Believe it or not! Browns get Quinn, too!

The Browns finished up critical day in the franchise's expansion era as they a landed two players near the top of the their draft board. Fred Greetham reports from Berea as the Browns introduced their new quarterback.

Berea--In what was the ending to a most surreal first-round for the Browns, Phil Savage traded back into the first-round and grabbed quarterback Brady Quinn.

"We're very excited," Savage said. "This will probably be the day that defines the turnaround of the Browns, if indeed it does happen.

"When you're able to add a left tackle and quarterback of these two players caliber, you have to be happy."

After Quinn was being shown all day on television and even escorted into a private room because of the media scrutiny surrounding him, he was relieved to say the least.

 "But, I'm so excited to come to Cleveland. The Browns called me and told me they had traded for me.

"This isn't the way I anticipated it, but I'm speechless," he said. "It's really living out a childhood dream. After it appeared the opportunity had passed, this is a dream come true.

"My goal and intention is to come in, get on the field and contribute," he said. "I think I will bring the leadership ability to the Browns. It's not how you start, but how you finish." 

Quinn says his goal is to come in and win the starting job.

"I'm very confident in my ability to come in and start," he said. "I think that's why a team would make a trade for a quarterback in the first round."

He feels everything has worked out in the long run.

"It was almost surreal in putting yourself in the position to be the quarterback of the team you wore their uniform as a kid," he said. "It was a roller coaster day, but it has worked out." 

 The Browns traded back into the first round with Dallas (22nd overall) to get Quinn. The Browns gave up their second-round pick (36th overall) in 2006 and their first round draft choice in 2008 to make the deal.

Savage described the series of events that allowed the Browns to end up with the second-highest rated quarterback in the draft.

"This is a scenario that we could've only done it in our dreams," Savage said. "We have known what we were going to do with that first pick. We felt the residual effect of Joe Thomas coming to our team would be his impact.

"We felt he was going to make an impact," he said. "Last year, against Baltimore we're up 14-3 and couldn't run the ball and close the game out. When you're ranked 30th in running the ball and stopping the run, the quarterback isn't the problem."

Savage said the reason for the tackle first over the quarterback was simple.

"Since 1999, the team has tried to serve apple pie for dinner," he said. "When we got Joe, I felt we could serve steak and potatoes."

Romeo Crennel was pleased with the picks.

"I think Joe Thomas is a good football player," Crennel said. "For him to come in and compete will definitely help us. He has a good sense of confidence and character.

"I feel really good about him that he would rather go fishing with his father, than go to the bright lights of New York.

"And to get Brady Quinn, he'll come in here and compete and try to make this team better."

Savage said by getting Quinn now, he felt it was worth giving up next year's No. 1 choice.

"When you give up a No. 1 draft choice, it allows you to get him now," he said. "We felt that (Quinn) was enough of a player to warrant the deal."

Crennel said both players will be given a chance to win starting jobs.

"Every player I have goes to camp with a chance to win the starting job,"Crennel said. "I think Joe and Brady will fit in very well with what we're going to do."

Savage said there is no sense of urgency to hurry Quinn into the lineup.

"I do think we'll handle him in the correct way," Savage said. "If he's our third quarterback, so be it. If he's the starter, so be it."

Savage was asked why he thought Quinn dropped all the way to the 22nd spot.

"I think it's circumstantial, more than anything," Savage said. "Most of the other teams already have committed to their quarterback."

Savage was asked where the Quinn selection leaves Charlie Frye.

"Charlie knows his marching orders," Savage said. "We want to win games and he and Derek Anderson are working hard to help us do that."

Savage used the comparison of when Philip Rivers was drafted and Drew Brees had a big year and cashed in as a big free agent signing with the Saints last year.

Savage said he is very pleased with what has transpired so far.

"We were at the top of the draft and felt we needed to solidify our offensive line," Savage said. "When Brady fell out of the top 10, we worked the phones very hard to try to get him. I couldn't imagine him being able to come back to us.

"We're getting two players who really want to be in Cleveland and be a part of this," he said. "We have a chance to do something we're going to do it, jut give us a chance."

"I'll second that," Crennel said.

Quinn grew up in Dublin, Ohio and played the last four years with Notre Dame, where he was coached by Charlie Weis. It was speculated by the majority of draft experts that Quinn would be the Browns' choice with the third pick. However, they took Thomas and it didn't appear Quinn would be in their radar.

Quinn looked very dejected early on when the Dolphins passed on him at No. 9 and when he was given the Browns cap and jersey, he was seen taking a deep sigh of relief.

"I almost had wished I'd gone fishing, golfing  or had  been doing something else."


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