Some Things I've been Thinking About

More random thoughts which have seeped out to all of us from a floating Brain in a Jar. Some quick hitters before the Browns chomp on the Bengals.

A few things I've been thinking about:

  1. Mark my words. We have seen the last of Jamir Miller in a Browns uniform. While his comments were mild at best and perhaps a little confusing too, his desire to say anything public at all says enough. The Browns have been fairly careful with their cap money and will have plenty of bodies to make up the slack.
  2. Irsay will move the Colts (again), why? Think: Indianapolis. Los Angeles. Can I be more clear? Moving up the food chain of bad NFL towns seems to be this guy's fate.
  3. As reported on a certain cable sports show, Butch Davis needed to "speak" with the team counsellor after the Chiefs game. What the hell for? If true, this doesn't sound good at all.
  4. Do we have quarterback controversy? Yes. Any time you have a backup throw for only 15 yards less than your starting QB has in his entire NFL career during a single game, you would be stupid not to think that one over a little bit – even if the Chiefs' defense was less than stellar. The trick here is to watch exactly which game they let Couch start again. I seriously doubt the front office is setting Couch up for a fall but I also don't put it out of reality to think that Davis has a bias for "his" guy. The relative lack of information about Holcomb might be an advantage as we enter the most difficult part of the season. If we win a few and stay in the playoff hunt, Couch might be able to get back to form playing against creampuff teams in the second half of the season which seems the best tactic. Problem is, is that it is more than likely the Browns will have to win the division outright to get a chance to be in the playoffs. A confusing picture no doubt and it's anyone guess how this will all turn out. Nevertheless, if Holcomb can keep it going he'll keep starting. The point here being: go with what works. This wouldn't be the first time something like this has happened.
  5. A very good political cartoonist, writing about the recent senate recommendation to legalise marijuana in Canada, posted a split frame feature where the first depicted a Canadian on legalised pot saying, "oh, hey, feeling pretty mellow", the second showing a Canadian before legalisation saying, "oh, hey, feeling pretty mellow".
  6. More proof that the football gods are angry at the Ravens: Browns fans outnumbered Ravens fan almost 10 to 1 for the first time at the weekly gathering of the Baltimore Browns Backers at the Hubcap Inn in the Hamilton neighbourhood of Baltimore. Adding insult to injury, Browns fans were treated to the use of the large screen TV. This was the lowest turnout of Raven's fans I've yet to experience. By the end of the game, 3 out of the six or so smaller TV's normally dedicated to the Raven's game were either switched to something else or were showing the Browns game. Yikes.
  7. So far, the north shore defence has shown us that a "pre-vent" (why do we say it that way?) secondary doesn't mix well with a confused front line. Given the Bronco's copycat approach to smacking around the Ram's receivers a la Patriot will be noticed by Davis. Thing is: who exactly on the Bengals really needs smacking around? Oh yeah, Dillon. Argh!
  8. In full knowledge of a recent Egyptian diplomat having said, "If you remove Israel out of the equation, we really have no problem with the Americans", invading Iraq seems to be the last thing that should be on Bush's mind. Then again, it's not like the international community (as well as the political left) has any better ideas. Even though the Institute for Strategic Studies has found that there is really no nuclear programme to be concerned with, they also find that the chemical weapons stockpiles are rising. So, alright then, invade. Here's the kicker though, could the tactic be to stall until mid next year and reap the political awards? I doubt the American people are that stupid. Prediction: Iraq falls by September 2003, Bush looses the next election to a democrat most of us have never heard of before. Basically, we expect this president to win the war but don't trust him enough to keep the peace.
  9. Rudd made an honest mistake, and given his sight lines, had no reasonable expectation that the game wasn't over. Could someone please explain the whole "ineligible receiver" rule to me again? Why is the local Cleveland press such a bunch of weak-kneed league ass-kissers?


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