Transcript: NFL Expert Adam Caplan's NFL Insider offers his thoughts on the draft, Kevin Shaffer, and more from Tuesday night's busy chat session. The chats continue on the OBR all week on the OBR with John Taylor on Thursday night and Tony Pauline Friday!

Adam Caplan: Hi all

<amore> Adam - Kudos for nailing Joe Thomas way before anybody else when all the talk was BQ or AP at #3
Adam Caplan: Thanks, I tried to tell you guys that Thomas was the one. I did get a little nervous right before the draft though.

<ramllov> Adam, do you have an update on Kevin Shaffer (LT)
<ramllov> Is he going anywhere?
Adam Caplan: RAM: There's nothing to update.
Adam Caplan: He's under contract and they don't want to move him.
Adam Caplan: Shaffer basically feels insulted that they drafted Thomas
Adam Caplan: If they feel he won't be over it by training camp, then he could be moved.

<ramllov> Ok, there seem enough teams who would want a LT
Adam Caplan: RAM: Anything is possible.
Adam Caplan: They will monitor what veterans become available.

<milanbo> Adam, since Phil hasn't done the best on day 2, do you see any of the guys from 4-7 this draft making an impact in a year or two?
Adam Caplan: MIL: Lets see what goes on during camp and then we may get an idea.

<dhohenshil> Adam What is your grade on Browns Draft?
Adam Caplan: DH: A-

<CCDawg49> Adam, do you like the move to get Brady Quinn?
Adam Caplan: CC: Yes, you might have seen my comments on Saturday
Adam Caplan: I thought they would wait until the 20s to get him.

<jdawg26> Adam, were you shocked that Ted Ginn went to Miami at 9 ?
Adam Caplan: JD: I'm never shocked
Adam Caplan: A little surprised but they made it clear they would add speed in the draft

<indica420> What round draft pick is Shaffer worth?
Adam Caplan: IN: 4th or 5th at best

<TrilobiteRex> do you think there would be an interest in Manny Wright (ex Dolphin)?
Adam Caplan: TR: No... troubled

<kmaurer24> 1,0any idea of who will play RG?
Adam Caplan: KM: Seth McKinney right now

<amore> Thoughts on Eric Wright?
Adam Caplan: AM: First round talent
Adam Caplan: He should be ok
Adam Caplan: off the field
Adam Caplan: We'll see

<dhohenshil> Adam Can Shaffer play RT?
Adam Caplan: DH: Yes, but he doesn't want to

<indica420> What about Issac Sowells chances of RG this year
Adam Caplan: IN: Nope

<indica420> Is he progressing?
Adam Caplan: IN: We'll see how he does in camp and go from there

<zkramp> Does this seem like the starting OL: Thomas, Steinbach, Fraley, McKinney, Shaffer
Adam Caplan: ZK: Pretty much improved there

<Shrooney> Does that mean they are thinking Tucker at RG?
Adam Caplan: SH: The OL moves will start to evolve in minicamp

<zkramp> Thanks Adam... any chance we add a veteran RB?
Adam Caplan: ZK: Before training camp, possible

<amore> Heard anything on LeCharles and KW2?
Adam Caplan: AM: No updates on either really
Adam Caplan: they don't think Bentley is playing this year

<MrFrump> Adam, what's the latest on Ricky Williams? Any interest for the Browns?
Adam Caplan: MR: They will make a decision soon

<barleydawg> In your opinion what are the major areas of the team that still need to be addressed?
Adam Caplan: BAR: Depth at various positions

<kmaurer24> Do you see Demario Minter playing a factor this year?
Adam Caplan: KM: Probably not
Adam Caplan: lets see what happens during OTAs etc

<Butzmark> On a scale of 32 where would Shaffer rank LT wise?
Adam Caplan: Butz: I'm not in to ranking players but he's an average LT

<zkramp> Is Pool an upgrade over Russell?
Adam Caplan: ZK: Yep

<dhohenshil> Adam What will browns record be this year?
Adam Caplan: DH: Lets see how they look during training camp first
Adam Caplan: OTAs don't tell us much because they aren't in pads

<jevanoff> We don't get Shaffer's problem. Do you think he will get over this adam? Have you talked to his agent?
Adam Caplan: JEV: We'll see on Shaffer soon

<Butzmark> Any word on LeCharles Bentley?
Adam Caplan: But: As noted before, they don't expect him to play this season.

