Transcript: Draft Expert Tony Pauline

The draft and rookie camps may be over, but we're still talking football. draft guru Tony Pauline talked with OBR subscribers last Friday night and offered his frank opinions of QB Brady Quinn, RB Tyrone Moss (pictured) and other new Browns. Join Adam Caplan Tuesday night at 9PM for another subscriber chat!

dcunleaded: Do you realistically think that Tyrone Moss, or any of the other UDFA RBs, can contribute anything come Sundays? Or do you think that Harrison is going to show major improvement from last year? Thanks
Tony Pauline: Moss is a guy that, if he shows ability can be kept on as a fifth back or stashed on the practice squad. If he can ever revert back to the form he showed prior to his injury in '05 and gets his butt in shape he has a real chance. Curtis Brown has a chance as he is a terrific receiver out of the backfield.

K9crew2: Could Eric Wright be a shutdown corner?
Tony Pauline: He has the physical skills but needs to work on a few mechanical issues and sharpen up in the brain...we reported as far back as late January all the signs were positive as far as this guy showing up and working hard when training for the combine.

willw: Evening Tony. Is there a couple second day guys you do like?
Tony Pauline: Purcell will have a real chance as he can be a good two-gapper and Steptoe must show ability returning punts.

MCORF: How does Quinn compare to some of the other 1st round QB's taken over the last few years(Rivers, Roethlisberger, Manning, Leinart, etc)?
Tony Pauline: I think Quinn was a steal. Better overall than Eli Manning, stronger arm than Leinart/Rivers and better short passer than Roethlisberger.

Here's what I think on Brady Quinn:

First, he never should've slid out of the top nine and Miami will rue passing on him...

Second- teams were not sure what they were getting...he did not have the senior season as was expected which worried a lot of people.

Third- he has the skills, both mental and physical, to lead a franchise...

Finally, there's a hard lesson to be learned here, though I am not sure it will be learned...when you are coming off a poor senior season, especially if you are a QB, you should not be passing up MAJOR pre-draft scouting events like the Senior Bowl or combine. Quinn's reps took a gamble and lost big time....considering what the Senior Bowl has done for the Palmer's, Carr's, Rivers' and McNabbs of the world and the combine for a guy like Harrington, it was foolish for Quinn to pass both up.

MCORF: How about Thomas? Every time I hear someone say he is athletic but has short arms I think of Gallery.
Tony Pauline: Not worried about the short arms...more worried about the lack of aggressiveness/strength as a run blocker.

nybrownie: Tony, who would you have taken on the 2nd day?
Tony Pauline: NY Brownie....probably would've looked at a OLB like Dallas Sartz or a corner like Tarrell Brown before McDonald in round five.

mtbbpres: Tony what's your opinion of Mike Mason?
Tony Pauline: Good athlete average football player for Mason. Watched a lot of film on him the past two years and he was never a small school guy that I would watch and say "wow"...always left me thinking he could do more..

ramllov: Tony this may not be a fair question. Orien Harris, DT/DE, Pittsburgh drafted fourth in 2006. He is now a Cleveland Brown do
you remember him and if so, what do you remember?
Tony Pauline: Remember Harris well... He's proto-typical of many recent Hurricane players; lots of talent but an underachiever on the field...he had high grades after his junior campaign but played like garbage the past two years...worth a try though.

K9crew2: Do you think Jamal Lewis can return to form and do we need a RB that bad that it was needed in this draft
Tony Pauline: K9...I don't know how much Lewis has left in the tank...I don't think he will be as strong or consistent as previous
years...while it is not a pressing need Kolby Smith was a guy in five I probably would've considered before McDonald

nudawg: do you think Melila Purcell can contribute as a reserve dlineman this year or will he need a year of seasoning?
Tony Pauline: It depends on Purcell....he was very inconsistent until last year when he looked terrific... he was a prop 48 guy who
made the right decision returning to school... bottom line is if he busts his butt he can make the active roster as a reserve

K9crew2: Do you see either de from this draft having the ability to move up to starting position in the future?
Tony Pauline: Unlikely as starters but potential rotational D-linemen

McDonald was a surprise, do you understand why they drafted him?
Tony Pauline: I'm sure it is his versatility and ability to play in different schemes

ramllov: Tony, last year they drafted Minter in the fifth. They knew he was hurt. What can we expect this year?
Tony Pauline: He's likely a dime back

dcunleaded: Tony thanks again for all these nuggets of info....When do you think Quinn will be the starting QB? How do you think that RAC will integrate him into the games? Also, is Antonio Perkins as good as off the team? Man, that guy has been a downer!
Tony Pauline: Too soon to'll have to see how he does in the pre-season....then again they could throw him to the wolves if the season doesn't start well, which is also dangerous. As far as Perkins- it's been downhill since his senior season

timrick: Tony, What do you think of Isaac Sowells?Think he has a chance to play this year?
Tony Pauline: I always liked Sowells since his days at Indiana....does he have a chance to play- don't know if he'll be a starter but he's a guy you keep around

MCORF: Back to my earlier question. How would you compare Quinn/Brohm and Thomas/Long?
Tony Pauline: I think Brohm was significantly overrated and would rate Quinn higher. On the other hand, I think Long, when healthy,
is more of a complete package compared to Thomas...good question

mtbbpres: Tony, how do you rate the Browns off season?
Tony Pauline: I thought they did a solid job aggressively filling needs with good players...they really wanted to sign Deilman after
Steinbach and made a hard charge after him...very aggressive

ramllov: Tony, have you heard anything on Baxter or Bentley?
Tony Pauline: I have a good relationship with people in Bentley's camp..they said to me "don't count LeCharles out" two months ago...that's not a good sign if you ask me..

grinch: Please explain how "don't count Le Charles out" is a bad thing ?
Tony Pauline: grinch- "don't count LeCharles out"...I did not take it as a positive....if they said "LeCharles will be back at full strength in "x" months" well then you know that's positive

Wow Tony I guess it's a matter of what you hear and how its received. To me "Don't count him out" sounds like chance he will be back this year as opposed to general view LCB out all year
Tony Pauline: grinch- If Savage or someone from the Browns said it I would agree...but when his own people are saying it that's not a good sign.

