HPOTD 09/13: Da da da DUM. Da Blues. Da da da DUM.

<i>We got the blues.<BR>Those injury blues.<BR>Three years of rain.<BR>I'm talkin' three years of pain.<p>Browns got the blues.<br>Those injury blues.<br>Browns fans in a fog<br>like someone shot their dog.</i><p><B><a href="">READ THE POST</a></b>

Da da da DUM. Da Blues. Da da da DUM.


Jamir was the first 'un.
he snapped his heal.
The door was open,
got to walk on down to Beale....

We got the blues.
Those injury blues.
Three years of rain.
I'm talkin' three years of pain.

Tucker left us.
He went away.
Wholly broke his hand
These Blues won't go away....

Browns got the blues.
Those injury blues.
Browns fans in a fog
like someone shot their dog.

Couch hurt his elbow
Scar tissue's what they say,
Rumors started flying
The very next day....

We got the blues.
The Browns have got the blues.
Rips your damn heart out
Every time you read the news.

Shea's got a shoulder
Little's got a knee
Something is wrong with
the neck of Courtneeeee....

We all go the blues.
Those injury blues.
Got a new trainer
But just can't lose them blues.

You know the story.
The ref hurt Zeus' eye.
You want it all to stop
but all you can do is cry....

We got the blues.
Those in-jur-y blues.
Sacrifice a goat.
Or drowned it all in booze.

Goin' down to the crossroads.
Gonna bring along my soul.
Have to make a deal.
"Come on down" sez Don Pardo....

It's just the blues.
I've got them recurrent injury blues.
We want 'em on the field,
But all we got's Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

**end of cheesy blues song wind-down and guitar noodling**


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