Browns Uncensored Chat Transcript (Part 1)

Last night's (epic) chat ran long enough we're force to split it into two articles. In Part 1, David Carducci fields questions about the Browns heading into this week's already-important game.

KJ Dave, you MUST tell us what we are going to do with ONLY two rookies on the bench for the OL...I'm SICKENED
DavidCarducci It doesn't look good, does it? It's a bit scary
DavidCarducci Fortunately, the two rookies on the bench have been fairly good in practice and in the preseason, and with Fowler and some of the guys already in the starting lineup, there is some versatility
KJ If Tuck's got a partial MCL tear it tells me he'll go down with another roll-up the leg...Not Good
DavidCarducci The good thing about this is that it gives the Browns a chance to see what Zukauskas can do in a regular season game
DavidCarducci when the tempo is very different
ericthebrown is Zuk a better run blocker than ohara?
ericthebrown I am curious if he si going to be able to get a better push on the right side
DavidCarducci I believe Zuk has the potential to be a much better run blocker in that he is bigger and stronger. I like O'Hara a lot, but I think he's more of a mobile, finesse guy who is better suited for LG and C
ericthebrown Can Zuk pull out on sweeps?
DavidCarducci We didn't have the opportunity to see much of that in the preseason. I think Zuk is a power guy, but he seams athletic enough to be mobile. He was at BC
KJ Dave, I agree but with the talent on this OL it is CRITICAL to get them to build some continuity...CRUCIAL...and when we start sliding 2 and 3 folks around it KILLS IT
DavidCarducci I agree KJ
KJ We're in deep s--t
DavidCarducci It's not a good situation. Zuk getting a chance is the only positive
ericthebrown Chanoine is the scariest of the linemen to me. I have nightmares of speed rushers
DavidCarducci He appears to be better than he was last year
KJ I liked him at BC...we'll see how it goes...glad to see him get a chance to see if he's part of the future!
DavidCarducci Remember, linemen take a while to develop. Probably longer than any other position
DavidCarducci Chanoine might one day be a very serviceable lineman. Right now, he is still pretty raw. He was forced into a tough situation last year that he wasn't ready for
ericthebrown Has Green practiced all week? Am I asking too many questions too early in chat? :)
DavidCarducci Green is practicing
DavidCarducci You can never ask too many questions
KJ 3 years which would have our 1999 draftees ready now...THX DWIGHT
DavidCarducci I agree. I just wrote a story today that talked about the Browns failure to develop offensive linemen
Guest78 With Tennessee and Pittsburgh (both away) after the Bengals - this is a must win game.
DavidCarducci I agree. They don't win this game, and this is the start of what could be a very long season
ericthebrown Any thoughts in the FO about resigning Tre?
DavidCarducci Not that I've heard of, but this might change things. Remember, Tre would have to want to come back.
ArtBtz We haven't lost a OG, just a C and OT. Why Tre?
DavidCarducci Because O'Hara moves over to C. That opens up the RG spot
ArtBtz I guess he would be an upgrade over Zuk...
Guest78 The Bengals front 7 is a whole lot better than KC's. Hope it does get ugly at CBS this weekend/
ArtBtz The Bengals didn't do much against SD, though.
KJ Scuillo looks pretty good at LT
DavidCarducci Other than the DB's, the Bengals front 7 is much better. In fact, and this is scary, even with Artrell Hawkins, the Bengals secondary is better than the Chiefs'
ericthebrown Are they going to try and establish the run more this week or use the controlled passing game?
DavidCarducci My guess is they will try to establish the run, but with the changes up front, that might be difficult. I think you'll see more of an attempt to run, probably favoring the left side, but still around 55 or 60-pct pass
ericthebrown I hear they shouldn't be able to goto the slants on the bungles
ericthebrown I guess that'll be my last question. I'll let others in on it now. :)
DavidCarducci With the slants, it will be more important for Holcomb to check off into the other zones
Ramllov Jarvis Borum OT 6-7 324 pounds was signed to the practice squad today. Do you knw anything about him?
DavidCarducci Just that he's big. Very big. he had a bit of a weight problem at NC State. He was with Arizona for a while. He has some potential according to a few scouts
Ramllov We also signed K. Noa OT earlier in the week, anything about him?
DavidCarducci I know less about him. Tom Withers and I were joking that we thought he was a dormant volcano on one of the Hawaiian Islands
DavidCarducci Tom covers the Browns for the Associated Press, if you don't know him
Guest78 What do you make of Jamir's comments? Is he becoming a cancer or is he trying to light a fire under Couch?
DavidCarducci I think he handled the whole thing poorly. I was there for the comments, and I think he was trying to say it all in a way that was not a put down. He kept saying ""I don't mean this as a criticism of Tim,"" But, I think that he is not the only person in the locker room who feels this way ... who wants to see Tim more of a leader, more demonstrative
Ramllov Dave, one more question, How often would we expect to see Jamal White and William Green in the same backfield at the same time?
