UPDATED: Shaffer Trade in the Works?

Scout's Giants website is reporting that there has been contact between the Browns and Giants, discussions which have been confirmed by the Giants organization. The OBR is tracking it, of course... here's what we know so far.

UPDATE FROM TGI'S KEN PALMER: While the Browns did, indeed, contact the Giants regarding left tackle Kevin Shaffer, it's highly unlikely that a trade will be made. The Browns' asking price - of either a fourth-round pick during the recently-concluded draft or a third rounder next year - was too steep for the Giants' taste. As a result, New York didn't even make a counter-offer.

Cleveland, a club that has had little to no offensive line depth in recent seasons, isn't going to just give Shaffer away unless they get the right price. The Browns, of course, just drafted Joe Thomas to play left tackle with Shaffer, the previous LT, expected to compete with Ryan Tucker for the right tackle job.



The Cleveland Browns and New York Giants have reportedly been in contact about a potential trade of LT Kevin Shaffer to the Giants, according to Ken Palmer of TheGiantsInsider at Scout.com. The Giants have confirmed that there have been discussions, according to Palmer.

While common thinking in the wake of the Browns decision to draft Wisconsin LT Joe Thomas has been that Shaffer would switch to right tackle, it's worth noting that the tackle hasn't spent time at the position in the NFL. It's often suggested that Shaffer was in a right tackle role with the Falcons because he didn't protect the left-handed Michael Vick's blind side, but Shaffer's ability to make the position switch is still an unknown.

Trading Shaffer would mean that there are still open questions about the Browns right tackle position, since Ryan Tucker's season-long available would still have to considered questionable. Reserve tackle Kelly Butler is generally not considered to be an NFL-caliber starting right tackle. At this point, there have been no reports recieved by the OBR regarding players or compensation the Browns might request in exchange.

Trading Shaffer would also cause over $7.5 million to accelerate to the Browns 2007 salary cap. Shaffer signed a seven-year contract with the Browns in 2006 with an estimated $9 million in bonuses. If those reports are accurate, six years of the pro-rated bonus would have to be absorbed this year.

The Browns have not been reached for comment at this hour.


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