From the Blogosphere: 5/10/07

The very best fan takes we've found in blogs from around the web...

Given its history dating back to 1995, the OBR has always been about creating a Browns-focused media entity which is both run by and responsive to Browns fans. With this in mind, we've run "fan commentary" since 1999, and continue to try to provide Browns fans with a soapbox to make their feelings known.

Over the last several years, blogs have emerged to give any fan who wants one a soapbox similar to the ones the OBR has tried to provide since nosing its way onto the web. Over a dozen hard-core, knowledgeable Browns fans use the Muni Lot as their home base for blogging, but our "dark hidden underbelly" is far from the only place where Browns fans are getting their takes heard.

With that in mind, here is a select of some of the best fan blogs we've seen in the last several weeks, presented as the OBR's initial installment of "From the Blogosphere".

"However, reality reminds that the Browns are among the sport's worst at defensing the run and pressuring opposing passers. As if there were no relationship between them. This is not a team blessed with confidence or impact talent in its developing front seven.  The good news is the reported greatest growth for a young professional player arrives between his first and second seasons. Inasmuch as the Browns added three LBs last year and another trio of DL, there is understandable hope for improvement."
Mark Leonard - The Front Seven

"I'm nervous.  I'm nervous. I didn't like what I heard out of Berea this weekend and it has NOTHING to do with the players particpating in the rookie mini camp. It's the coaches."
Mike from Rochester - Buffoonery in Berea

"If the reports are true and the Browns are indeed some $21 million under this year's salary cap, there are plenty of intriguing options at their disposal, even after shelling out $6 million for the rookies. Below are some possibilities in each of three general categories."
Ace Davis - Filling Up the Cap

"This is the kid (Eric Wright) who was listed by many as the top cornerback in the draft, which fits well with our huge need at CB. However, he fell through the second round because of character issues. I've searched through news stories, and I can't find anything to suggest that Wright was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. But alot of people are vouching for his character, saying he's a choir boy who made one very bad choice that was out of character. I hope they are right, for the sake of the Browns and for the sake of Wright's future."
Dwayne Rudd's Helmet - The Draft

"The news in the above article is that Savage reiterated he wouldn't sign a veteran QB. Really the only way that could happen is if Fry or Anderson is dealt, and that would have happened during the draft. It's also the one thing that I don't understand about Savage -- why the reluctance to get a veteran in the house? Does he really think the best way for a QB to develop is to be around a bunch of other inexperienced QBs?"
Dawghouse Blog - Sitting Quinn, Misc. Notes

"Qualifications for Boom-Hood:
-    A long career, a decade or more. Interior linemen generally play longer than other positions as it is.
-    One or more Pro Bowl appearances
-    Team success, at least to a certain extent (this isn't a hard-and-fast rule by any means"

Jesse Lamovsky - Analysis of Tackles Taken in the Top Five Picks

"The Browns and their fans learned the hard way that talented depth is just as important as talented starters. The starting line of Shaffer, Andruzzi, Bentley, Coleman, and Tucker might not've been bad had they ever seen the field. This year, both in free agency and in the draft, Phil Savage did what he did with the Browns' linebackers last season: he completely revamped a struggling unit and turned it into a quality collection of players."

Bitterfans - Depth of Field: A Look at Cleveland's Offensive Line

Last weekend, I discovered that while I may be an aggressive defensive coordinator, prone to blitzing my 8th graders in any situation on any down, I'd be a much more conservative drafter. I know virtually everyone is in rapture over the Browns draft last weekend…unfortunately you cannot count me as one of the enraptured. I know I'm in the minority.
The Blitz - Post-Draft Thoughts from an Unhappy Draft Camper

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