Audio and Video in the Muni Lot

The Podcast of last night's OBR Radio Show and a video tribute are at the top of the 'Lot...

It's multimedia day on the OBR's free and fan-driven Muni Lot

For audio, the latest edition of the OBR Radio program podcast is now online for your iTune and MP-3 player listening pleasure. Barry, Jeff, and STC's Jason Jones break down the Browns draft and look at two potential controversies: When to start Brady Quinn and whether or not to deal off unhappy OT Kevin Shaffer. Lots of phone calls in the second hour make for a fun show, as some old favorites dialed in. Sobo called in with some thoughts on Joe Thomas and moving offensive linemen from one position to another. Check it out. 

For the more visual fans, tdc productions has offered up another video tribute, thanks in part to Fevah's extensive collection of historical Browns photos. "Days Gone By" is a tribute to Jim Brown's career and a nice look back at the greatest running back in NFL history (is there any doubt? Please....) 

Also, catch up with the Dawghouse Blog, Ace Davis, Mike from Rochester, The Blitz, and Baron Von Awesome as they analyze the 2007 draft and/or crack wise about life as a Browns fan. From a site that was born amidst fan protest in 1996, fan commentary will always have a home on the OBR.


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