Is it the Wright Stuff?

The Browns deal up to the second to snag a potential starting cornerback, but with the potential comes a history...

Phil Savage said he had never done business with Dallas Owner Jerry Jones. He must have felt pretty comfortable with him as the Browns and Cowboys again hooked up again to make a trade in the second round.

"It might be because we both talk the same way," Savage said in his press conference.

This time the Browns traded the Cowboys their third- (67th),fourth-(103rd) and sixth-round (178th)picks this year for the Cowboys' second-round (53rd overall) and the Cowboys' sixth-round (195th overall). The Browns took cornerback Eric Wright with the acquired pick.

Wright is one of the players that is listed as having first-round ability, but was involved with some off the field issues which caused him to drop.

Wright (5-11, 192 pounds) started his career at USC and started as a freshman before being dismissed from the team. He also was caught with illegal substance in his possession. He transferred to UNLV and entered the NFL Draft as a junior.

Savage is known as a big character guy and has to feel very good about Wright in order to give up the coveted draft choices that he did.

Some experts felt Wright would've been a top 15 pick, but was flagged for off the field issues.

Barring a trade, the Browns next draft pick will be in the fifth-round (140th overall). They still have Dallas' sixth-round choice and their own seventh-round choice.

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