DavidCarducci Ram. I have absolutely no idea. I've seen them work on it. I've seen it in games. I think that with Shea potentially coming back and with some of the other TE's and Bowers getting used to being lead blockers, and with Green getting used to running behind a lead blocker, you might see it less. I think it is actually more of an act of desperation (or at least Davis and the coaches see it that way). That was the case when they used it in New England last year
ArtBtz Just in via the AP: Ryan Tucker has a torn ligament, not a ""knee sprain"".
Ramllov How long will Tucker be out?
ArtBtz AP story says Tucker out several weeks, won't see him this weekend I guess.
ArtBtz Does that make sense to you Dave?
DavidCarducci I wasn't there today because of a family issue, so I didn't have a chance to talk with Tucker. I do know that he wanted to play. But if he did not practice today, it is very unlikely. With a tear, the odds are Davis will keep him out of practice tomorrow, and for the most part if a guy doesn't practice on Thursday, Butch doesn't play him
Ramllov ok thanks
ericthebrown well doh!
Ramllov Is William Green ready to carry 20 times and catch 4 to 5 passes on Sunday?
DavidCarducci Yes. I think that's what he needs to become more aggressive and comfortable. And also to get used to running with a lead blocker
Ramllov Chanione is playing RT, why not Gonzalez isn't he ready yet?
DavidCarducci Gonzalez is practicing well, and he played very well in the preseason, but he is only a rookie. Chanoine is better than he was last year, he's learned from a difficult year, and while he is far from an accomplished tackle at this point, he is probably the better option
DavidCarducci Chanoine is pretty athletic. I really do believe that one day he could be a pretty serviceable lineman
ArtBtz In case you haven't seen it... Rudd and Gardocki both fined by the NFL. More details in the HotNews later.
Ramllov I had hoped last year's experience plus the off season strength and conditioning improved Chanione
DavidCarducci He was thrust into a very difficult position last year because Davis thought Verba would be better at guard than tackle
ericthebrown I thought I saw Dawson was fined too
ArtBtz That's right, Eric
Guest78 Appears Butch & Foge were very outcoached by Vermeil's offensive unit. Couldn't believe how poorly the defense reacted to what KC was doing, especially in crunch time. A blow to their genius status.
Ramllov That was a major disappointment
ArtBtz Lane put out a good article on that today, 78. Did you see how much motion KC used? It was every friggin play, it seemed.
Guest78 Art - saw it - good info
Ramllov Art and Dave, do you expect to see anything of a surprise by the Browns this weekend when they play the Bengals?
ArtBtz Yes, I predict that the security people at the gate will give me the full frisk treatment followed by a savage blow to the head. Dunno about the actual game.
DavidCarducci I do, but nothing I can talk about
Ramllov I can respec that
Ramllov Will we see F. Jackson catching or throwing any footballs?
ArtBtz Only before the game starts
DavidCarducci I doubt that, but I'm not allowed to talk about anything I see in practice
ericthebrown Is the Couch not playing talk a smokescreen to throw off the bungles or is he really not ready to play?
DavidCarducci I think he's upset because he's been told they want to keep him out for at least one more week
BryanK What happened with Dawson & all those touchbacks? Where did that come from?
DavidCarducci Dawson is kicking very well BryanK. He's always had a stronger leg than people think. I remember him booming a game winning field goal 50 yards into the wind at Texas
howldawg can this D stop dillon
ericthebrown Something I didn't hear mentioned last week, was the defense tired in the fourth? How well conditioned are they?
Ramllov If I remember right, they defense gave up 200 yards in the fourth quarter.
DavidCarducci The defense was tired as any would be in that type of heat and in that type of game. The real problem, however, was the poor communication on the field and the fact that the Browns did not put the players in the right position to make plays, in my opinion. They were too worried about matchinig the splits of the Chiefs, and that took them out of position and gauranteed a double team at the point of attack
Guest78 Is Earl Holmes over the hill?
DavidCarducci I don't know that Holmes is over the hill, but he is not the kind of linebacker who can make plays by shedding blocks. He has to be kept clean, and the role of the defensive linemen in this defense is not to take up blocks and allow the lb's to make plays. Like I said when he was signed, I think it is a mismatched pair ... Holmes and this scheme
Ramllov Why didn't they take a time out to settle down?
DavidCarducci I think in a close game, they thought they would need the timeouts
redright Dave, respecting you confidentiality agreement with the browns at practice, can you tell us anything about the demeanor--intensity--focus?
howldawg I couldn't watch last week, is holmes strictly a 3-4 linebacker,or can he fill the middle by himself???
BryanK Shifting gears here; have people figured out the Steelers D, or did they just have a bad night?
