Death Chat: Pre-Draft Staredown

Jeff Schudel joins John, Barry, Rich, and Fred for predictions and pre-draft analysis,,,

Barry: Woo hoo!!
Barry: We have a quorum

ONE: Don Banks of SI today reported that Adrian Peterson re-injured his collarbone and might be out 2-3 months. Do you think
that this is a further indictment of Peterson's fragility, and would it change your stance on whether or not to draft the Oklahoma RB?
John: Not at all.
Fred: No
Rich: No. Don't believe it. Sounds like a smokescreen to me by team that wants to see him fall.
Rich: Adrian Peterson all the way.
Barry: Roger Goodell warned teams not to reveal interview info today, BTW.
John: Yeah, that'll happen.
Jeff: I have respect for Don Banks. He's not going to make stuff up.
Barry: So is everyone convinced that Peterson is just unlucky, not a fragile guy?
Fred: Yes
Barry: Fred you get tonight's succinct reply award :-)
John: Yeah, pretty much. Although, it does have to at least be a little bit of a concern.
Rich: I still don't believe it. Did you notice the run Peterson made in the Fiesta Bowl in overtime?
Rich: Did it look like he had an injury then?
Jeff: He missed only one game before the collar bone. He can play with pain.
John: I agree with Jeff, Rich. Banks is not the kind of writer who just throws this stuff out there.
Barry: So no one jumps off the Peterson bandwagon.
John: Not I, Barry.
Barry: For the record it just ups my nervousness level from "kinda twitchy" to "twitchy".
Of course it should be at least a little bit of a concern. How could it not be?

Barry: TWO: It's the second round, and the Browns have added a QB or running back, and are now choosing between an OG or CB.
Assuming that the players are equally capable at their position, what's your pick?

Rich: The guard
Fred: Highest rated player
Jeff: I want a cornerback.
Rich: There will be more highly rated guards there than cornerbacks.
John: If they are equally rated, CB
Fred: I do think the Browns have to get a starting CB in this draft
Barry: Jeff and John in lockstep, Rich wants his OG, Fred doesn't choose based on position.
Rich: They also need another defensive lineman or two.
Barry: Hey! They re-signed Simon Fraser! What are you talking about?
I rest my case.
My take is that it's OG because the CB class is deeper.
Jeff: Sure, they need guards, but you want to start Daven Holly for 16 games?
Fred: That's why I think the second rounder should be CB
John: I actually wouldn't mind that, Jeff. But they shouldn't look to not upgrade the position because they have Holly.
Barry: Good point, Jeff, I'm just hoping they can get a CB in round three. Probably too optimistic.
Jeff: I think Seth McKinney is a pretty good guard.
John: If he's healthy, he's better than Cosey.
Rich: I do, too. What's all the concern about him?
Barry: Big hole at CB, smaller one at OG.
Barry: McKinney's pretty solid, but maybe not the RG of the future.
Fred: He missed last season with neck injury
John: His neck and because of the fact that he missed '06 because of said neck.
Barry: We done on this one?
Rich: Why not a DL?
Rich: Tank Tyler should be there
Yer the TV star. You decide.
I just read the cue cards.

Barry: The Chiefs are supposedly shopping Larry Johnson. Second and fourth round picks for RB Larry Johnson. Yes or no?
Rich: NO!!
Fred: I'd think about that
John: Wow, that's a shocking answer Rich.
Rich: I'm shocked, too.
Barry: Surprised... from the Peterson pimp and all!
John: I'm torn on this one. I'd probably lean toward Rich's line of thinking.
Fred: That's scary
Rich: What's it gonna take to knock you over?
Jeff: I agree with Rich on this one. Johnson is in the last year of his contract and will want megabucks.
John: That made me nauseous to type, btw. :-)
Barry: Wow... I think some Browns fans would love to see him here, but he would break the bank.
John: He wants to break two banks.
Rich: And from what I've read, he's not exactly a positive guy in he dressing room.
Fred: That would solve the RB spot and you could get the QB or Thomas
John: He's a cancer in the locker room.
Rich: yeah. that.

Philosophical question FOUR... prepare for deep thinking.
Rich: We're all in trouble.
John: Rich, you can pass on this one.
Barry: Brady Quinn's name keeps coming up with respect to the Browns. Question. On balance, which way do you look at Quinn's
experience with the Fighting Irish and Charlie Weis - negatively, in that he might not have more upside, or positively, in that he's more NFL ready?
Barry: Ponder your stance, and reply when ready.
John: There's no way that anyone can convince me that Quinn's time with Weis is anything but a positive.
Fred: I would say it
Rich: He's going to be a good NFL quarterback. I'm just no cerain he will be a great NFL quarterback.
Fred: I would say it would be positive as he's played in a pro style offense and was forced to carry the team
John: That's really not a deep question, Barry. I sense you are becoming a prima donna before our very eyes.
Barry: Be quiet, Taylor, you not-on-TV guy, you.
I go with upside. On some quarterbacks there is a lot of projection. That's why there are so many flops.
Rich: not certain
John: How is it not a positive?
Fred: Don't upset him. we want him to call in Friday
Barry: Oh yeah. Sorry.
Rich: Quinn will always have more upside because of his exposure to Weis.
Barry: By "upside", I meant that what you see how with Quinn is all you're gooing to get.
Barry: That's sorta of a negative.
Barry: Oh well, crappy question. I'll make it appear brilliant when I edit this.
John: Russell has a higher ceiling than Quinn. The biggest question is: who's a better bet to reach their ceiling, Quinn or Russell?
Rich: Don't agree. He'll improve. The question is how much?