<brownsrthebest04> What's the chance Sowells wins a job
Adam Caplan: BR: Zero

<milanbo> How happy is Randy Lerner that they got Quinn???
Adam Caplan: MIL: Very

<jevanoff> Adam do you think Brady Quinn will be our starter day one, or will frye beat him out now that he was much greater talent around him?
Adam Caplan: JEV: Way too early to tell
Adam Caplan: Lets see how camps go

<browns28> adam how do you feel about the browns after the draft? do you feel they needed this kind of draft to move in a positive way?
Adam Caplan: BR: They needed upgrades at OL and QB and got them

<redright> ADAM, what is the best we can expect to see from Brady Quinn this year? next?
Adam Caplan: Red: Lets see how camps go first
Adam Caplan: I want to see how he does when the pads go on
Adam Caplan: see how he responds etc

<MrFrump> Adam, do you think the Browns interest in trading Edwards was real or just meant to scare him?
Adam Caplan: MR: Real
Adam Caplan: and it could motivate him

<Mark_Zickefoose> Then why did Phil say Edwards' name never came up?
Adam Caplan: MAR: He's not going to admit anything
Adam Caplan: He would be stupid to

<jevanoff> adam what is the weak link in the browns roster going into the season?
Adam Caplan: JEV: WR depth

<Shrooney> Who has the edge going in at the third receiver Wilson or Cribbs?
Adam Caplan: SH: I don't look at depth charts until July
Adam Caplan: There is no edge there

<browns28> Adam do you feel the Browns needed this kind of a draft and what is your overall assessment?
Adam Caplan: BR: I don't look at drafts like the fans so I can't answer it that way, they had to get some upgrades and depth so they did a good job of it.

<BleedingOrangeandBrown> How do you think Harrison will do with our improved O Line Adam?
Adam Caplan: BL: It's not about that, it's about his approach

<amore> Who will Browns starting QB be on opening day?
Adam Caplan: AM: Ask me in July

<mmdoggie> Harrison and Wright are pedestrian...we need someone else to back up Jamal. AC what do you think
Adam Caplan: MM: I don't trust either

<amore> Any veteran QB out there to bring in?
Adam Caplan: AM: They are monitoring June 1 releases.

<kmaurer24> 1,0what kind of blocking scheme will we be using you think?
Adam Caplan: KM: More zone
Adam Caplan: this season

<MoggSquad> Adam, what kind of sstyle with the Browns offense employ this year?
Adam Caplan: MOG: As I reported back in January, power rushing
Adam Caplan: vertical stretch

<jevanoff> Adam will Jamal Lewis hold up carrying the load mostly himself?
Adam Caplan: JEV: They will get the other two involved

Adam Caplan:
MM: We'll see what camps show them
Adam Caplan: As for K2, they hope he will be ready by August

<nudawg> Do they have the wrong oline coach for a zone blocking scheme?
Adam Caplan: NU: Marshall isn't exactly accomplished at the NFL level
Adam Caplan: we'll have to see

<redright> What does Phil have to get before the season starts?
Adam Caplan: RED: Maybe another veteran WR

<dhohenshil> Is Eric Wright good enough to start this year?
Adam Caplan: DH: Depends how he does during OTAs and tcamp
Adam Caplan: it's not out of the question though

<jevanoff> quinn has a strong enough arm to be a vertical threat right?
Adam Caplan: JEV: Sure

<Pieno> Do you see our secondary as a strength in the near future with Bodden, Wright, Pool and Jones. That could be great long term.
Adam Caplan: PEI: Yes, could be if healthy

<jevanoff> Adam: Does Keyshawn fit us? or not what we are looking for?
Adam Caplan: JEV: He wants to get another ring so I doubt he will come to the browns

<nudawg> don't you think they may want depth on the dline?
Adam Caplan: NU: DE

<jsl214> hows winslow rehab coming along?
Adam Caplan: JS: They hope he will be ready by August

<brownbomer> Do we have any players that San Diego would be interested for Michael Turner - RB
Adam Caplan: BR: No
Adam Caplan: They would need a first next year
Adam Caplan: and they don't have it now

<redright> Adam if we get another veteran QB, whose style of quarterbacking gets him dismissed? Charlie?
Adam Caplan: RED: Frye and Dorksey would be gone
<jevanoff> lmao
<jevanoff> freudian slip?
Adam Caplan: JEV: No
Adam Caplan: if you saw him throw, you would know what I meant

<kmaurer24> Will Heiden be more involved in the offense this year?
Adam Caplan: KM: Depends on K2

<Metcalf2K5> Do you think Tyrone Moss has a serious possibility of making the team? Could he possibly be another Frank Gore?
Adam Caplan: MET: Practice squad unless Harrison doesn't do well

<ramllov> Adam, Can they franchise Turner, RB, SD in 2008 or is he a free agent?
Adam Caplan: RAM: UFA, they could franchise him but they wouldn't ever do it, too much cash

<jevanoff> Is Phil the worst 2nd day drafter in the league?
Adam Caplan: He's been so-so on second day
Adam Caplan: You have to give players three years to develop
Adam Caplan: if you're judging off of one year then most teams suck then

<dhohenshil> Adam what do you think of Chudzinski is he a legit coordinator?
Adam Caplan: DH: Jury is out

<kmaurer24> 1,0who do you think our punt returner will be?
Adam Caplan: KM: Carter possibly

<BleedingOrangeandBrown> 1,0Adam any updates on KC shopping around Larry Johnson?
Adam Caplan: BL: They tried to move him during the draft
Adam Caplan: no takers
Adam Caplan: it's hard to move a RB
Adam Caplan: period
Adam Caplan: and get good value

