Browns Search for Depth in Seventh

LSU DE Chase Pittman and WR Syndric Steptoe are picks intended to add bottom-third depth to the Browns roster.

By trading in the sixth round, the Cleveland Browns picked up an additional seventh round pick to add depth to their roster. With their two picks, LSU DE Chase Pittman (pick 213 overall) and Arizona WR Syndric Steptoe (pick 234 overall), the Browns continue to make a focused effort to strengthen the bottom third of their roster.

Pittman led LSU in sacks in 2006, two years after transferring from the University of Texas. A hard-working player who may not have the explosiveness of a first day pick, Pittman has a reasonable shot to compete for a spot on a relatively thin depth chart at defensive end for the Browns if he bulks up, or potentially as a backup OLB. With few real options after starting veterans Robaire Smith and the aging Orpheus Roye, the team is looking to the final picks in the draft to add depth.

Like earlier pick CB Eric Wright, Pittman does come to the Browns with an off-field history. While at LSU, Pittman  was charged with assault after reportedly defending several women who had complained of being groped. Released on bond, the incident didn't impact Pittman's status with the Tigers, and the charges were later dropped.

All Pac-10 WR Syndric is another interesting prospect who could challenge for a roster spot. The Arizona wideout slipped due to his 5'8.5" but could mount an assault on a return job as well. Browns fans remember smallish returners Greg Pruitt and Dino Hall, and Steptoe could join them.

Steptoe caught 55 passes for 568 yards and two touchdowns as a senior, while also averaging 25.6 yards on kick returns and 13.1 yards on 20 punt returns with one touchdown. The highest potential for Steptoe could be as a quick short-route receiver to match up against linebackers in three-reciever sets.



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