need

<barleydawg> Adam, are Russell and Quinn best suited for certain offensive schemes?  If so, which ones?
Adam Caplan: BAR: Quinn, WCO
Adam Caplan: Russell, power rush, vertical pass

<Coyvega> I love Grubbs as well
Adam Caplan: Coy: I think Grubbs goes late first

<ramllov> Sounds like Russell is Cleveland kind of guy, also Oakland, too bad...
Adam Caplan: RAM: Exactly.

<iupuiguy82> Adam: what about Chris Houston in the second round
Adam Caplan: IU: Him or wright

<CCDawg49> adam, who are some potential OG for the 3rd round?
Adam Caplan: CC: Mansfield Wrotto

<amore> Do the Browns like CB Jackson from Maryland?
Adam Caplan: AM: He met with Mel Tucker he likes Wilson so third round is possible

<FunkyDawg> O.K. Let's start again.  Adam, give us your first 3 rounds - your mock LOL!
Adam Caplan: Funk: Check tomorrow's mock and notes

<DawgPound13> Adam - so are you saying we'll likely trade down a spot or two and take between Peterson/Thomas and in a sense let the draft determine who we pick?
Adam Caplan: DAW; What I can tell you is if they think they can trade down and get Thomas or Peterson, that is the move they will make

<ramllov> No Brady Quinn in the Browns first pick
Adam Caplan: RAM: Would be shocked

<amore> Where do Kiper, McShay, Banks, PFW get their info that Quinn is the Browns Pick?
Adam Caplan: Guys: as you know, I broke almost every signing and coaching move this year so it would be surprising if I got this wrong.
Adam Caplan: And I nailed their draft last two years

<BleedingOrangeandBrown> With Trent Green out of the picture and the possibility of Russell or Quinn being picked any info on the FA's Vet QBs Browns are looking at?
Adam Caplan: BL: They will address it later if they need to.
Adam Caplan: Lets see how the draft goes first.

<ramllov> There seem to be a lot of good corners in this draft, are there any sleepers who could start?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Third rounder
Adam Caplan: Usama Young
Adam Caplan: Teams really think he has upside

<cmayer2222> Adam will Romeo be our coach next year. Its important.
Adam Caplan: CN: 2007 he will be...
Adam Caplan: may make it through half of the season depending on how they do

<samdawg32> Best DL available in rd. 2 for Browns?
Adam Caplan: SAM: Tank Tyler third makes sense

<JANKO> AC, Hunt or Henry, which rb do you like the best??
Adam Caplan: JANK: Hunt
Adam Caplan: scheme fit
Adam Caplan: power RB
Adam Caplan: Rudi Johnson type

<ramllov> Adam, You don't see Antonio Pittman as a long term RB in the NFL?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Second back

<JANKO> Hunt a second or third rounder?
Adam Caplan: Jank: Mid second early third

<BryanK> Will Bush be there in the 3rd?
Adam Caplan: BRY: Probably... I'd rather have Hunt for this offense... Every good fit

<FLADAWG1> Lets skip the first round since it's really anyone's guess at this point, What about the Browns second pick?
Adam Caplan: FL: Again, CB or G

<FLADAWG1> I cannot see them not addressing the CB position
Adam Caplan: FL: Yep

<jevanoff> adam i think the browns are better than most people here think as long as nobody dies in training camp
Adam Caplan: JEV: I've said many times  Savage did a nice job in free agency

<donodawg> any LBs that may be of interest to the Browns on the second day?
Adam Caplan: DON: Tim Shaw 4th round or so...

