Death Chat 2007: Post-Draft Edition

With a vocal member of the gang missing, and another (unnamed) member suffering the onset of the East Polynesia Death Flu, the OBR crew debated the aftermath of Draft Day 2007, trade requests, and more...

1. Kevin Shaffer has reportedly asked for a trade following the Browns decision to draft Joe Thomas. If you were GM, would you
consider his request?
John: No
Fred: No. What's his problem? He gets his money anyway.
Jeff: Not until I know more about Ryan Tucker, which means I wait until 2008.
John: Stick Tucker at RG, move Shaffer to RT, and tell him to STFU.
Barry: Well said
Barry: Prima donna behavior doesn't go over well with Browns fans.
John: And I can't tell you what "STFU" means Jeff. :-)
Fred: I figured that out
Jeff: I think I can guess what STFU means.
John: Shaffer looks like the anti-prima donna, but he plays the role well.

Barry: 2, Brady Quinn. Should he start Game One? What is your reasoning?
John: If he beats out Chuck and DA, yes he should.
Jeff: No. Carson Palmer sat a year.
Fred: No. Unless he blows them away. I would say the winner of Anderson/Frye
John: Bengals had Kitna.
Barry: If I'm Romeo Crennel, I start him, because I know how much damage the other two can do.
Jeff: Vince Young, Jay Cutler, Matt Leinart. Waiting works.
John: I'd prefer he sits, at least for a few games, but if he wins an open competition...
Fred: I don't think Romeo plays rookie QB, unless he's told to
Jeff: That is true, but I wait anyway.
John: Kerry Collins, Jake Plummer and Kurt Warner are my answers to those three rookies.
Barry: Interesting. If I'm Romeo, I start whoever I think can help me win the most games, and keep my job.
John: Again, though, I'd prefer he sit.
Barry: I say throw him in there. We got a well-prepared QB from Charlie Weis. Let's use him.

Barry: QUESTION 3. The Browns have acquired a couple of interesting rookie free agents in Tyrone Moss (Miami), Curtis Brown (BYU),
and several others. Who do you think will be the second and third string RBs when the season starts?
Fred: Harrison
John: Wright and Harrison.
Jeff: Harrison and Wright
Barry: Wright and Moss. I like Harrison but he obviously was doing something last year that Crennel didn't like.
Barry: Because he vaporized.
Barry: And they got a bunch of UDFA RBs for some reason.
Fred: If Moss was any good, he'd have been drafted
John: He was being what we call a "rookie".
Barry: Pffft. Don't forget Chris Barclay.
John: You and your UDFAs Barry
Jeff: I think Harrison will grow from Year One to Year Two.
John: Agree Jeff.
Barry: Hope you're right, Jeff.

Barry: 4. Are there any players you like who were drafted on the second day? Why? (Browns players)
Fred: The one area I was disappointed in draft day
Fred: No
Barry: Two words: Leigh Bodden. Two more: Josh Cribbs. Thank you... I"ll be here all week.
John: There was a second day to the draft?
Barry: It might be confused with the Official OBR Adult Beverage Recovery Day, John.
John: The Draft Bash Jaeger was still in full effect.
Jeff: I want to see that Purcell from Hawaii. Unlike Rich, I never heard of him until Sunday, but his stats look good.
Fred: Phil said no one on second day excited him as why he traded for Wright. He then traded for a seventh round
Fred: Might have been a favor to Jerry Jones
John: If they get contributions on special teams from the second-day guys it'd be a bonus.
Barry: I'll simply say that I think Pittman and Steptoe are interesting players, and have done with it.

Barry: QUESTION 5. CB Eric Wright, LT Joe Thomas, QB Brady Quinn. Which has the highest "bust" potential? The lowest?
Barry: That's a head scratcher, right there. Heh.
John: Wright highest, Quinn lowest.
Jeff: Quinn has the highest, Thomas the lowest.
Fred: Wright bust because if he slips character wise, Thomas lowest potential
Barry: I'd say Wright and Thomas, so I think we all have different answers.
Barry: Rolling right along...

Fred: We had some of that last night
Barry: One and five are kinda weird.

Barry: 1. Name the top-rated cable show on TV last week: The Sopranos, NFL Draft, WWE Raw, or Spongebob Squarepants.
John: Draft
Jeff: Draft
Fred: draft
Barry: Wrong! I listed them in the order of popularity. WWE almost beat the draft.
Barry: I'll find a link if you're curious. Never underestimate the appeal of organized crime.
John: Dork.
Barry: You say "Dork" as if it's a bad thing.
John: There is no organized crime, just well-dressed Italian families

Barry: 2. If you were paid $36 million dollars,with a $9 million signing bonus would you happily scrub toilets for seven years?
Fred: absolutely
John: yes
Fred: twice a day
Barry: Abstaining on this one, JEff?
John: Jeff's mulling this one over.
Jeff: Yes
Jeff: Yes I would, I mean.
Barry: I'd do it, but I'd need an interesting hobby.
Jeff: I thought you said 1 and 5 were weird
John: lol

Barry: 3. Braylon Edwards was apparently available for interested teams during draft weekend. What round draft pick would you have
been willing to accept?
Fred: 1 or 2
Jeff: second
John: 2 or 3
Barry: I agree... second rounder is what I was thinking
John: Glad they didn't deal him though.
John: Too much talent to let go right now.
Barry: I think Edwards still has upside... this is the key year for him.
Fred: you mean the president of the Brady Quinn Fan Club?
Barry: Braylon's fickle... loves Charlie one day, Brady the next.

Barry: 4. Which time had the greatest optimism for the future of the Browns:(A) 1999, (B) 2002 following the team's playoff
appearance, (D) Weeks following the Browns 2006 free agent spending spree, or (C) The days following this draft
John: Go back to sleep Fred.
Fred: 2006 fa
Jeff: I would say 1999
John: Tie between A and C
Barry: I reversed D and C didn't I? As labeled A and C, JT?
John: Yes.
Fred: I'm all confused
Barry: It's say this is the greatest optimism, right now.
Jeff: Carmen the liar had us believing the Browns were smarter than the 30 other teams.
Barry: That's true. We were so young and naive back then.

5. "CSI", "American Idol", "Twin Peaks", "Leave it to Beaver": Which famous TV program is most consistent in tone with the "The
OBR Pre-Draft TV Special".
Fred: American Idol
Jeff: American Idol because of Fred and me.
John: Could we go with "The Munsters"?
Barry: LOL...
Jeff: LMAO
Barry: I'd say "Twin Peaks" because it's the only one of those I actually watched.
John: I'm not gonna say who I thought Lily was...
Jeff: This is fun. I wish I hadn't been chat-challenged before.
Barry: Notice how fast this went without Passan here. ;-)
John: Imagine that
John: We'd still be on the second day of the draft if he were here. :-)
Barry: JT, go take some Nyquil.
John: lol
John: You mean Jaeger, right?
Fred: good night

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