Chat Transcript: Adam Caplan

Here's the transcript from Tuesday night's chat with NFL Insider Adam Caplan. Some interesting remarks from Adam about what he expects from the Browns in 2007, including some insight into where first-round pick Brady Quinn (pictured) needs to improve his game...

Adam Caplan: hi all

ramllov: Hey Adam, nice work through the draft, thanks!!!!
Adam Caplan: Ram: Thanks, very quiet time now
Adam Caplan: until vets come in for the June camps
Adam Caplan: For those who asked about Dorsey, only way he can make the team is as the #3 QB anbd because he has familiarity with the
offense. He can't play in the NFL otherwise.

Savage said he traded down in Rd 6 because the Packers took someone he wanted - was that Crosby the PK from Colorado?
Adam Caplan: I have a feeling Dawson will have some competition in training camp

Adam did you have any chance to hear what Braylon had to say today on the afternoon blitz?
Adam Caplan: CLE: Yes, pretty much what he said to me back after the season but he likes Chud's scheme

Adam, the Browns added Smith and Smith to their defensive line, Orien Harris and two draft choices. Is this adequate for 2007 or could there be more?
Adam Caplan: RAM: DL is ok as of now
Adam Caplan: for depth

Adam do you think the defense will be improved this yr?
Adam Caplan: 28: It should be, no question
Adam Caplan: Especially if Peek plays at a high level

Will the Browns take the cap hit on Baxter this year and restructure or cut him?
Adam Caplan: Am: For now he's expected to stay

Hey Adam, any Browns UDFA with a chance to contribute?
Adam Caplan: CC: Way too early to tell, won't have an idea until the vet camp in June.

Adam, do you see Braylon having a better year this year?
Adam Caplan: CLE: Yes because he's almost two years away from the ACL surgery.

Adam do you see the browns going after a vet RB behind Lewis
Adam Caplan: 28: Not at this point.

Adam, adding to the Braylon question, do you think the light went on with him maturity wise? He seems more mature in
the recent interviews.
Adam Caplan: 91171: Yes, he seems to be that way
Adam Caplan: with the light going on.

Adam, are there any free agents left out there that might help us this year?
Adam Caplan: BK: Not at this point but we'll see what post-June 1 cuts bring but don't expect much

Adam, with Leigh Bodden and Eric Wright, rookie, starting at CB, how complicated can the defenses become? Maybe Crennel can make the
defenses harder to read by the opposing QB?
Adam Caplan: Ram: Scheme won't change but they can do more things
Adam Caplan: Ram: Peek will be a big part of what they do

Adam, any info on Kellen Winslow or LeCharles Bentley?
Adam Caplan: CLE: Nothing new
Adam Caplan: and I wouldn't expect anything for a while
Adam Caplan: Bentley won't be playing this year
Adam Caplan: same story as months ago
Adam Caplan: whether he has the surgery or not

What's the latest on Winslow?
Adam Caplan: They're hoping Winslow will be able to practice once a day in training camp

Do you feel Winslow will be ready for the season?
Adam Caplan: CLE: Way too early to tell
Adam Caplan: lets see what happens with Winslow over the next 8 weeks or so

Does Quinn or Brady's agent have a rep of having hold-outs?
Adam Caplan: Sh: Yes
Adam Caplan: Very good agent but there could be a holdout there

Adam, what are you hearing about the 2008 season for Bentley? Can he make it back or is he done?
Adam Caplan: 911: Optimistic for 2008

Who is JT's agent?
Adam Caplan: AM: Peter Schaeffer

We have Charlie so not so big of a deal
Adam Caplan: CM: It's a huge issue the longer Quinn is out of camp
Adam Caplan: It's never good for a rookie to even miss one day
Adam Caplan: Especially for a QB

Adam, do you feel the better move would be to Start Shaffer over Tucker or move him to guard?
Adam Caplan: CLE: Tucker could be better off at guard
Adam Caplan: Shaffer to RT

Adam, any news on Shaffer and his agent's threat of wanting a trade?
Adam Caplan: 911: As far as Cleveland is concerned, there's nothing to report
Adam Caplan: They plan to keep him and do what they need with him, at this point, they can't afford to move him to another team

What are the chances Shaffer is on our roster opening day?
Adam Caplan: CH: 75%

Most of the pundits say RAC is on the hot seat...what do record do you think he has to get to secure his job?
Adam Caplan: SH: Can't really say other than they have to get off to a good start and be playing decently
Adam Caplan: It's a game to game league
Adam Caplan: But Savage has set him up to fail by not letting him hire his own coaches this year

Anything on Baxter will he return and in what shape?
Adam Caplan: CM: Way too early to tell on Baxter other than his rehab is going well

Adam, what is Cleveland going to do with all this cap money, 21 million less 6 rookie pools, equals 15 million to spend?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Teams typically extend younger players later in the season
Adam Caplan: with lots of cap space

What 2nd year player besides Kamerion Wimbley will have a breakout year this season?
Adam Caplan: TJM: As me after the June camp when the vets come in but Travis Wilson has a real shot at a lot of PT

By that comment that RAC can't hire his own coach do you mean Chud?
Adam Caplan: SH: Every coach that was hired he never worked with
Adam Caplan: you can guess the rest

Adam, how did the rookies look at mini camp? who was most impressive and disappointing to you, also any UDFA that have a shot at making the team?
Adam Caplan: DAW: I don't really get into rookie camp without the vets in.

What about the defensive coaches? They're all Romeo guys.
Adam Caplan: GRA: Not one coach that was hired this year worked with Crennel before.