<amore> Are you saying the Browns have AP and JT rated about equal and would be happy with either?
Adam Caplan: AM: Pretty much so that's why a trade down a little  isn't out of the question
Adam Caplan: I would say if they stay there, 55% on Thomas, 45% on Peterson
Adam Caplan: We'll see if I have more before the draft on it

Adam Caplan: I always take the LT over the RB any day

<ramllov> Any names for the second round pick?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Again, Andy Alleman for OG
Adam Caplan: Chris Houston, Eric Wright
Adam Caplan: Marcus McCauley

<barleydawg> How is Thomas' run blocking for a LT?
Adam Caplan: BAR: He's a better pass blocker... decent run blocker

<DawgPound13> Adam - how high do the Browns rank Joe Staley? Any chance of falling back to 15 as Phil mentioned and getting those extra picks to plug holes?
Adam Caplan: DAW: No where close to Thomas

<Hogan> if the Browns draft JThomas at 3 - - don't they have too much money
tied up in the OL??
Adam Caplan: HO: Their OL is terrible, even with Steinbach.
Adam Caplan: That area has to be addressed by taking Thomas you're getting two players in a sense.
Adam Caplan: He plays LT and you move Kevin Shaffer to RT. Add Steinbach and that's much better.

<FLADAWG1> Adam, Who is the biggest sleeper you could name in this draft?
Adam Caplan: FL: Jake Bender/Nichols St., OLT

<BleedingOrangeandBrown> 1,0soeaking of DT any truth to the rumors about Browns interest in for Carolina DT Kris Jenkins for trade?
Adam Caplan: BL: Unlikely

<amore> Do the Browns like Beck enough to take him with their pick in the 2nd round?
Adam Caplan: AM: I think they go CB or G first
Adam Caplan: But it depends on what they get in the first and who else is on the board

<jevanoff> Adam, why can't the browns just grab a left tackle in round 2? Why do we need a guard? We have 2 young guys, do they suck?
Adam Caplan: JEV: And what LT would they get who could start? That's the problem...

<BrownsBacker> Do you see Cleveland picking a DT somewhere in the draft on day two perhaps?
Adam Caplan: BR: Yes, 4th 5th round area on DL. Only way they get a DL on first day is if the guard or CB they like are gone

<jevanoff> So 2nd round LT don't usually start 1st year?
Adam Caplan: JEV: Depends but the ones who would be available probably won't be able to.

<daddywags> So Adam, you think Phil might pay 4 guys left tackle type money on our offensive line? Isn't that crazy?
Adam Caplan: DAD: They have one now who isn't very good

<howldawg> Adam what makes you think Shaffer can play ORT?
Adam Caplan: HOW: I know he can based on what NFL people have told me

<JANKO> AC, in what round do you see Troy Smith going in?
Adam Caplan: JANK: 3rd

<daddywags> Adam - We just gave Steinbach a $50 million and he can't play LT?
Adam Caplan: DAD: He's a guard... only LT if needed

<royswift> If we draft Thomas in the 1st, does that mean we will not draft a guard on day one?  what position would we replace it with?
Adam Caplan: ROY: Shouldn't make a difference

<brownsfan1> Staley in round 2 or Meriweather
Adam Caplan: BR: Brandon Meriweather may go in the first

<bohns75> Well, we've been complaining about the Browns offensive line since the 80's .... so maybe the front office is finally listening
Adam Caplan: BO: They have to get that OL to improve big time for the offense they are running

<howldawg> Adam you say the browns like Beck but yet you don't even mention him as an option in round two , why?
Adam Caplan: HOW: Again, I say they go CB or guard first, then QB. There are some QBs in the third too.

<amore> Do the Browns like Troy Smith?
Adam Caplan: AM: Unlikely they draft Smith

<royswift> since we will draft a guard, is that saying McKinney and Sowells (and a move from RT to RG for Tucker) are busts?
Adam Caplan: BR: McKinney is a stop gap type

<couch2> Adam, How far is Levi Brown behind Thomas on Browns board - he's a better run blocker and an agile 323 pounder which looks better at the next level, no?
Adam Caplan: CO: Brown is a mauler, not as much upside as Thomas and doesn't always bring his A-game.

<barleydawg> On needing a young OG, why when we have Steinbach and Sowells coming up?
Adam Caplan: BAR: Sowells isn't going to start any time soon. He's a backup... no need to even address him

Adam Caplan: Guys: That's all the time I have

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