Stuff You Gotta Read!

Vinny is offering scoop in the Muni Lot, and we've got player interviews out the wazoo!

Old-schoolers who remember this site's 1999-2000 predecessor ("BTNG") might remember the buzzing noise generated by scoopmeister Vinny the Fly. Vinny buzzes around the halls in Berea, dodging around the occasional blasts of Raid, flailing and ineffective hand slaps, and occasional swatter. By the time he finds an open window and makes his escape, he's generally heard some pretty interesting stuff.

If you haven't been reading Vinny's recent flood of updates in the Muni Lot, well, you're missing out.  Pay attention to what Vinny says, because his ears are good, and he's got some great football instincts for a six-legged pest.

Not to be left out, our peers around the NFL Network have been landing some great interviews recently, and there just isn't enough room on our front page to highlight them all. Here are some interviews from the past 24 hours you will want to check out:

NFL Draft Q&A: Texas OL Justin Blalock

NFL Draft Q&A: Notre Dame QB Brady Quinn

NFL Draft Q&A: Michigan DL Alan Branch


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