Guest78 When Holcomb fumbled - did it look like the ""tuck"" rule could have been called?
redright # 65 wan't working the game..He called the tuck rule and the out of bounds unconcious play for tthe Pats.
redright I had a question about attitude and demeanor of the team this week
Ramllov Holmes can he play in this scheme?
redright Has their been a change this week form the prior weeks because of the showing?
DavidCarducci Not really. I think there is a sense of disappointment, but the defense is certain that it will be ok, and that was just an aberration. I don't agree. I think there are some problems with scheme, personnel and other issues that have to be taken care of. It's like a car stuck in the snow. You can try the same thing over and over and keep spinning your wheels to get out of trouble, but trying the same thing doesn't solve the problem
Ramllov Will we see linebackers, cornerbacks and safeties blitzing this weekend?
howldawg has defense shown some intensity ??
wideright Hi David, did you see the Patriot DLine tackling Bus in the backfield after geting the handoff?
DavidCarducci I did wideright
redright Is there more focus and intensity in practice. A wake up call.
BryanK I wondered about the Steelers D. Have teams figured them out?
Guest104 will the defense at least show up this week?
wideright How were the D-Linemen shooting into the backfield like that?
DavidCarducci I think a lot of it had to do with scheme and some problems on the Steelers offensive line.
DavidCarducci The Browns d-line is supposed to penetrate as well, but they haven't been able to do it
DavidCarducci The Browns kept splitting up the d-linemen in response the KC splits, and that killed their ability to work in tandem
Ramllov Pittsburgh looked vulnerable, will that say situation apply against the Browns in week 4?
DavidCarducci I don't know. I have a feeling they will make a change at guard at some point
DavidCarducci Ross is a problem for them
Ramllov Ross was almost our guy, would he have been our problem?
BT if they were the browns, he'd just get hurt and they could replace him with his backup
DavidCarducci He might have been. He did not play well at all on Monday. He was a train wreck
DavidCarducci That's Ross was a train wreck, in response to Ram's question
howldawg heard someone say CB is only using one move, outside push. anything to it ??
redright Thanks Dave those two blurbs answer and address a lot of my concerns.. I'm looking for a longer year than I had hoped for. I haven't seen a lot of team play-attitude and scheme or talent in a scheme scare me.
Ramllov Hey Teco
teco hey ram
wideright David- Terrell punted the ball after his TD catch in Chicago. If he had our officiating crew, he would have been flagged and Minn. given yards on the ensuing kickof
DavidCarducci Probably correct wideright
teco did CB learn any more moves this summer?
DavidCarducci Teco, Davis said Brown is refining some very difficult moves, but he hasn't shown anything that has impressed me of late
DavidCarducci true redright
redright Ram, the patriots believe that teamwork and hard hitting would beat Pittsburgh and St Louis. We have toget on the same page and start hitting by week four.
teco tks
BryanK wideright, don't you mean if he Played for us, he'd be penalized?
wideright seems that way
Ramllov Do the Refs have it out for the Browns players?
DavidCarducci No, not at all. I've talked with several different refs in the last year, and I can assure you they do not have it out for the Browns
Guest78 Someone made the point that some Patriots were running onto the field without their helmets on before the clock hit 0:00 when Vinateri hit the field goal to end the Super Bowl. The Patriots should have been flagged based on what was done Sunday.
KJ It's our own fault
Ramllov It does seem it all goes against this team, when will we see the team getting the Breaks?
DavidCarducci There is a crackdown in celebrations this year. I still think that if Rudd had not thrown the helmet and drawn attention to himself, it would not have been called
DavidCarducci By throwing the helmet, he brought the mistake into the spotlight. Once that happens, the refs have to call it or face being penalized themselves when they are reviewed
wideright David- was the KC offensive juggernaut Vermeil's planning or their offensive co-ord.?
BryanK does Butch like his guys ""playing on the edge?""
DavidCarducci I think he likes the emotion, but he'd rather see them channel it in other ways
DavidCarducci Butch is always trying to get guys to play with more fire. That was the problem with some players like Spriggs, who did not play with aggression.
howldawg DAVID how ism. fowler progessing ?
DavidCarducci Fowler is progressing well. I just talked with several players about Fowler. Jamel White, O'Hara, Wohlabaugh all said he is really coming along and commented on how coachable he is and how obvious his desire is to learn. They all talked about him having very good balance
Ramllov How far away are the Browns from playing like the New England defense?
wideright The last home game of the season last year the refs were having botles thrown at them, i don't think they hesitate to call a penalty that alters the outcome of the game last week
scaryDawg No such thing a a finesse defense. Time to hit. That should do it.
Ramllov Dave, do you like Campbell at TE? When w
DavidCarducci I don't think Campbell hurts the team. He's a decent bridge to Sanders, who they see as the TE of the future.
Guest78 Last 2 home games - bottlegate and helmetgate. What's next?
DavidCarducci Guys. Jerry Sherk is here, so I will leave you to him
Ramllov thanks dave
ericthebrown thanks dave
DavidCarducci Thanks everyone.

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