Is there any rift between Romeo and Savage or is it as good of a relationship as they put on?
Adam Caplan: BO: I couldn't say one way or the other. I've said all I've needed to in previous chats and on the insiders board.

how long before mel tucker is a def coordinator in the nfl?
Adam Caplan: TJ: Soon, he's really well respected.

What are the odds that RAC, Cowher, Ferentz will be the Browns HC next year?
Adam Caplan: AM: Ferentz makes sense for 2008.

How do the players feel about RAC? Do they consider him a good coach?
Adam Caplan: NU: They like RAC.

I'd rather have an experienced NFL head coach over another college coach
Adam Caplan: BO: Ferentz coached in the NFL for a while.

Out of A. Peak and S. Smith who do you expect the most production from?
Adam Caplan: PAGE: Peek by far.
Adam Caplan: IF Peek isn't a factor, they're in trouble.
Adam Caplan: They need a pass rusher opposite Wimbley.

Wouldn't it make more sense to hire a coach who is a proven winner in the NFL?
Adam Caplan: DAWG: There are few who are around who are very good winners and are available.

Who is the odd man out - Frye, DA, or Dorsey?
Adam Caplan: AM: Ask me during training camp, they haven't even had the June camp yet. But the only way Dorsey is on the roster is because
he knows the system somewhat.
Adam Caplan: He can't play a lick otherwise.

Can you shed some light on Tucker's mental illness?
Adam Caplan: CW: Not more than what was reported previously.

Why not hire Dorsey as a coaching intern ... supposedly he's bright
Adam Caplan: BO: I'd do that in a second

amore: Who is Jamal Lewis' first back up?
Adam Caplan: AM: Jason Wright

ramllov: Adam, What about the offensive lineman Nat Dorsey. He was recently resigned.
Adam Caplan: RAM: Backup
Adam Caplan: he can't start
Adam Caplan: that's for sure

cmayer2222: How improved will LB D'Qwell Jaskson be?
Adam Caplan: CM: He'll know the system better so he should be better.

Is Dorsey (OT), a solid backup who could develop?
Adam Caplan: RAM: No and no.
Adam Caplan: Just a backup.

Do you expect any RB's around the league to be cut June 1?
Adam Caplan: CH: Probably not.

Sorry I'm late.....but congrats on the correct pick of Thomas!
Adam Caplan: BRY: I think I was the lone wolf on that one
Adam Caplan: you should have seen me right before the pick getting nervous though.

adam: who is most likely to start at RG? RAC recently stated that Mckinney has the upper hand as of right now thought that was a bit odd...
Adam Caplan: DAW: I have to think McKinney
Adam Caplan: who can also play center
Adam Caplan: don't forget
Adam Caplan: He actually may be better than Honey Buns Fraley
Adam Caplan: (that was Hugh Douglas' nickname for him)

Adam, now that the draft is over. Cleveland did a great job still?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Solid
Adam Caplan: that's for sure but again, not sold on Quinn

If the Browns had signed Kris Dielman who would their first pick have been?
Adam Caplan: AM: I can't say it would make a difference

If Bentley can play, would we put him at RG and let Fraley play center?
Adam Caplan: BRY: He's not expected to play this year
Adam Caplan: So lets not address it unless something changes

What chances are there that Brady Quinn will start week 1, what impact will he have this season?
Adam Caplan: CJ: IF he's in camp on time, lets see how he does.

1st round qb's with 40+ starts and 58%+ completion percentage have a very high rate of success - in light of this do you agree BQ is a pretty safe pick?
Adam Caplan: AM: If stats in college meant something Danny Wuerffel would still be in the league
Adam Caplan: Watch his coaches' tape then tell him how good he is
Adam Caplan: Did you hear what Solomon Wilcots said about Quinn?
Adam Caplan: Not a very accurate passer outside the hashes
Adam Caplan: You can only see that on tape
Adam Caplan: He's good in the middle of the field, his mechanics brake down when he throws it to the left and right
Adam Caplan: So Scherer has a job on his hands...
Adam Caplan: Quinn looks very mechanical on tape

Is J. Lewis happy about being in Cleveland and do you think he have enough in the tank to be the feature back?
Adam Caplan: SH: Yes

Could the Browns end up cutting McGinest in training camp?
Adam Caplan: RAM: I can't see
Adam Caplan: it, they can't afford to
Adam Caplan: their pass rush isn't good to begin with

bohns75: Adam, why did Charlie Weis tout Quinn so much then?
Adam Caplan: BO: Did you expect him to any different?
Adam Caplan: I was actually talking about that to a prominent agent today

How do you compare Matt Leinart and Quinn?
Adam Caplan: AM: I expect Leinart to be better
Adam Caplan: But what I like from Quinn is that he works hard
Adam Caplan: and will do what it takes to improve

Adam, what did the agent say, you can't hold out on us.
Adam Caplan: BR: Basically what we just said
Adam Caplan: Weis did a great sell job to NFL teams

Obviously Weis didn't do that great of a job, just ask Miami
Adam Caplan: CJ: Hey, Quinn could have been selected in the second round
Adam Caplan: if Baltimore wouldn't trade up and the Browns passed on him

Quinn has good enough arm strength doesn't he?
Adam Caplan: BO: Yes
Adam Caplan: solid strength

Can Quinn's accuracy problems be corrected?
Adam Caplan: DA: That remains to be seen
Adam Caplan: I asked NFL people about that

Ada,. Do you see Shawn Smith as a good NT for the Browns?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Solid 20 plays or so
Adam Caplan: Smith should give them

CAn Smith also play DE besides the 20 playes at NT?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Not out of the question but they wouldn't do it unless they had to

Adam Caplan: All: That's all the time I have, see you next week.

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