<brownsrthebest04> does the bottom of our roster look better than it was when Phil came Phil was saying?
Adam Caplan: BR: They depth is better
Adam Caplan: no doubt

<BleedingOrangeandBrown> Adam, have the Browns made any offers for him?
Adam Caplan: BL: Nope

<zkramp> is Shaun Smith going to be a good NT. He wasn't a good 4-3 DT.
Adam Caplan: ZK: The Bengals hated to lose him

<amore> How good/bad is the d-line?
Adam Caplan: AM: It's improved
Adam Caplan: that's for certain
Adam Caplan: Based on talent upgrades

<redright> Are there any DLs that may come available this year? Who might?
Adam Caplan: RED: Lets see what June 1 brings

<dadaman> Adam do think Quinn will hold out?
Adam Caplan: DA: Could because he slipped
Adam Caplan: the agent can be a pain in the ass

<MoggSquad> on paper, and staying healthy, are the Browns improved enough to win 8+ games?
Adam Caplan: MOG: Depends on QB play

<zkramp> Is the NT Shaun Smith form the Bengals going to be a good NT...I dont believe he was a good 4-3 DT in Cincinatti
Adam Caplan: ZK: He played pretty well
Adam Caplan: actually, graded out well last season

<ramllov> Adam, have they set the rookie POOL MONEY yet?
Adam Caplan: RAM: I haven't seen the numbers yet

<jevanoff> adam do you think KC would be interested in Shaffer? package him and pick(s) for LJ?
Adam Caplan: JEV: they have no chance to get LJ

<kmaurer24> 1,0would you say Chud's offensive style is 50/50 run and pass?
Adam Caplan: KM: Ball control

<brownbomer> Could Kris Jenkins or Eric Hicks (DE) help our DLine?
Adam Caplan: BR: No
Adam Caplan: Hicks is too small to play DE in 3-4
Adam Caplan: he doesn't play to his listed size
Adam Caplan: Jenkins won't be traded unless they get a first

<ramllov> Adam, is the cornerback position fixed or do they need more talent?
Adam Caplan: Ram: Depth is there, health is the question

<NTRPRZ> Are there any June 1 names we might be thinking about based on early read?
Adam Caplan: NT: Ask me in a few weeks

<gusdawg444> your thoughts on moss udfa rb
Adam Caplan: GU: Could push Harrison

<amore> Is Pool ready to step up at safety?
Adam Caplan: AM: Yep

<kmaurer24> what role do you think McGinest will play this year, run plays only?
Adam Caplan: KM: about 20 plays
Adam Caplan: a game

<ramllov> Adam, is it fair to say, the depth at RB and DL are the two weaknesses remaining?
Adam Caplan: RAM: They have the depth at RB, it's the issue of what would happen if Lewis is hurt
Adam Caplan: they don't have a good solid backup

<zkramp> is Antwan Peek really that good...ESPN called him the best sleeper Free Agent
Adam Caplan: ZK: I called it two weeks before they signed him
Adam Caplan: they really got a steal with Peek
Adam Caplan: system fit signing

<BleedingOrangeandBrown> 1,0Adam, any news on the health of Baxter?
Adam Caplan: BL: Nothing new, they hope he can do some limited stuff in training camp

<CCDawg49> Adam, is Chris Brown an option for the browns?
Adam Caplan: CC: Outside chance
Adam Caplan: he has nothing going on expect for the Titans

<dwatkins> 2,0Adam, Do the Browns receive a compensatory pick for Dennis Northcutt?
Adam Caplan: DW: Next year depending on how he does

<zkramp> Will Antwan Peek start over Willie?
Adam Caplan: ZK: They both will have roles, starting doesn't mean anything
Adam Caplan: don't get caught up in that

<kmaurer24> 1,0are D'Qwell Jackson and Leon Williams head to head for the other ILB spot?
Adam Caplan: KM: No, Williams is seen as a backup only

<ramllov> Adam would Corey Dillon play in Cleveland?
Adam Caplan: RAM: No

<browns28> dam do you see us addressing back up rb depth before the season?
Adam Caplan: BR: Possibly with a vet

<dwatkins> 2,0Thanks Adam. How do you feel about Tyrone Moss. Is he close to 100%
Adam Caplan: DW: They think he could push Harrison, time will tell

<jevanoff> is Joe Thomas an elite prospect?
Adam Caplan: JEV: Yes

<RedDawg4325> Is Domanick Williams (Davis) an option at RB?
Adam Caplan: RED: Not now
Adam Caplan: he's still hurt
Adam Caplan: poor guy

<amore> Will the Browns get out of the AFC North basement?
Adam Caplan: AM: Time will tell

<brownbomer> How much progress or how many games do the browns have to win to save Romeo's job?
Adam Caplan: BR: They have to get off to a good start.

<zkramp> is RAC still going to be the head coach if he loses nine games?
Adam Caplan: ZK: Again, comes down to how good a start he gets off to

Adam Caplan: Guys: That's all the time I have, we'll do it again in a few weeks.

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