Vinny the Fly: Da Buzz

Most people aren't as accepting of six-legged buzzing critters as our open and diverse society would hope, but we here at the OBR are open to writers of all stripes and species. Especially when they bring the scoop, like Vinny the Fly does.

The days are getting hotter here in Cleveland, so even we six-legged critters have to occasionally get out of the sun and into a nice, quiet place to enjoy some liquid refreshment of the 21-years-and-over kind.

Fortunately for me, I was able to find an establishment south of Cleveland with an open-minded policy towards my species and a glorious level of restraint in the swatter department.

Kicking back and relaxing after a hard day of buzzing around the sweaty heads of suburbanites, I was delighted to make the company of a current Cleveland Browns player who also had come in out of the sun. Not many players have shown a lot of patience with my fellow representatives of the insect world, so I was surprised that he chose to spend a couple of off-season hours talking with the likes of me.

You'll have to figure out the player, but if you're visiting the Orange and Brown Report, you're probably wise and well-informed enough to figure it out on your own.

Here's some of the buzz:

-- Tight end Kellen Winslow, who this player knows well, is doing great this off-season, according to our friend. He'll be a big part of the 2007 offense and stories about Winslow coming along slowly or not doing well are "nonsense", he says. He works out almost everyday, at times with our source.

-- Our friend was himself coming off a serious knee injury he suffered within the last couple of years, and feels physically good himself. He's dependent on his speed and quickness, so this is a great thing for him. He's exciting about the Browns in 2007, as well as his own potential contribution to their success.

-- New offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski has major plans to change the complexion of the team offense. The change in protection packages and talent along the offensive line should permit the running game and play of the quarterback to excel. Look for the Browns offense to look somewhat like the Chargers offense, but with an added emphasis to controlling the football. Due to the athleticism and quickness of Braylon Edwards, Winslow and Travis Wilson, the Browns will attempt to be a vertical threat, more so that the offense which was run in San Diego.

-- Our friend feels quarterback Charlie Frye can be successful in the league, but needs to become more of a leader, with less caving into the pressure of surrounding players. He believes Frye has a definite leg up in the quarterback situation and notes that Frye spends a significant amount of time studying the new offense, as well as working with Chudzinski.

-- When asked about the state of the offensive line, our source noted the play of the line was graded "below average" consistently last season. Right tackle Ryan Tucker was the highest graded lineman when he played. Also, noted Frye received a lot of heat about the decisions he made with the ball, but was trying to make plays. If the line would have played better, Frye would have had more confidence in the play and players around him.

-- Our source likes the selection of offensive tackle Joe Thomas and quarterback Brady Quinn. He expects Thomas to start and be an impact player immediately, while expects Frye to give Quinn all he can handle to start the season.

That's all from me for now... this has been Vinny the Fly, and I'm buzzing off...

- Vinny


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