Barry: FIVE: Why do you think Browns fans are so enthusiastic towards Adrian Peterson and Joe Thomas, and so wary of Brady

Fred: I think Russell has a higher ceiling
Rich: Tough question. One possible answer is neither.
Jeff: I asked Phil Savage that specific question. He says Quinn has a lot of growing left.
Barry: Is it anti-Notre Dame, Tim Couch hangover, or a nostalgia for great runners and OL lines of the past.
Fred: Because they want a gamebreaker running back or good offensive line for once
John: Combo of all three, Barry.
Barry: Not so much anti-Quinn as pro-running attack, Fred?
Fred: Yes, run the ball and stop the run
John: A lot of ND hate in Brownstown.
Rich: As the risk of being repetitious: Great running backs make average offensive lines look good and good offensive lines look great.
Not the other way around.
Barry: Bad passing attacks make both look bad.
Rich: Fred's right. Run it well and stop it well.
Jeff: Notre Dame hype, Tim Couch and watching LSU manhandle Quinn. Funny, though, most fans around here want to dismiss what
Troy Smith did in the Florida game.
Rich: But they still can't make him 6-4.
John: Imagine that, Jeff. :-)
Barry: I don't. That scared me off of Troy Smith.
Barry: He looked like every Browns quarterback since 1999 in that game because of the rush.
Rich: What scared me off was his height.


1. Your top -> realistic <- second round pick. Name 'em.
Rich: Tanard Jackson
John: Highest rated guard or corner.
Fred: Peterson-Sears-Daymian Hughes
John: Specific? Blalock or Eric Wright. Or Grubbs if he happens to fall.
Barry: Arron Sears in the second, Fred?
Fred: If he's there
Barry: Got someone you're hoping for in Round 2, Jeff?
Jeff: Trent Edwards
Barry: Oooo, interesting.
Jeff: I have Joe Thomas in the first round.
Rich: If they go Edwards in the second, they're nuts.
Barry: I give Fred a point for Arron Sears because he agrees with me. John gets a half-point for his optimism.
John: Gotta agree with Rich.
John: Man I hate typing that.
Rich: Talk about reaching.
Rich: Then don't.
John: Calm down, gramps.
Barry: What?!? Why do you think he's a reach?
Barry: Do you think Beck would be a reach at 2?
Fred: yes
John: yes
Rich: Fist of all, they don't need a quarterback. But if they do take one, the second round is way too early, especially with all the other
need positions on the board.
Barry: Alright. Difference of opinion shows up in the lightning round.

Barry: On a scale from 1 to 10, with 1 meaning complete irrelevance and 10 indicating having a remote control which dictates what Phil
Savage says at all times, how much input does Romeo Crennel have on this year's #1 draft pick.
Fred: 4.5
John: 4
Jeff: 3
John: "4.5". That's funny, Fred.
Rich: Anything more than zero would be too much.
Rich: than
John: What kept you from "4.6"?
Barry: Doesn't matter. Correct answer is one.
Rich: I was closer.
John: Prima
John: donna
Fred: law of averages

Barry: Same question, except substitute Randy Lerner.
Rich: Les than zero.
John: less than zero
Rich: Less
John: damn you Passan
Fred: none
Rich: Damn you, too, Taylor.
John: I spelled it right the first time, so I get the credit.
Jeff: none
Rich: Not in my book.
Barry: Wow. It's unanimous.
Rich: Didja expect anything different?
Barry: Yes, with so many folks saying Lerner is impacting the pick. I don't agree with them either, but I'm surprised no one gives it any
John: "any" is being kind.
John: Less than zero is the correct answer.
Rich: Those who believe he is are ill informed.

QUESTION FOUR: Which pick by the Browns would SURPRISE you the most: Peterson, Thomas, or Quinn
John: Thomas
Rich: Thomas
Fred: Thomas
Rich: Damn
John: HAH!!!
Rich: LOL
Rich: Jeff?
Jeff: Peterson
Barry: Interesting... I'm glad you've joined us Jeff.
John: Look at the new guy, being all different and stuff.
Rich: Be ready, Jeff.
Rich: So you gonna give his one to the newcomer, Barry?

QUESTION FIVE: The Lions signed WRs Marcus Robinson and Cliff Russell, bringing their roster to 50% wide receivers. Do any of you believe for a second that they would take Calvin Johnson?
Fred: No. only a trade set up
John: No way
Rich: And they're not gonna take Thomas. Don't be surprised if they take Quinn.
John: WTF does the signing of training camp fodder and washed-up never-has-beens have to do with CJ?
Jeff: They might draft Johnson and then trade him.
Rich: Why not just trade?
Barry: It just seems like they've got enough WR for the entire NFC North, John, that's all.
John: Nice one, Fred. :-)
Fred: If they can't get it done in 15 minutes
Jeff: Draft and trade worked for the Chargers
Barry: Gotta give Jeff a point there, except my reason for them picking CJ was "Millen is a moron".
Rich: Matt Millen isn't that smart.
John: Just don't be surprised if/when the Lions take CJ and keep him.
John: How can anybody argue with anyone taking CJ?
Rich: That's if he Raiders don't grab him first.
Barry: Just one last thing before we go... do any of you think that the Browns might walk off with Johnson on Saturday?
Rich: NO!!
Fred: no
John: Highly, highly doubtful.
Rich: There's a chance, John?
Fred: It would be the re-invention of Millen unless they trade Braylon for a first rounder
John: Don't think so, Rich.
John: But you just never know.
Barry: I think anyone who gives us a first-rounder for BE would be Millen-esque.
Barry: Any chance of CJ in orange and brown, Jeff?
Jeff: I don't think so.

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