BarryMcBride: Tony, what about Curtis Brown from BYU. He put up good numbers... why just a walk-on?
Tony Pauline: Barry...Brown could make it as a pass catching/third down back....outstanding receiver out of the backfield.

nudawg: Do you think Brown is better in that role than Jerome Harrison?
Tony Pauline: nudawg...better pass catcher? yes; but fractionally as quick/explosive, which will hurt

CCDawg49: Can either block?
Tony Pauline: CDwag...Brown is an average blocker....

Is Phil's Aggressiveness Surprising? or just settling in to the job?
Tony Pauline: It could be more the fact he had to save his hide.

ramllov: Tony, do you have an opinion on Kelly Butler, right tackle?
Tony Pauline: I have not watched Butler in a while, so it would be tough for me to comment...I was expecting a lot more from him when he came out of Purdue a year early

BarryMcBride:  Tony... Browns need a punt returner. Syndric Steptoe is a little guy who looks like someone who can hide behind
blockers and fly past coverage teams. Think he has a shot?
Tony Pauline: Yes - he has the foot quickness and elusiveness in the open field...better way to put it PR is his only shot.

MCORF: If a solid vet QB was signed, who would be the 1st to go,Anderson or Frye? We know Dorsey's GONE.
Tony Pauline: Anderson... unless someone offers a pick for Frye.

ramllov: I Tony I was wondering about your impression on Travis wilson WR?
Tony Pauline: ramlov...solid possesion WR...solid number 2/3

K9crew2: Back to Wright Looking at his highlight film he looks great
Tony Pauline: K9...that's why they call it a "highlight film"...

MCORF: Why wasn't Darius Walker drafted?
Tony Pauline: McCorf...first, he was a very average player to begin with...second- sources have told me there were injury red flags....

Tony, Who were the Browns targeting before they moved up to get Brady Quinn?
Tony Pauline: They were hell bent on moving up for Quinn...they offered that deal from the 17th pick until Dallas took the trade

BarryMcBride: Tony, do you think Troy Smith went where he should have gone in the draft? Too late or too early?
Tony Pauline: Barry- maybeSmith should've been drafted a round earlier, but that's about it...

do you think savage over paid for Quinn?
Tony Pauline: No - they basically gave away a third/fourth rounder to get their '08 first round pick in uniform a year earlier.. Can't
complain when it is a QB like Quinn

uhh, they gave a 1st to move up 14 picks.
Tony Pauline: nudwag...they gave up a 1st in '08 to add another first in '07. My point is they drafted their first choice of '08 a year earlier and gave away just a 3rd & 4th rounder.

Tony, when you trade a future one, next season, what are the points on the Jimmy Johnson draft chart, half the value of this year's number?
Tony Pauline: Not completely must remember- that value chart is a starting point...not the end all and be all...look at what the Jets gave away to move up 11 spots for Darrelle Revis.

Not sure if this was asked..Tony, how did the rest of the AFC North do in the draft ? grade-wise ..did we close the gap at all ?
Tony Pauline: I was not too impressed by the Steelers, very much a boom or bust type of draft...I like what the Ravens did a lot- filled needs with good positions....the Bengals draft was uninspired...Hall is good, White could surprise but why they need another
injury prone RB is beyond me

Tony, This draft had tiers, six blue chip players, then to about 16 and then 40 or so, how did you see this draft break into
Tony Pauline: rI'd say seven blue chippers as you cannot discount Quinn or Peterson....the next 20-25 guys were very average first round guys except a few (Okoye/Revis/Willis/Lynch)

While Quinn might be Carson Palmer, I think he will be better than Ben Rothlesberger.What do you think?
Tony Pauline: McCrof...that's a tall order...Big Ben has had a tough go of it recently but he's still very good

Do you see any free agent RBs in our near future?
Tony Pauline: K9...not as of now...

From what you know of Jerome Harrison and Tyrone Moss - would you wager on either emerging as a #2 behind Lewis?
Tony Pauline: Barry...I'd say Harrison definitely has the edge and would be a good compliment to Lewis

No comments on Wright, RB?
Tony Pauline: Jason Wright is very best a #4 RB

Tony - do you read any trouble into Big Ben's recent comments about Cowher and statements that he and Tomlin are both "rookies" -- sounds like a QB who ay not be coachable to me and potential problem, I am predicting a Steeler disappointment for this season as they transition based on attitudes from BigB, Faneca et al
Tony Pauline: I think Tomlin has a tough road ahead of him, no doubt. That said, Roethlisberger always came across as a pro to me- even before he was drafted when I spent time with him at the Senior Bowl while he was watching the event

Tony, what is your opinion on Charlie Frye? Now he has a real offensive line.
Tony Pauline: I never saw Frye as anything other than a back-up in the NFL...never really considered him true starting
material...he's a Josh McCown type of journeyman

Tony Pauline: Okay fellas...Thanks for having me..
Tony Pauline: Good luck to the Browns and their picks!

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